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How to get a custom matchmaking key in Fortnite . Metro News

How to Create Custom Match in Fortnite

Epic is very aware that players might need custom matchmaking for a number of reasons. It might be useful for tournaments or parties, for example, or it might help certain streamers to grow their audiences. There are very few limits to the customization options once you have a key. The problem with custom matchmaking at the moment, though, is that it is very limited. Right now, the keys are largely restricted to major streamers and a handful of tournament organizers across the world.
What do you need to qualify for custom matchmaking in Fortnite? You can support ProSettings by using code GAMER in the item shop. Example of support a.

There is, however, a bright light at the end of this tunnel. All the infrastructure seems to be in place Epic just needs to give the go ahead. Custom matchmaking is already here. If you really want to use custom matchmaking, just do the logical thing and get yourself a few million followers when you stream the game.

How To Fix Custom Matchmaking Not Supported Error

Once you do this, Epic will be happy to help you make your own custom matches. See author's posts.

Custom Fortnite matches are finally here -- but not for everyone. Here's what you need to know about private matches, custom matches, and. You need to upload fortnite and have over followers on a social media platform like YouTube Instagram twitter etc and you can get a support a creator code. Fortnite is a game that embraces a sense of randomness. If you don't have skins, your appearance is randomized. When you go into a match without friends.

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Search for:. Fortnite is a game that embraces a sense of randomness.

This is great for streamers and large groups to ensure everyone plays together. Tournaments can also be set up using this method. It's also great for setting up custom rules.

Want to play a match where you're only allowed to use shotguns? Only people with the Raven outfit are allowed to play? You got it.

Right now the only way for you to get a custom matchmaking key is to get one from Epic themselves or from major streamers and media publications that Epic has allowed into the test program. Epic Games added the new feature very quietly with this update, and the developers have oddly remained totally mum on exactly how it works and who can use it.

If you log into Battle Royale mode and take a look at the main menu screen, a curious addition now appears in the bottom right corner -- Custom Matchmaking. Players have been asking for this feature since in order to run private tournaments for local -- or even national -- events, and now it has almost been added to the game.

Well, hello there, Mr. New Feature Guy!

While having a quick, random player match is kind of the whole point of Fortnitethere are times where you just want specific people to join a game, like for a a friendly roommate tournament or YouTuber gathering.

For those Twitch streamers or YouTubers with large followings, private matches offer a quick way to setup a Battle Royale round that still hits the full players but has more exclusivity than an open solo or squads match.

I'm trying to host a fortnite tournament at my school and would love a custom matchmaking key and am not sure how I would go about getting. Once you've gotten your hands on a key, hit the Custom Matchmaking button in the bottom right corner once you're in the lobby. Enter the code. How to get a custom matchmaking key in Fortnite to try custom games on PC and have been able to share the code with their subscribers to.

Public at the moment.

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