RODIN olio lusso Lavender Absolute Face Oil

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RODIN olio lusso Lavender Absolute Face Oil Description

What it is: A powerful, luxurious elixir that contains a bounty of essential oils derived from flowers and botanicals.

Who it's for: Anyone seeking hydrated skin and a luminous complexion.

What it does: Sunflower oil keeps skin soft and smooth; calendula flower oil protects skin from aging free radicals; rosehip oil provides remarkable skin rejuvenating properties; and sweet almond oil contains beneficial vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein. Argan oil guards skin against harsh conditions; evening primrose oil leaves skin looking younger and healthier; jojoba oil nourishes and prevents dryness; and apricot oil helps skin retain elasticity, clarity and suppleness.

"I created Lavender Absolute to be floral in the most elegant, unexpected and sophisticated way: combining a seductive, warm French lavender absolute, redolent of rich tobacco-hay notes with an ethereal Bulgarian lavender, to create an effect closer to the original plants and flowers in their pure, unadulterated form. All of the base oils are a reprise of the original Jasmine/Neroli olio lusso—this perfect blend has an aromatic, intoxicating purity that leans floral-amber, not medicinal. I apply 2–3 drops every morning after rinsing my face with warm water. At night, I cleanse and semi-dry my face, and again, apply 2–3 drops of the oil." —Linda Rodin

How to use: Apply a few drops on a clean, moist face morning and night. For added moisture, top with a layer of your favorite serum and/or moisturizer.

RODIN olio lusso Lavender Absolute Face Oil User Guide Article

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