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EA Sports UFC 3 Microtransactions Spark 'Pay to Win' Concerns

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The dust surrounding the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy has barely settled but EA is now facing "pay to win" concerns with another one of its games. This beta includes the Ultimate Team mode whereby players build the best team possible using collectible cards that can boost stats and skills. These include health boosts, temporary stat increases, and improvements to skills such as grappling. Players can use real money or the in-game currency to purchase additional packs to unlock new cards and improve these teams. As players can spend money on microtransactions to unlock more cards and these cards can lead to better, stronger teams, it stands to reason that those with more money to spend can get ahead quicker in the game. Responding to the concerns, EA released a statement explaining that the game will "prevent uneven matchups as much as possible. And when it comes to Ultimate Team, players have largely accepted the mode, pay to win frustrations and all.

OVR Win a belt. End up aboutstill holding the belt, and then I leave the game. I come back to UT last night around 10 pm. Still champ, and go on to continue my run.

FIGHTING the #1 RANKED Player in EA Sports UFC 3!

For about fights in a row, I fight 3 round, non title fights against guys with fights, at 65 ovr. Either way. Advertisements - Register to remove.

I won't disagree. It's not great.

I believe MrScaryMuffin said he would look into it. I trust him.

Before they can make a change I'm sure there is a lot of homework that goes into it. If you are 45 I would honestly grind out the next 15 levels against the computer. Sure it's mindless and boring but those 15 lvls and reward packs will really boost your CAF. I'm honestly sick and tired of it. I slip their punches and counter, before my slowass jab animation is done, I get wheelkicked to the body and can't block in time because my fighter simply isn't fast enough even if I see it coming.

Tried wrestling too, dodged punches and timed my takedown with a wrestler with a predictable kick when my stamina was practically full and theirs was empty, still stuffed.

Because prefect timing isn't enough, right?

Find out how to play UFC 3 Ultimate Team with details on getting started, Team roster now allows you to enter Ultimate Championships matchmaking with four. Hello EA, I have to say im very dissapointes form the Ultimate Team Mode. The Matchmaking is terrible, me with my 69 OVR Player have to face 80+. I am finding the same issue too i'm losing suspicious fights when i'm in division 2 and 3, . I don't get why the made grapplers so weak, the majority of UFC champs and hall. Welcome to another UFC 3 Wishlist video. In this video we are going to look at the Ultimate Team Feature in particular capping player UFC 3 ULTIMATE TEAM WISHLIST: CAP PLAYER RATINGS & FIX MATCHMAKING.

Don't even get me started on how ridiculous ground transitions are if your fighter is outclassed. So they generally get blocked because it's super easy, while blocking their transitions requires superhuman reaction time, especially if you factor in lag. It's practically not possible with stats gap.

"Our matchmaking logic takes fighter attributes, moves, boosts, and perks into account Ultimate Team in EA SPORTS UFC 3 introduces more. They absolutely destroyed Ultimate Team. Every time i turn on UFC 3 for Xbox or PS4 during the day or night therei??s always less only 3, people playing which kinda sucks and makes the matchmaking take forever. Of course there is, this is just for the Ultimate Team mode. .. The sad thing about this is UFC 3 actually looks like a better product than the previous game Ranked matchmaking (which most people on the game play) has no.

But even if they can't block my transitions, most of the players with such high level fighters are able to sweep from just about any position, and like I said, I can't stop them at all.

Pretty sure it's not me messing up either because this isn't a problem for me in ranked championship at all. I'm considering dropping the mode altogether until the matchmake within 2 points of your overall and give you the option to accept or decline fights where you're at a 3 point it higher disadvantage. Honestly, I like a challenging fight as much as the next guy, but the way it is now is ridiculous. Last edited by DaisukEasy; at PM.

Ufc 3 ultimate team matchmaking

Quote: Originally Posted by frankenjoebeans If the matchmaking was better you'd probably have to wait 5 minutes or more for each match. And you better believe people would be complaining about that way more than the matchmaking. Quote: EA has chosen our poison for us. UT mode is tough on people just starting out. We live in a bubble on this forum. It may seem toxic, but the reality is most people are picking the game up, or watching videos of it, and just deciding to put it down and move on.

The company also stresses that the EA Sports UFC 3 matchmaking "takes fighter attributes, EA Sports UFC 3 Ultimate Team card unlocks. I keep getting fights with Overall guys with perfect records like 5 - 0 and 15 - 0 I'm Division 6 so I'm not exactly a noob but these guys. Ok. So matchmaking in UT just makes no sense whatsover. Sports Forums > Combat Sports > EA Sports UFC > EA Sports UFC Ultimate Team in a row, I fight 3 round, non title fights against guys with fights, at 65 ovr.

Advertisements - Register to remove. I think it's a combination of a decrease in MMA popularity fewer great cards recently than most years The game requiring many patches to fix things even games like Kingdom come are suffering from this UT and also EA's reputation being stained with the recent micro transaction scandal.

Ultimate Team for Beginners

The game is improving but the fact that UD3 still has a lot of important concepts that have yet to be integrated into EA UFC 3 is kinda sad, there really should be no excuse for that.

MacGowan and Boiler like this. Last night on Xbox i saw an all time low of 1, people. On PS4 it was 2, During the day west coast i only see around 4, people on Xbox and around 8, on PS4. I hope the community for this game grows over the next few months because this game is on life support way too soon. Quote: Originally Posted by AlexSavaliuc there will no be a ufc 4 if this game dont starts selling more.

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Oh yeah the matchmaking even though this game is already Star Wars, FIFA, UFC, Battlefield to name a few. This mode is called Ultimate Team, if you can't get TOTS players 8 months into the game it's not EA fault but yours. 0 . I am often in Div 3 and so why then am I regularly matched with.

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Page 3 of Thread Tools. It has nothing to do with players like big c. Originally Posted by tissues Originally Posted by Bigg Cee. Originally Posted by AlexSavaliuc.

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