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A Disparity in Gameplay? F2P vs P2W - Fire Emblem: Heroes

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Same as some above me, I usually beat teams that are a bit higher level than myself.

I remember climbing up to arena 3 with just common dinosaurs of low level back when I was starting. It DOES require skill but you can play without spending money.

Long story short, Activision patented a matchmaking technique that puts lower skilled people with higher skilled people that have expensive. New submitter EndlessNameless writes: If you like fair play, you might not like future Activision games. They will cross the line to encourage. This is way too much pay to win. I match with someone much much stronger than me and I have no way to counter it. Why can't it just be the.

I would love to hear from you once you hit top Sure, Paying just ensures you you will get it earlier than anyone else; in the long run anyone can obtain any dinosaur by playing the actual game, thus your pay 2 win argument is invalid. It is pay 2 progress faster… Or how i like to call it: pay 2 not play the actual game.

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The game is about catching dinosaurs by going outside. Go outside, breath some fresh air and catch some dinosaurs… It will do you good. Really, p2w argument isnt invalid. I am far away from these levels but its already quite expensive to evolve.

So u didnt buy some coins to get all these high levels?

Anyone else avoid battling after Fallen Kingdom because of how bad the matchmaking is? So obviously pay to win its disgusting. I mean yeah its a free mobile. Honestly I think the game can get annoying at times when you're pitted against players you have no matchup against. Commonly I find myself facing a level Matchmaking and P2W is ruining this game I got my beta key and happily started playing right away. But I have to say that Gwent disappointed.

Highest rank I ever hit wasbut now I have more trophies and am not even in the top There are certainly more players that have to have paid to have their dinos the levels they are at, but then I think about how matchmaking is based on trophies and these p2w players are still only matching with me.

Levels will certainly help, but there is a great deal of strategy. So even to get these dinos you have to pay.

[WOT] Testserver 0.9.19: Skill-Matchmaking und P2W

Well…it has traits of Pay to Win, but it can be played quite well without paying. Sometimes you meet a Pay to Win Player…but you can even beat them. But yes…Ludia could weaken the VIP benefits!

I started in beta so i already have a head start compared to others. My forum account is 34 days old and i was already playing by that time.

Again; if you pay in JWA you pay to progress faster. Anyone is able to get any dinosaur without having to pay for anything; paying for coins,… Just makes you progress faster.

Thats the actual game; catching things in the wild. Same goes for PoGo; spend an incubator left and right to speed up the progress. There are people on the other side with families too who need food, drinks, a house, a job, money,… at the end of the day just like you and me.

Does that make me win all the time? No, absolutely not. I still lose battles because my opponents outsmart me with other dinosaurs. Arena 7 AI still brutally slays and kicks my ass every day since it has level 27 dinosaurs.

Kudos for that, Gameloft.

Pay-to-win. the mods will feed you bs, this game is complete pay to win. Terrible matchmaking. The odds are against you if you don't pay. no avatar. Caipiroska. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Kongregate Unbalanced P2W Matchmaking, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions.

So what? U want these guys to give away free tokens?? Who is gonna pay the server charges then? There are people who don't want agent upgrades Then How is Gameloft gonna make money?? Look at other games they are complete bs all give u advantages on the battleground if u pay. Not with mcvs though. Dude i don't have any ultimate ability yet. Agreed that i am a platinum league player. Yes it does make a difference on the battlefield. And i am a paid user, i have nothing against supporting companies that release great games.

Although, i would have liked a better system for paid users, like the ability to gain more credits every battle, where you still need to grind to make credits, just more every battle, not this kind of instant offering and this system that distorts stock vs upgraded agents balance and match balance.

I'm ok with the game, i love it and i'm fine with their p2w aspect, all i really want is no more framedrops, crashes, disconnects, all i want is to see totally fluid 60fps on my iPad Pro This is the only lagging, stuttering, framedropping game on this device. However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience.

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Hide the progress bar forever? Yes No.

P2w matchmaking

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