Dermovia Lace Your Face Healing Yogurt Compression Facial Mask

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Dermovia Lace Your Face Healing Yogurt Compression Facial Mask Description

What it is: A compression facial treatment mask that repairs, lifts, firms and hydrates your skin.

Who it's for: Anyone with red, blemish or rosacea-prone skin.

What it does: This professional in-home facial treatment features compression technology to radically repair and renew your skin. Featuring a high-performance infusion of yogurt, mulberry leaf and pearl extract, this mask works to rebuild strength back into compromised and hypersensitive skin. The highly effective healing treatment miraculously diminishes the appearance of redness, blemishes, discoloration and visible broken capillaries. Bearberry contains active vitamins to repair troubled skin and restore healthy structure, while hyaluronic acid enables skin to retain an abundant moisture barrier. Concentrated botanical extracts provide ongoing anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits that protect and prolong the smooth appearance of resilient skin.

How to use: Cleanse and dry your face. Remove the mask and squeeze the excess serum into the pouch. Place the smooth side of the lace onto your face. Line up the holes with your eyes, nose and mouth. Place ear slits securely around your ears. Pull the ends of the chin strap up and loop over your ears. Wear the mask for 15 or more minutes. Discard or reuse. Do not rinse your face. Massage the excess serum into the skin. Each mask can be used two times. To reuse the mask, rinse the mask thoroughly under water and squeeze out water. Place it back into the original pouch to soak in extra serum. Place the entire pouch in a resealable bag. Store in the refrigerator and use within 72 hours.

Pro tips: Use this mask to mend your skin from harsh and extreme weather conditions. It will soothe and repair wind burn, chapped and dry, peeling skin due to environmental factors or lengthy exposure to a heater or furnace, while building strength to prevent skin from

Dermovia Lace Your Face Healing Yogurt Compression Facial Mask User Guide Article

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