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In April 1, General Hospital was created. The show was credited for starting the trend of the 'supercouple' for all soaps. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents of the fictional town of Port Charles. Soap fans are invited to read in-depth General Hospital daily recaps and keep abreast of the current General Hospital latest news , rumors, and the latest General Hospital spoilers. General Hospital.

Lily's former lover, Harry Silver, arrives in town causing problems for Brenda and Sonny, leading Sonny to kill him. Fearing the mob life is too dangerous for him and Brenda, he offers to marry her and for them to leave town together.

Sonny declares that he loves his life and has worked hard for it, but he loves Brenda more. After a nightmare where Brenda is blown up in a car bomb, Sonny decides he'd rather lose Brenda than see her die. He sends Jason to the altar to end things for him, leading her to have a mental breakdown and to reconcile with Jax. Soon after returning to Port Charles and discovering that Brenda had died, Sonny soon engages in hate-sex with Carly BensonJason's girlfriend who is married to A.

After Jason leaves, Carly discovers that she is pregnant and is being blackmailed by A. Sonny, wanting the best for his child, discovers criminal evidence against A. Sonny then blackmails A. Carly and Sonny then move in together and after Carly suffers a miscarriage, after falling down the stairs at the Quartermaine's mansion arguing with A.

Sonny then flies her to his island and begins to be a father figure towards her son, Michael Morgan. Sonny and Carly wed. As their dislike turns to love, they eventually wed in Summer as a legal front. After discovering how much they really love each other, Sonny and Carly rewed in in a Caribbean style wedding.

After discovering the mob life is dangerous, Carly forces Sonny out of the mob. Seeing this as a betrayal, Sonny divorces Carly and sleeps with Alexis Davis. After almost losing Carly to car accident, they reconcile and Sonny remarries Carly in July Sonny is still attracted to and loves Brenda, a fact picked up by a jealous Carly. However, Sonny remains loyal to Carly despite his feelings, though he remains keloid of Brenda's attraction to Jax. Although Luis is soon murdered by Alexis DavisBrenda marries Jason as a way of preventing reconciliation with Sonny or Jax, but the marriage also prevented them from testifying against each other over Luis's death.

When Brenda leaves Port Charles, she and Sonny kiss passionately, proving that love has not been lost between the two. Carly witnesses the kiss and tells Jax, who was planning on remarrying Brenda.

Brenda annuls her marriage to Jason and moves to Italy. Sonny and Carly reconnect and eventually have a baby, which Carly had difficulty conceiving. Sonny's half-brother Ric Lansing is overjoyed when Elizabeth Webber becomes pregnant with their child, but is infuriated when Elizabeth falls down a flight of stairs after Faith Rosco pushed her, although Sonny is blamed.

Desiring a child of his own, Ric kidnaps Carly and traps her in a panic room, taunting her that the child will be raised by him at birth.

Lorenzo AlcazarLuis's brother, later frees Carly but keeps her on a yacht as a way of using her as leverage against Sonny to transport Sonny. Although Carly escapes, Lorenzo then kidnaps a pregnant Courtney, who also escapes, causing her a miscarriage. Courtney devastated is declared infertile, like Carly. After confusing labor pains for torture, Sonny finds Lorenzo over Carly helping her give birth. Sonny hears Carly scream and shoots Lorenzo but the bullet lands in Carly's head, causing her to go in to a coma, after giving birth to Morgan Corinthos.

Sonny soon starts a short-lived relationship with Sam McCall that gets even more complicated when Sam discovers she is pregnant. Carly soon points out to Sam the strong resemblance to Brenda, the love of Sonny's life.

Sonny then reunites with Carly and Jason requests that Sam lie about the baby's paternity and she agrees to tell everyone that he is the father instead of Sonny. Realizing the depth of both of their deception, the two decide to separate once again. When Kristina falls ill, Alexis badgers Sam in a attempt to force the expecting mother to undergo a risky procedure to have her unborn daughter donate stem cells to save Kristina's life. An unrelated medical condition, coincidentally timed with the fight, causes Sam to go into premature labor, and she loses her baby.

Unbeknownst to an unconscious Sam, Sonny agrees to donate the stem cells to Kristina. In A. Quartermaine, still desperate for a relationship with his son, kidnaps Michael and fakes both of their deaths. When Sonny discovers that Faith also played a part in his son's supposed death, the two have a heated confrontation that leaves her for dead.

Carly suffers a breakdown, and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Michael is eventually returned, and A. InSonny briefly enters into a relationship with Jason's sister Emily Quartermainewho is upset that her husband Nikolas Cassadine has become involved with Sonny's sister Courtney.

Courtney is married to Jax, but problems arise from their inability to conceive. Courtney leaves town when she finds she is pregnant and doesn't know if Jax or Nikolas is the father. During this time Emily forces Sonny to confront his bipolar disorder.

Fearing for Emily's safety, Sonny stages a kiss with Carly, who has in turn asserted her independence and is starting a business relationship with Jasper Jacks.

When a deadly outbreak of encephalitis hits Port Charles, several residents die. Sonny and Emily attempt a relationship in secret, but when their relationship goes public, Sonny, fearing changes from his bipolar medication and for her safety, again ends things. In early Sonny still in love with his ex-wife Carly discovers Jax and Carly have become engaged, though she is disappointed when Jax leaves town to help his wayward brother Jerry Jacks.

Preying on this, Sonny is caught in a legal dilemma when Carly witnesses him shoot Lorenzo Alcazar in self-defense, and forces her to marry him temporarily, so they don't have to testify against each other in court. While attending a party at the hotel she owns with Jax, Carly and several other Port Charles residences are taken hostage by the mysterious James Craig who is really Jerry Jacks in disguise.

Sonny declares his love for Carly, and when the two survive the hostage crisis, they make love.

Sonny is heart broken when Carly divorces him and marries Jax right after their divorce was finalized. Sonny immediately began to see Kate Howard, a high profile magazine editor, who was really an old friend from Bensonhurst, Connie Falconerithat Sonny dated. The two fall in love, which Carly despises. Trevor LansingSonny's former stepfather, arrives in town with Anthony Zaccharawho causes problems for many of the people in Port Charles.

Fearing Anthony is a murderer, Sonny sends his kids to live with Carly. Kate, fearing for her safety rejects Sonny's marriage proposal, which leads him to sleep with Claudia Zacchara.

Inas Sonny's year-old son, Michael, is starting to act like a mobster, he accidentally shoots Kate Howard. Kate doesn't press charges and as a way of showing that he can live without the mob, Sonny brings Kate and Michael to a warehouse, but when a gunman, hired by Claudia for Sonny keeping Johnny kidnapped falsely aims for Sonny, the bullet hits Michael, landing him in a permanent coma.

Afterwards, Sonny agrees to sign away his parental rights to his sons with Carly, but refuses to do the same for his daughter with Alexis. Carly and Sonny have a one night stand, in which Kate finds out and the two break-up, only to reconcile and get engaged for an October wedding. Kate is shocked when Sonny brings her cousin Olivia Falconeri to town to be her maid of honor.

Sonny immediately wants revenge, and is furious that Jason won't act on his behalf. Sonny begins to feel the pressure of not having mafia backed power, and ends things with Kate who is still recovering from her wounds. Anthony offers Sonny control of his business if and only if Sonny marries his daughter Claudia.

Sonny agrees, much to Kate's disgust and dismay. Sonny is able to kill Karpov, and uses Carly as an alibi when questioned, causing Jax to leave her yet again.

Ric then blackmails Claudia into sleeping with him for several weeks. Claudia told Sonny that she discovered that Anthony and Ric teamed up to kill Kate so that eventually Anthony can lure Sonny into his trap. Claudia and Sonny find their marriage is actually working, and the two begin to make love.

When Claudia realizes that Jason could learn the truth about her involvement in Michael's shooting, Claudia steps up her physical relationship with Sonny, hoping a child could save her life.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)

Claudia succeeds at getting pregnant, and Sonny is dismayed to learn that Carly is also pregnant with Jax's child and could easily die due to health complications.

When Michael wakes up from his coma, Sonny is thrilled and fights with Carly to have Michael live with him due to her health.

Claudia supports him and Michael moves in temporarily but due to a confrontation with a hired Zacchara soldier, Dominic PirelliCarly moves Michael in with the Quartermaines, which causes Sonny grief. Sonny discovers that Claudia is actually carrying his child and later regrets it when she is in a car accident and miscarries their son. When they discover that it was Sonny's daughter, Kristina, who accidentally ran her off the road, Sonny and Claudia ultimately forgive a remorseful Kristina and agree not to turn her into the police.

On October 28, Jason and Sam find proof that Claudia is the one who is responsible for Michael's shooting and Jason informs Sonny. During a birthday party that Sonny arranged for Claudia at the Metro Court, Sonny alerts everyone in attendance to Claudia's action's, as well as the Jacks brothers' involvement. Sonny then verbally abuses and rips Claudia to shreds, shocking everyone in attendance. Backed into a corner, Claudia panics and takes a pregnant Carly hostage at gunpoint.

When Sonny finds out that Michael had killed Claudia to protect his mother and baby sister, he sets the wheels in motion to cover it up and offers his son his support in dealing with the feelings that come with murdering another person and explains that he did good. The very next day, Dominic has a warrant for Sonny's arrest, Sonny is to be given one last good day before his arrest. Sonny seeks revenge on the day of Josslyn's christening Carly's daughter with Jax.

Sonny has an assignment for Dominic, and Dominic heads to Sonny's house, assuming he will be capable of arresting Sonny on his own, without backup. Dominic is actually walking into a trap. After Dominic gives a heartfelt speech as to why he wants Sonny to pay and why he should be arrested and sent to prison, Sonny says "goodbye detective" and shoots Dominic point blank in the chest.

Olivia comes in only moments after and says "Oh my god, Sonny! You just shot your own son. Jason begs Sonny to flee the country so that he will not be brought up on a murder charge against a police officer, which guarantees life in prison. Sonny is very shortly after arrested at the hospital for Claudia's murder.

Michael is there when they arrest Sonny, Sonny tells Olivia to tell Dante that he loves him and didn't want to leave. Sonny then gets out of jail on bail because Dante lies that he was snooping through one of Sonny's desk drawers when he found a gun, and upon trying to take out the clip he accidentally shot himself. Olivia during later questioning by Mac Scorpio and Agent Rainer says she didn't see what happened. Sonny goes to the hospital to see Dante and when he walks in Dante says "Hey Dad".

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On March 15, Sonny's daughter Kristina is badly beaten by her boyfriend, Kiefer. When questioned, Kristina lies to protect Kiefer, saying it was Ethan. Sonny is furious and tracks Ethan down to The Haunted Star with a gun. He is only infuriated more when Ethan accuses Kristina of lying.

Sonny leaves Ethan alive after prompting from Dante and Lucky, but he immediately goes to Jason to set up a hit against Ethan. Jason is unsure but Sonny wants "justice". A few days later, Sonny stops Jason from questioning Kristina, dismissing any inconsistency in her story. When Kristina realizes what Sonny is planning she goes off on him, yelling and begging him not to harm Ethan. Though Sonny tries to calm his daughter down, she won't be happy until he promises not to hurt Ethan and Sonny won't be happy until Ethan is six feet under.

to the popular daytime soap General Hospital (GH) for the intense drama, Now this real-life couple is clearly only in the initial stages of dating, Obrecht and son (Morgan Corinthos) of mob boss Sonny Corinthos and. General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Cain (Billy Miller) - Sonny Cohen) begin publicly dating which is sure to send a vengeful Ava over the edge. Sonny Corinthos is a fictional character and the main protagonist on the ABC soap opera General Hospital . Meanwhile, Sonny begins dating the young Brenda Barrett, the beginning of a popular Supercouple for the soap. He also befriends.

Alexis finally gets through to Sonny and tells him that he needs to "act like a fricking father" and respect Kristina's wish to have Ethan remain alive. The next day Carly finds Sonny in his living room, wearing the same clothes as the day before, drinking and sulking.

She thinks he's having another breakdown. He explains that he blames himself for what happened to Kristina and how the only thing that got him through his abusive childhood was that he thought it was over when he left and that none of his loved ones would ever experience the same kind of pain.

He continues to explain the parallels between Deke and Ethan or Kiefer and what an animal he thinks Ethan is. He thinks this whole thing could have been avoided if he had paid more attention to Kristina and taught her about guys like Deke. He believes his lack of presence in her life made her vulnerable.

A few days later Sonny goes to visit Kristina at her house, briefly seeing the real abuser Kiefer. Sonny asked if there is anything he can do for his daughter and Kristina stated she does not want Ethan to pay for what he did or what she says he did to her.

Though Sonny tries to deny it, Kristina knows her father wants Ethan to die. Sonny tells Kristina she sounds like her grandmother. He tells her a little bit about how his stepfather used to beat his mother leaving out how his stepfather beat him too. Kristina is shocked that he never told her and he says he doesn't like talking about it. She then states he knows how she feels and wants the whole incident to be over. Sonny holds Kristina while she cries. Sonny will only let Ethan live because he sees how it would hurt his daughter if he killed him, but he swears if Ethan walks he'll kill him.

He only tells Carly that at first, he says how much he loves his little girl and how he finally can relate to her on the fact that they have both been abused though he is unaware at this point the extent of her abuse. Sonny promises to protect Kristina and his sons, and make sure they are never afraid again. When Sonny finds out that Kristina dropped the charges against Ethan, he goes ballistic.

His tirade is witnessed by Claire Walshthe state prosecutor called in by Jax to assure Sonny's conviction. Claire has Johnny lie on the stand and say that Sonny beat and abused Claudia. Sonny goes off in court about how Claudia got what she deserved, which Kristina witnessed.

Robin is later called to the stand, and though she initially paints Sonny in a positive light, Claire turns it around by forcing Robin to admit that Sonny had insulted and threatened Claudia at her birthday party; Sonny nonetheless assures Robin that she did the right thing.

He is dismayed when Maxie is later called to the stand to testify, but ends up grateful when she avoids questions involving Michael. After Maxie's testimony, Kristina is admitted into General Hospital having been attacked by Kiefer again.

After finding out from Alexis, Sonny immediately assumes that Ethan was the one who did it and sends Jason out to kill him before Alexis has a chance to tell him the whole story; fortunately, Lucky intercepts Jason before he can do so. Afterwards, Sonny listens outside Kristina's hospital room when Dante arrives to get her statement. After some encouragement from Dante, Kristina finally admits that Kiefer was the one who attacked her both times and that he had also hit her on multiple occasions beforehand, which reduces both Alexis and Sonny to tears.

Jason returns and reveals that he didn't kill Ethan, much to Sonny's relief. After overhearing Kristina speak highly of Dante to Alexis, Sonny asks Dante up to the roof of the hospital to thank him for showing Kristina that she could trust him enough to tell him the truth.

However, Dante rips into Sonny, informing him that Kristina only lied in the first place because she thought that Sonny would kill Kiefer, and her biggest concern at the moment is whether or not Jason has been sent out to do so when it should be getting better. Dante proceeds to accuse Sonny of being a horrible father, and when Olivia walks in on the fight, Sonny takes his frustration out on her, stating that Dante only hates him because Olivia never gave them a chance to be father and son.

Olivia holds her ground, however, and when she leaves, Dante snaps and slugs Sonny on Olivia's behalf, stating that he hates Sonny for who he is, not what his mother did. Sonny simply warns Dante that he can only push him so far. Unconcerned, Dante states that this only proves his point and dares Sonny to "come and get him. On the same night of Kristina's second beating, Kiefer is hit by a car. Sam and Molly find him on the side of the road and bring him to the hospital only for him to die shortly after his arrival.

Ethan is accused and arrested, but soon released, while Kristina initially suspects that Sonny and Jason are responsible. However, Jason manages to convince Kristina that he and Sonny had nothing to do with Kiefer's demise, and the driver is eventually discovered to be Alexis; she had accidentally hit him while driving Kristina to the hospital.

Nonetheless, Kiefer's abusive nature and the truth quickly become public knowledge, and Ethan is given a clean slate. On April 27,Sonny talks to Kristina about the event, and he finally admits to her that his stepfather abused both him and his mother. Kristina tells him of Alexis' theory that she stayed with Kiefer even after he hit her because she felt rejected by Sonny; however, Kristina reassures him that Kiefer was her own mistake.

On May 13, Sonny goes to the Haunted Star to apologize to Luke and Ethan, also admitting that Kristina was right to assume that he would go after Kiefer and he believes that his current situations with his own children may be karmic justice for going after Ethan.

Though Luke is somewhat reluctant to forgive him, Ethan tells Sonny that Kristina is a good kid and that he merely hopes that things work out for her. In June, Kristina channels her anger and frustration at Kiefer towards Sonny and begins to pretend-date Johnny in order to spite him.

Sonny, believing that Johnny is taking advantage of his daughter to get back at him for Claudia's death, plants a bomb in Jonny's car, though his plan backfires when Kristina sneaks out to see Johnny and is caught in the bomb along with him; fortunately, neither are severely injured.

Though Sonny denies any part in the bomb, Kristina sees through his lies and goes off on him, though she nonetheless agrees to stay away from Johnny to keep Sonny from going after him. Sonny, finally fed up with Kristina's disrespectful attitude and smart mouth towards both him and Alexis, arranges several new ground rules for her; Kristina is now cut off from her credit cards, has a curfew, and must come to Sonny's house for dinner every Tuesday.

Alexis follows suit and takes away her car, and Kristina reluctantly agrees to follow their new rules to make up for all the trouble she caused. Kiefer's father, Warren Bauerbecomes obsessed with getting revenge on Kristina and Alexis and begins plotting for months to "prove" that Kristina is still lying about Kiefer hitting her.

Sonny quickly stands up for them and openly accuses Warren of being abusive to Kiefer himself because abusers are taught, not born, stating that Kiefer's brutality towards Kristina comes from years of rage of Warren hitting Kiefer. Sonny also comments that, ironically, he now has a little more sympathy and compassion for Kiefer, though Warren denies ever hitting Kiefer, it is obvious from his reaction that Sonny is correct.

After he departs, Sonny and Kristina share a private conversation. Sonny reassures Kristina that he meant what he said about feeling bad for Kiefer, and also states that, if he were still alive, he would have gotten him some help.

Kristina thanks him and states that, while Kiefer did awful things, he wasn't an awful person, to which Sonny replies that he isn't either. On July 23,Warren's vengeance reaches a boiling point when he attempts to outright kill Kristina and Michael at General Hospital, shooting Mac and Ethan in the process. However, Warren is shot and killed by Mac before he can harm Michael and Kristina. When Sonny finds out, he reassures Kristina that, though he can somewhat sympathize with Kiefer for what Warren did to him, he would never lay his hands on a woman like Kiefer did.

Just as the verdict on Sonny is about to come in, Dante enters the courtroom and surrenders Michael as Claudia's true killer. Once Dante's allegations are proven, Judge Carroll, angry that the trial was a farce and fed up with Diane and Claire's courtroom antics, unfairly sentences Michael to five years in Pentonville to punish everyone in the courtroom for covering up Claudia's murder and for making a mockery of his court.

To protect Michael, Jason makes a deal with Claire and is sent to prison as well. Guilt-ridden over their roles in Michael's incarceration, Claire and Dante eventually convince the judge to release Michael on the conditions that he live with Dante and have minimal contact with Sonny. Jason, however, is forced to remain in Pentonville, and Diane, despite her best efforts, is unable to find a way to get him out. However, Claire manages to get him a brief exoneration period when Franco returns to Port Charles, and eventually gets him out permanently on a technicality after discovering a loophole in his plea bargain.

Though Jason is naturally suspicious of Claire's intentions, Sonny assures him that Claire was only righting a wrong because neither Jason nor Michael should have been in prison to begin with. In an attempt to revive her career after the embarrassing Michael Corinthos debacle, Claire makes it her mission to put Sonny in prison, permanently.

Sonny offers to help her in putting Johnny away, by pushing Johnny into taking action against him. Claire agrees, but she later confides in Lucky that she is merely playing Sonny, and plans to double cross him; Sonny is a "bigger win" than Johnny.

However, Claire soon develops genuine feelings for Sonny and excuses herself from any further cases against him due to conflict of interest. On August 27, Sonny shoots Johnny in self-defense, but Ronnie Dimestico hides Johnny's gun to make it appear as though Sonny had shot him in cold blood.

However, Dante and Jason find pictures that prove that Johnny was attacking Sonny, and Claire is soon rightly convinced as well. Sonny eventually gets off on bail and flees to Rome to see Brenda. However, he returns on September 13, and turns himself in to prove his innocence.

Kristina comes to visit him, and admits that she missed him and regrets all the time she spent hating him and blaming him for everything. Kristina tells Sonny that she is glad he returned because Michael needs him, and Sonny promises to be the best father he can be to both her and her brothers. Jason tells Sonny that the only way to get the charges dropped is to negotiate a truce with Johnny, and Sonny immediately agrees after reflecting that his vendetta against Johnny nearly cost both Michael and Kristina their lives; Dante subsequently tricks Johnny into going to the station and changing his verdict, and Johnny and Sonny successfully proctor a peace agreement.

Afterwards, Claire and Sonny engage in a romantic relationship, though Sonny secretly admits to Dante that he is only romancing Claire because he is on the rebound.

Sonny and Claire's weekend getaway in September is cut short when she is called back to work. Brenda is waiting to greet Sonny upon his arrival home and Sonny realizes he can't pass up a chance to be with the love of his life. Brenda, however, says she wants nothing to do with Sonny, but Sonny wants to be free of Claire to pursue Brenda anyway.

In early OctoberSonny breaks up with Claire because of Brenda. Claire is hell bent on getting back at Sonny for leaving her, and renews her efforts to throw Sonny in prison. To this end, Claire confronts Jason and threatens to have Michael sent back to Pentonville unless he testifies against Sonny, but Sonny arrives at that moment. However, it is not until Jason threatens to call Diane in that Claire admits that she was bluffing and never had any intention of turning Michael in. Sonny and Claire later realize Carly set them up; they decide to give their relationship another try after Brenda insists to Sonny that she doesn't want to rekindle their flame.

Upon discovering, an angry Kristina immediately comes to the police station and confronts Sonny. Sonny doesn't know what to say to her, but Kristina ultimately realizes that he was only trying to protect her and forgives him, and proceeds to insist that it was her fault because everyone kept warning her that pretending to date Johnny was dangerous.

However, Sonny takes responsibility and apologizes for letting things get this far, declaring that the worst mistake of his life was letting Kristina grow up thinking that he didn't love her, because he does love her more than anything. Kristina is visibly touched by Sonny's words, and finally makes peace with him.

Subsequently, Claire disposes of the evidence against Sonny when they discover that Ronnie had acquired it without a warrant. Sonny ultimately chooses to break things off with Claire to help her salvage her career and because of his lifelong love for Brenda, but she does him one last favor by convincing the judge to lift the restrictions on Michael's parole, allowing Sonny and Michael free rein to see each other at any time; Claire reassures Sonny that she accepts that he has moved on and tells him to follow his heart.

Some time later, when faced with the possibility of being transferred to Alaska, Claire, at Sonny's advice, instead resigns from her position as federal prosecutor and joins Sonny's legal team at Diane's firm. Sonny tells Brenda he has "never been able to let her go" despite the passage of time, other marriages and having children. Brenda says no at first, but after some convincing she accepts Sonny's proposal.

Though Michael and Molly come out relatively unscathed, Kristina and Morgan are hospitalized with hypothermia and a broken leg, respectively, while Kristina's friend Ali dies from brain trauma. Sonny comforts Kristina when she blames herself for Ali's death. Subsequently, Molly begins to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder which she initially mistakes for bipolar disorder.

On January 11,Sonny gives Brenda two rings - one that he was supposed to put on her finger at their first wedding in and the second to assure her that he will show up on their second wedding in Sonny shows Brenda a third ring that symbolizes their future together, and how much he'll always love her.

He tells her he will give her the third ring at their wedding. The wedding of Supercouple Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett took place on February 18, and was on air for 6 days. The wedding marked a four-year ratings high for GH in a climate of gloom and doom for soap operas in general. During the elaborate wedding ceremony, the couple faced a slew of hurdles. First, Jason went missing and there was concern that he would not be available to give Brenda away.

Edward Quartermaine refused to stand in Jason's place due to objections over Brenda's choice of groom. Next, Carly threatened Brenda with revealing her secret past with Dante and insisted the Brenda leave the Sonny at the alter and get away in the limo she had waiting outside.

Also, Sam and Jason figure out the Balkan is actually Brenda's lawyer, Theo Hoffmanand he has been using his proximity to the bride to wreak havoc. Brenda finally makes it to the alter, but objects to her own wedding, knowing what Carly would do so if she didn't. After telling Sonny about her miscarriage and her relationship with Dante that involved hiding her pregnancy with crime lord Alexander by having Dante declare himself the father, Brenda starts walking away from the alter - assuming the wedding is off after her secret is revealed.

Sonny stops her, forgives her on the spot and decides that he cannot let her leave like he did in Sonny gives a memorable speech about how much he loves Brenda and how her father was wrong to make her believe she's not worthy of love. Sonny and Brenda marry amidst a mostly happy crowd. As Sonny and Brenda leave to embark on their honeymoon, a bomb explodes in the limo that Brenda was in. This scene was a reference to the famous "Clink GH alum to Chicago Med.

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About 19 hours ago Read. On his father's side, Sonny is of Greek and Irish descent. Trevor is very understanding of the single mother, allowing Sonny to come to work with Adela, and even taking them on vacations to Martha's Vineyard.

However, Trevor despises the young Sonny and when Adela gets pregnant Trevor proposes; however, he forces Adela to choose between Sonny and their unborn child when Sonny accidentally causes a pregnant Adela to fall down a flight of stairs. Adela gives up rights to her son shortly after birth and when Sonny is seven years old, she marries New York Police officer Deke Woods.

However, Deke is extremely abusive to mother and son. Sonny is claustrophobic due to being locked in the closet as a child by Deke. To direct Deke's attention away from his mother, Sonny begins acting out. He grows up with Lois Cerullo and is best friends with her brother, Louie. Raised by Adela, a devout Catholic, Sonny attends catholic school and is also very religious. Following the end of their relationship, Sonny becomes involved with Olivia's cousin, Connie Falconeri. Noticing Sonny and Deke's fights are getting more violent, and fearing one of them would end up dead, Adela asks Sonny to leave home when he is sixteen.

For a while, Sonny is homeless and visits Adela when Deke is working. After stealing his car, local mob boss, Joe Scully takes Sonny under his wing giving him a place to live while Sonny works odd jobs for him. When Sonny goes to visit Adela on her birthday, he finds her severely beaten and unconscious. Sonny confides in Scully who has Deke killed the next day.

However, once Connie skips town without him, Sonny goes to work for Scully full-time. Sonny befriends one of the strippers, Theresa, whom Joe Jr.

In a jealous rage, Joe Jr. According to General Hospital casting director, Mark TeschnerBenard was one of the few actors being considered for the role. Benard came in for a meeting with Wendy Riche, and the two immediately clicked. It was only a matter of how long it would take to get Benard on screen.

He joined the cast of General Hospital because he had gone broke and acting was all he knew at the time. The producers offered him two separate roles, that of mobster Damian Smithwith a two-year contract, and that of Sonny.

In addition the role being short term, Benard also chose the role because he liked the character's name. At one point he had stopped coming in to work but expressed his gratitude to the network for keeping faith in him instead of firing him immediately. The role of Sonny Corinthos originated in the final weeks of Bill Levinson's tenure as head writer, in Augustprior to Levinson's replacement by Claire Labine.

After a brief return from May 15 to July 8,Benard returned to the role full-time on December 18, Like the character of Sonny, Maurice Benard also suffers from bipolar disorder. The parallels between the story and Benard's real life experiences had Benard believing he was having his own "fourth break down," though Benard credits staying on his medication as keeping him grounded.

These characters have a sister named Connie Corleonewhich is alluded to in Kate Howard 's real name, Connie Falconeri. Benard has described Sonny as "unpredictable," and stated that: "You never know from one second to the next what he is thinking, feeling or planning. He's a man in personal conflict who maintains an outward appearance of calm at all times, at any cost. Sonny came to Port Charles inrunning a strip club for Frank Smith.

He becomes involved with Karen Wexlerand gets her addicted to drugs to get her to work for him. Meanwhile, Sonny begins dating the young Brenda Barrettthe beginning of a popular Supercouple for the soap. Brenda, who is more attracted to Sonny than to his mob ties, introduces him to an old Bensonhurst friend, Lois Cerullo, who needed Sonny's money to finance a record label.

He informs the locals that Miguel is under the protection of Frank Smith's organization.

Who is sonny dating on general hospital

Miguel soon begins flirting with a now-model Brenda, which makes Sonny jealous. While Brenda and Miguel bond, Sonny opens up to her about his abusive childhood at the hands of his step-father, Deke.

The two reconcile. After they are rushed to safety, Sonny plots his next move, pretending to leave the mafia. Sonny learned that Frank's son, Damianis working with Joe Scully to sabotage shipments from Deception cosmetics. Sonny is reticent to take action against Scully, as he is the man responsible for saving Sonny from his abusive step father. During a confrontation at the docks, Mike is shot, and Sonny kills Scully, who was attempting to finish Mike off.

Scully's henchmen go after Brenda, Stone and the Spencerslooking for revenge. Lily learns that Brenda is planning to record Sonny discussing his mob business and hand it over to the police. Sonny furiously throws Brenda out and begins dating Lily, though they take their relationship slowly.

Sonny wants to forgive Brenda because her intent was never to turn him in. After Stone's death, Sonny illegally pays for Stone's hospital bills. Sonny is arrested and Lily turns to her father, reconciling with him in exchange for his help. Rivera makes a deal that he will keep Sonny out of prison if he marries Lily.

Sonny marries Lily, though Lily realizes that Sonny still loves Brenda and offers a divorce. Sonny refuses to leave Lily because he fears reprisals from Rivera, though he finds it hard to deny his feelings for Brenda. Instead, he takes Lily on a second honeymoon.

After being trapped in an avalanche at a ski resort on the honeymoon, Brenda and Sonny agree to reconcile. However, Lily reveals she's pregnant before Sonny can ask for a divorce.

Brenda lets Sonny go, acknowledging his need to be an available father. Sonny and Brenda kiss passionately and declare their undying love for each other.

Sadly, Lily dies in a car bombing targeting Sonny, killing her and the baby. Sonny finds out Rivera was responsible, and helps him die, later taking over Rivera's organization. Upon Lily's death, Sonny inherited 30 million dollars, which he donated to General Hospital to create a hospital wing in Stone's name.

When Jason Morgan suffers brain damage after a car accident, he confides in Sonny. Jason would later become Sonny's enforcer and closest friend. After Jax leaves Brenda to make sense of it all, Brenda and Sonny reconcile. When attempting to save Brenda, Sonny is drugged. When Sonny is brought to the hospital, Sonny tells Brenda he loves her.

Believing her marriage with Jax can work, she rejects Sonny. Lily's former lover, Harry Silver, arrives in town causing problems for Brenda and Sonny, leading Sonny to kill him. Fearing the mob life is too dangerous for him and Brenda, he offers to marry her and leave town together. Sonny declares that he loves his life and has worked hard for it, but he loves Brenda more.

The bond between Emily & Sonny began out of deep mutual respect and . outbreak at General Hospital, Jason told Sonny if her pursued a relationship with his. At, we offer the latest information on General Hospital, from information about the actors to News and Finola Hughes' GH Return Date As Anna Devane Revealed What did you think of Carly and Sonny's vow renewal on GH?. General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Oscar, portrayed by Rio Mangini, may actually be Shocking Brenda Barrett Reltionship – Josslyn Dating Son Of Carly's Worst Brenda was married to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) at the time, but.

After a nightmare where Brenda is blown up in a car bomb, Sonny decides he'd rather lose Brenda than see her die. Sonny sends Jason to the altar to end things for him. Sonny leaves town soon after his aborted wedding with Brenda.

Sonny returns to Port Charles, and is devastated to learn Brenda died months before. He is later approached by Robin, who wants his help getting Carly Quartermainethe wife of Jason's brother, A. He soon begins dating waitress Hannah Scottwho looks a lot like Brenda. Sonny is devastated to learn that his new love is actually an undercover FBI agent and he feeds her false information before breaking up with her.

Sonny and Carly later have a one-night stand, and she becomes pregnant.

Sonny and Brenda : Second date

Sonny digs up dirt on A. After Carly miscarries their child, she and Sonny bond and marry; they renew their vows after realizing how much they love one another. Sonny also adopts Michael. Sonny divorces Carly after she tries to force him out of the mob, and sleeps with his attorney, Alexis Davis.

Sonny and Carly later reconcile and remarry. Meanwhile, A. Luis Alcazar soon arrives in town and brings Brenda back to Port Charles. Luis, jealous of Brenda's past with Sonny, nearly kills Sonny outside the church where she and Sonny almost married. Attorney Ric Lansing comes to town, and reveals that he is Sonny's half-brother who was given up by their mother Adela.

Ric blames Sonny for his wife Elizabeth 's miscarriage, though it was actually Faith Rosco who was responsible. Ric kidnaps a pregnant Carly, planning to give the child to Elizabeth. When Sonny comes to rescue Carly, he accidentally shoots her and she falls into a coma shortly after giving birth to Morgan Corinthos. When she wakes up, she is distant from Sonny and drawn towards Lorenzo. Believing his marriage is over, Sonny begins an affair with Sam McCallwho finds out she's pregnant just as Carly and Sonny reconcile.

To keep them from splitting up, Sam, Sonny, and Jason all claimed that Jason is the father.

Michael “Sonny” Corinthos (as played by Maurice Benard on General Hospital) Sonny began dating Brenda Barrett, and together with her and her friend Lois. General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) - Sonny Hospital' Spoilers: Carly and Sonny Baby Complication & Due Date Leak. Take a look at some of the many women who Sonny has loved over the years on General Hospital and pick your favorite!.

Not happy about the lie, Sonny confessed the truth to Carly.

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