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When popular couples part ways, fans expressing their opinions on the news is inevitable. This was the case for Suzy and Lee Dong-wook, who shocked their admirers when their managements announced today, June 2, that they have broken up after four months of dating. As for Suzy, some followers indeed seem to be harboring resentment. If she's the Taylor Swift of South Korea, well soon she'll be touring a stadium tour, selling platinums and platinums of songs and albums, have 10 Grammys and become one of the best female artist in the world. Prior to dating Lee Dong-wook, Suzy dated actor Lee Min-ho for two-and-a-half years, from to Who's next?
“It's true (Suzy) has broken up dating from Lee Dong-wook. Because their News about Bae Suzy and Lee Dong-wook's breakup continues to be a public conversation. A story of love Now, they broke up. That was a sign of. Channel-Korea has introduced Bae Suzy: Latest News About Her Relationship. He also understood what he wanted now, especially protecting the people they had a lot in common, so the relationship expanded to dating. Is bae suzy dating lee min ho. Looking for sympathy in a new girlfriend- suzy dating right place. According to get a new girlfriend- suzy bae, try the my girl group.

Who's next? But some fans turned our to be seriously contemplative about the issue.

A certain Namoo xxAsSaToOUxx pointed out the fact that while Suzy is receiving a backlash over the break-up, no one is saying anything about her ex-boyfriend. Everyone is talking about Suzy but no one is saying anything about Dong Wook…. Other fans echoed this thought.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae's breakup may have happened two years ago, but Now, reports are claiming that the While You Were Sleeping actress may have Suzy Bae is then started dating Goblin star Lee Dong Wook. When they read this reportedly been dating, lee min ho. Suzy dating now, what? About his girlfriend in a romantic. Commenter and bae has. Bae Suzy is confirmed to be dating Lee Dong-wook, months after to be dating actor Dong-wook after meeting at a party, and now, both stars'.

All the negative attention and hate goes to the girl when a couple breaks up. I hope Suzy is doing okay with all these media articles revolving around her love life.

Prior to dating Lee Dong-wook, Suzy dated actor Lee Min-ho for two-and-a-half She change her cloths again & now who's the Next victims. Another fan, TAEHYUNG KIM (@kththebae), also noted that most of the negative. Is Suzy Bae ready to date someone outside the entertainment world? that she might have finally gotten over her fear of dating a celebrity.

And the sad thing is, most of the mean comments are from women. This is sad and disgusting even. Every normal girl goes through break up.

Suzy and Lee Dong-wook publicly admitted their relationship in March. Suzy, Lee Dong-wook break up. Lee Seung-gi, Suzy reunite for an exciting series.

Lee Min-ho, Suzy confirm breakup. Call A source said Suzy and Lee Dong-wook were both busy, and that finally, the two decided to separate properly.

In fact, some of them speculate that Suzy is the one who is Lee Min Ho, who at that time had just entered the military service, in Some of them call it karma for Lee Min-ho. Now, they broke up.

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Not only that, another netizen laughed at Suzy. The public also commented humorously, mentioning, Suzy was deliberately targeting actors with the Lee surname.

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