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TWICE Member Jihyo Dating Kang Daniel: K-Pop Fans React To Singers’ Romance – Hollywood Life

Are they REALLY in LOVE? TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel Dating Caught by Dispatch

Seeing that they are not quite at that 3-year mark yet, it does not come as a surprise that TWICE members do not have much experience in the dating game! Nonetheless, this is what is known about the dating history of TWICE members as well as what type of qualities they look for in their partner! I tend to require a lot of attention so…I often lose things and things like that make me stressed out. She began asking the staff members if they had girlfriends. She also mentioned on a radio broadcast that her ideal type is someone who makes her feel comfortable and someone who is funny.

Mina and Tzuyu seem really popular but unapproachable. Still, guys often want what they can't have so going after them is inevitable. Sana, Chaeyoung and Dahyun look like girls who will friendzone you. Momo and Jihyo might go for a serious relationship right off the bat. SanasOverbite Trainee. Nayeon, Tzuyu, and Sana.

I dont know but a former jyp trainee said that mina was the most popular among the boys at jyp. I dont know if this true or not, its just what i read. KUALA LUMPUR: Recent dating rumours regarding members of popular K-Pop girl group Twice have apparently resulted in its fans expressing. I'm glad this is happening, but man I can't even begin to imagine the absolute shitstorm that will ensue once the first member of TWICE publically confirms that.

They'll jump for Nayeon like there's no tomorrow. Mayeon and sana seem the most "approachable". You must log in to post here. Show Ignored Content.

Twice member Jihyo and K-pop soloist Kang Daniel are confirmed to be dating. Per Soompi, the rumors were later officially confirmed by both Jihyo’s management, JYP Entertainment, and Daniel’s, KONNECT Entertainment. The couple reportedly spent time together both before and after. These snaps confirmed that TWICE member Jihyo and K-pop star Kang Daniel are officially dating. If the sneaky paparazzi pictures and. Nonetheless, this is what is known about the dating history of TWICE members as well as what type of qualities they look for in their partner!.

Share This Page Tweet. Having individual IGs would just lead to a comparison of followers, which is pretty bad for teamwork.

Who Is The Hottest Member In TWICE? - Koreans Answer

Never was a ban. Just heavily advised not to get serious, which is still valid advice. They always were allowed to date casually. By 'not to get serious' is that like a euphemism for 'don't get pregnant'?

JYP: "you heard about that Laboum girl right? Just don't let that happen and we gucci". She got pregnant and quit the group, just got married a few days ago. Guy is a member of FT Island. Dating bans for boy groups are pretty much non-existent, it's just something the company might say to put up an image in public. The "ban" was probably there so that if there were ever rumors, they could point to the ban and say the managers wouldn't let them to protect them.

I like to think JYP is more chill about it since their idols tend to be on the more open side about it, like Jackson admitting the rule was just for show and JY Park giving Got7 the sex talk before they debuted.

True but similar stuff happened with WG when Sunye announced shes been dating her now husband for 4 yrs prior to the dating ban and nothing came out of it.

The nine members of TWICE were banned from dating for three years when they made their debut so they could concentrate on recording and performing. K-pop idols typically stray away from publicly dating. In the TWICE debuted in and has nine members including Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun. K-Pop might have a new super couple as it’s being reported that TWICE girl group member Jihyo was spotted on a date with singer Kang Daniel. The K-Pop world erupted with emotions when on Aug. 4 the site Dispatch reported that South Korean girl group TWICE member Jihyo, 22, was.

She got engaged and pregant after the announcement too. Sunye even continued to be signed under JYP while being married, having kids and living in Canada up until WG disbanded. Alot of JYP artists even went to her wedding. Now compare that to the reaction with Sungmin in Suju who also suddenly announced he was dating and got married fairly quickly too, hes pretty much exiled from Suju. If delulu fans who think they have a chance or dont want the girls to date cuz itd ruin their fantasy "know" the girls cant date for 3 years, its reassuring to them.

Agreed, the breaking part should really be reserved for when one of them actually comes out with a boyfriend or girlfriend. But I'm glad for them regardless. I found that to be actually hilarious like this news is considered such a huge deal that it's labeled "breaking", although I thought it was cheekily done.

It might be big, but it was also old news, it's only that it happened recently. It's like:. The title is sarcastic, they were banned from dating for 3 years, I think, and it ended today.

Some Onces were jokingly keeping a countdown to this moment. ONCE - I'm curious what you guys think; which member dating would result in the least amount of backlash?

Or said differently, would be the most well received by fans? Probably Jihyo, I think most fans can sympathize with her shes a great leader to the group and has spent pretty much her whole life training to be an idol and now putting the members first.

Twice member dating

It would be nice to see Jihyo doing something for herself for once and of course I hope she finds someone that can appreciate her character because its honestly one of the best I've seen in an idol over the years.

Jihyo deserves no backlash at all if she chooses to be in a relationship and we as fans should be more than happy for her. Not only that I think onces are pretty used to the fact Chaeyoung does whatever she wants. Shes not really scared of the repercussions like when she cut her hair super short without telling anyone.

I can't say which one since the reactions would differ between say the Korean, Japanese and international fanbases, but personally I'd be happy if any of them ended up dating in a healthy relationship. Yeah Momo is such a sweet girl I hope she finds a nice partner, the members are pretty protective of her and Tzuyu because shes way too nice that she can be easily taken advantage of.

I don't know if he's just well liked amongst other fandoms or what, but it seems like ppl really like editing pics of jungkook with any female idol who has ever been within a 5 foot radius of him.

Which is funny because Jungkook seems so nervous around females that he seems to not want any of them to come within a 5 foot radius of him. And he had rumours about him right after debut. I reckon he's more concerned with the aftermath of interacting too closely than is actually nervous around girls.

Mte, tbh if im a female idol. I wont even bother to be with them even if they are interested. Not only ur career would be in danger but ur personal life as well. Never forget that time ELFs made a girl commit suicide because she got a picture with two of the guys from SJ And they would've been arguably less popular than BTS now.

The most mind-boggling one is IU. Jungkook-IU is maybe the least possible Jungkook ship and yet there are so much of fanfiction of it despite they never interact at all. Isn't that just because he's a big fan of her music? And probably finds her cute but no evidence about that.

The whole reasoning that it's because he had an ex-girlfriend that looks like her is hilarious to me. I think it's cause she's still the youngest and well, she didn't meet most Kpop fans' beauty standards until like last year or this year.

It is unrelated to dating but, is jungkook twice fan? He went crazy happy when nayeon won wrestling in ISAC, like jumping air and other members laughed at him. I mean probably Twice are one of the most popular girl groups their songs are everywhere. But Jungkook does dance to alot of girl group songs so idk. The ISAC should just be taken with a grain of salt and honestly I feel kind of bad for him I feel like everything an idol does is observed and analyzed like why cant he just do something and not have some kind of theory attached to it.

I mean gratz. You know that song 'sorry sorry'? Yeah that's me, I'm kind of a big deal ya know I mean congratz.

But seriously whats your number? I wonder if there's any kind of incentive to date within the company so they can help to hide it easier. They're probably around each other a lot in the JYP building already anyway. Compare the number of male idols in JYPE to number of female idols, it's like 28 to 13 or something like that. Of course, I'm sure companies much much prefer members of their own in house groups dating. Much lower chance of getting caught and much easier to be discrete and smart about it.

They show all the artists lockers, which are all right next to each other. The lockers have a little slit like a post office box, and that immediately screams out to me that those are there so that they can discretely pass notes to each other.

The only thing companies don't want is for idols to be caught dating, or to get pregnant, since those are the things that would result in a direct potential loss of profits and group popularity.

Unless you are YG where you literally don't allow the boy groups to speak to Blackpink and even have them eat at the cafeteria at different times for that specific purpose lol.

I mean, they are maybe girl group with the most frequent comeback while not everyday you have a dating ban lifted. We can include boy groups too.

TWICE Idol Jihyo And K-pop Star Kang Daniel Are Dating Since January. But, Are They Allowed To?

Nevermind, apparently it already happened. Given that there have been so many idols in the industry, it's a wonder why it hasn't happened already. Or maybe it has but it just never came out to the public. Pretty sure there alot of gay idols who date people of the same-sex they just never go public with it, thats the way it is for alot of asian celebrities where pretty much everyone knows they're gay they just never admitted it.

Of course, fans are drooling over the pair.

K-pop Singer Kang Daniel and Twice Member Jihyo Are Dating

The idols are adorable and enjoy quite the fan following, but the idea of them getting together is doubly squeal-worthy. Jihyo and Kang Daniel also have to brace themselves against backlash from fans are industry insiders. This is unlike any other celebrity dating reveal. Well-wishers of the couple know that the news of them getting together is just as concerning as it is exciting. Amongst the most generic of FAQs for K-pop fans and idols alike, is their deal with dating.

Why do idols always maintain their elusive relationship status? Are K-pop idols allowed to date? Not long ago when the BTS were quizzed about dating on a chat show, they remained so tight-lipped that their host could only manage a one-word reply from the members.

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