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Travis Scott Completely Covers Kylie Jenner's House In Red Roses For Her - Capital XTRA

Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions - GQ

Scott reportedly canceled an Astroworld tour show to remain in Los Angeles and work things out with her. He wrote on Twitter, meanwhile, that he was canceling the show because he was sick. His rep fervently denied he cheated on Jenner. As TMZ previously reported , Jenner was said to be upset because she found "a number of what she deemed 'overly friendly' DMs between him and several women with whom he'd been chatting," TMZ wrote. She was "incredibly pissed" about them initially. Scott deactivated his Instagram for a couple days to prove his loyalty to her, then reactivated it. The rapper was at the Golden State Warriors vs.

Hi, so Kylie Jennerís Dating History Is Genuinely Shocking?

However, they reportedly did not start dating until April The short answer is no, at least not right now. According to Peoplethe couple has "no plans" to tie the knot or even get engaged anytime soon. Prior to Kylie, he dated Rihanna.

If you've been keeping up with the Kardashians, you already know that Kylie dated Tyga before she and Travis fell in love and welcomed their. Of course you do, because they just broke up five minutes ago for the 15th time, and before that they were pretty much inseparable. Specifically: Jennerís been spotted with Travis Scott twice in the past few days. But then we saw these damning photos of the two at an NBA playoff. 1 day ago Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott kiss and get handsy on the red-carpet it also features personal footage with his daughter and girlfriend.

He just became a first-time father. Scott was child-free before he and Jenner welcomed a daughter last week.

The "Antidote" hitmaker has collaborated with the best in the business. As a sneaker aficionado and face of the Nike VaporMaxScott's shoe game is on point.

He spends a lot of time at the house and has his own closet there. The scene featured a series of heart-shaped sculptures completely covered in red roses and lining a mirrored aisle, with a neon pink heart light at the end of the candle-lined walkway. Scott announced on Twitter that he had both canceled and rescheduled his concert due to illness.

A rep for Jenner had no comment. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click herefor Firefox click herefor Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Kylie Jenner Snapchat. Paola Kudacki exclusively for GQ. By Grace Gavilanes.

By Aurelie Corinthios.

Popular in TV. More Close Close. Show rescheduled to March 10 all tix are valid. See u soon. Kylie Jenner's profile in Paper Magazine covers many things, her daughter Stormi, her experience with plastic surgeryand of course, her relationship with Travis Scott.

After months of speculation, multiple diamond ring snaps, and Instagrams calling out her "hubby," Kylie is finally setting the record straight on whether or not she is actually engaged to Travis. She's not.

1 day ago The premiere of Travis Scott's new documentary was a family affair. The rapper was accompanied by girlfriend Kylie Jenner and daughter. The 'ASTROWORLD' rapper flooded his girlfriend Kylie Jenner's mansion with thousands of red roses in honour of the makeup mogul's. In the weeks since Travis Scott was reportedly accused by Kylie It was unclear then whether he reactivated it with his girlfriend's blessing.

But according to the author of the Paper story, Kylie "seems certain" she will get engaged soon. She did, however, promise that she will share the big news when it does happen.

So, there you have it. When Travis and Kylie get engaged for real, we will know. V-Day may still be a day away, but Travis Scott has already won the holiday.

Candles lit the red chrome pathway which ended with a neon heart, creating a literal tunnel of love. Kylie shared the gorgeous display on her Insta story, making fans everywhere extremely jealous and causing multiple returns of Russel Stover chocolates to local drug stores across the country. Obviously, whatever was bother Kylie and Travis at the Grammys has been worked out and the couple is back to their adorable selves. Seriously, they do it so much I think it's their favorite past time.

While the rest of the world is embroiled in a discussion of "are they engaged? Are they pregnant? And, they love to fuel the fire, which is exactly what they did when Kylie posted an Instagram of the couple embracing, captioning the photo, "baby 2?

Travis dating kylie

When one fan inquired further, asking if Kylie was, in fact, pregnant with a sibling for Stormi, Kylie responded, "no lol," proving that they just love to mess with us! The art of the misleading caption. But the rumors didn't end there. While there were previous rumors that Travis would propose to Kylie during his performance, it didn't happen, but some are speculating that maybe Travis got down on one knee when the cameras weren't rolling.

Travis posted a pic on Sunday of Kylie backstage at the Super Bowl. She was wearing a super cute cropped fur coat and Neither Kylie or Travis have spoken about the elephant diamond in the room, so it's unclear if the couple is engaged, or if Kylie is just rocking a gorgeous diamond, which she has been known to do before.

Of course, I am are sure Travis didn't make any big moves without the support of Mama Kris. The Momager went on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie Showand obviously her daughter's marital status was brought up. One of the co-hosts, Kyle asked if there have been "any wedding bells" for the young couple.

Kylie and Travis have been calling each other "wife" and "hubby" for months now, but according to Travis, they're going to make it official very soon. In an interview with Rolling StoneScott discussed his high profile relationship, and his desire to take the next step.

He explained what it was like when the two first met, how, at first, it was pretty casual, though that quickly changed.

Travis insists that the two will tie the knot. I just gotta sturdy up ó I gotta propose in a fire way. The two initially bonded over their love for movies and shared appreciation for Tim Burton and Wes Anderson, "which is fire," according to Travis.

The rapper explained that people don't really know Kylie and "how ill she is. While a proposal probably won't come until after Travis' Astroworld tour, he described the relationship as "rock-solid," only strengthened by the birth of their daughter Stormi. Only time will tell if Travis will put a ring on it, and what's next for the famous couple. Travis is calling out a fan who accused him of cheating on Kylie.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, someone tagged Travis in a post and asked followers, "is this real?

kylie jenner & travis scott - ?cutest moments?

Trolls working hard today. I don't be on balcony wit no thots. Try again u trollsssss. Me and my wifey sturdy. Back to celebrating!!! He then replied with a second comment saying, "only got love for my wife.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Couldn't Keep Their Hands off Each Other at His Documentary Premiere

Not time to be wasting. Try again. Case closed.

It was later confirmed that the photo was a publicity stunt from a YouTuber who faked the entire thing in order to get views. Kylie, Khloe, and Kim all bashed the YouTube r for exploiting their family. Read the full story here. Kylie has been joining her "hubby" Travis Scott on his Astroworld Tour as it travels across the country, but she took the step from groupie to talent when she actually joined Travis on stage during his performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Kylie sat on the rollercoaster hanging over the stage, which moved slowly as Travis rapped to her. Kylie later shared the experience on her Instagram story, showing another angle of the serenade with the caption, "That's me.

Stormi must have stayed backstage for this one, but I'm sure she'll be dancing on stage with her parents in no time. Travis was right there with his bae in the delivery room, but that doesn't mean it was an easy experience for him. While appearing on EllenTravis revealed he was freaked out the entire time she was giving birth.

You know, we were just both young. But, you know, when you first have a baby in your arms, it's uncontrollable. It's like this whole warp that just takes over your whole body. It's crazy. He also confirmed that Kris Jenner was the reason why he was able to hold it together during Stormi's birth. She held me down, because it was so scary.

This is actually my first delivery room," he said. She's the best, man. Glad to hear that Kris was able to keep Travis calm to be there for the big delivery. Kylie and Travis may or may not be married, but now they're co-owners of a gorgeous house in Beverly Hills! This is Kylie's fifth property, but of course it's her first with "Hubby" Travis. It looks like the perfect place to raise baby Stormi, and possibly even grow their family.

For the second time this month, Kylie Jenner has dropped the h-word, calling Travis Scott "hubby" on social media! Kylie posted a video on her Instagram, showing a flower display that Travis surprised her with, and let me tell you, it's magical. Once again, fans are freaking out.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are now the parents to the gorgeous Stormi In the meantime, Travis is showing his support for his girlfriend by. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have already clocked a number of August , most people assume that the couple began dating a year prior. But who was this Travis Scott, the man Kylie trusted enough after a handful of months of dating to become her partner in parenthood, a job for.

Hubby is obv short for husband, so does this mean Kylie and Travis are married? Or is hubby just a pet name, one that Kylie likes to use to keep all of us on our toes? This incident follows one earlier this month when Travis performed on Saturday Night Live.

We know Kylie is good at keeping secrets, so it's quite possible the two secretly tied the knot at some point. We just need to know the truth either way! When answering questions on her Insta stories recently, she told fans. Despite the hesitations, she's been thinking about names for her next baby, though she won't reveal any of them just yet.

She does, however, want another girl. In fact, she told beauty vlogger James Charles"sisters only," when it comes to giving Stormi a sibling. Well, it looks like Stormi might be getting a sister or brother sooner, rather than later.

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