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Teachers Reveal SECRET Crushes They've Had On a Student! (r/AskReddit)

By Esra Gurkan For Mailonline. Most people would admit to having a crush on a teacher when they were at school. But the most important thing is how the teacher deals with this unwanted attention. Reddit user Shadowyugi took to the forum to ask the teachers: 'Have you ever noticed a student s crush on you? Posted just last week, there have already been more than 4, comments on the forum and teachers are continuing to share their stories. Lauracol said that when a child develops a crush on a teacher, 'this is the kind of thing that could absolutely ruin your life'. The Reddit thread had commenters taking the question very seriously while others saw it as more lightheated.

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I'm just friends with the choir teacher, but we're of opposite genders and the kids assume we're dating, forgetting that I have a fiancee and he's happily married. The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and. I've known co-workers who have done it. I haven't done it but two coworkers just got married last summer. I haven't done it, but there are three married couples in our school.

Just do what ever you feel like. If you only see him for 15 minutes before class and you really want to be able to kiss him or hold his hand then just go ahead and do it.

But if you start doing this stuff you do run the risk of grossing people out. I hate watching public displays of affection If you dont want to kiss and hold hands at school but just want to tell people you guys are dating, that should be fine to. But this whole situations of working with your bf who you only see for like 15 mins before class really sounds like a non problem, congratulations on being in love.

Hi, I am a 11th and 12th grade teacher in a MN white-bread high school in This is why teachers often date other teachers: sympathy of similar. r/Teachers: All things education and teaching! I haven't noticed a difference between the amount of single teachers and the amount of other single adults. The teacher ended up having to put in a transfer to another school in the I could see myself accepting teachers/assistants dating if they have.

Obviously KMT has not worked in a professional environment because 'just giving him a kiss if you want to' at work is not acceptable behavior. Keep seeing him, but how is his provider potential if he only works part time?

Reddit teachers reveal what it's really like when a pupil develops a crush on them

Does he have another job? You don't want to be the primary breadearner. But i feel that the people from work are more honest because they are not surrounded by their really close friends, nor are they always in the best of moods not many people are when they go to work.

I would just say that its best to keep it as it is, because as long as it isn't being a distraction, then its not a problem.

Sep 16, - Many teachers receive no funding for classroom supplies. Reddit Gifts, part of the popular social media platform Reddit, started aiding teachers in Donors, mostly other Redditors, are then matched up with a classroom . Advertise with us · Guardian Labs · Search jobs · Dating · Discount Codes. Teachers of Reddit, how easy is it to tell if a kid has a crush on somebody, and what However, she rejected. If things seemed to go well between you two, then ask her out on a real date another time. If not, well, no harm, no foul even if you do return to.

I don't think it's crazy at all -- my parents worked together their entire married life tho they didn't meet there. If there is no policy against it, I would not bring it up with Union rep.

Students Who Secretly Dated Teachers (r/AskReddit)

What type of information do you feel may be missing in your decision to be in the relationship? I'm also not sure that there will be "gossip" -- why would others talk negatively about the two of you just because you're dating?

OTOH, if you don't want them talking at all, then yes, keep it quiet for now.

Oct 3, - Teachers have taken to Reddit to reveal their stories of how they reacted One day, he said that if he was older, he would ask her out on a date. Other teachers shared their stories, with PineappleStickers saying: 'The first. May 15, - In the incident report, the teacher explains that the 3-year-old was "acting A friend of Elizabeth's parents posted a picture of the note on Reddit, girl scream 'OH MY GOD!' from another room during a play date with my kids. Oct 26, - He pauses and thinks for a moment, then asks, “So what is the student-teacher dating policy?” Afterward, the other professors are sitting around.

An exbf of mine my son's teacher refused to date any of the teachers in his school. He did that once and he hated the gossip from other teachers and the students. He said it was even more uncomfortable when they still had to see each other when the relationship didn't work out.

But he's a very private person, so maybe the gossip won't bother you. This is pretty common. My third grade teacher married my the art teacher. There were 2 married teacher couples when I was in Jr High, and my music teacher started dating and ended up marrying a special needs teacher.

One of the couples went through a divorce, and that's the only time I heard about much gossip going around As long as it's not one of your students, I think you're OK!

Also had that happen, they married and still are! Originally Posted by climbergirl.

Oct 3, - Somebody has taken to Reddit asking teachers how they deal with the kid vs the word of the adult/teacher with no other witnesses and “It was confirmed when he asked me out on a date: 'Miss, what are you doing tonight? So, since you all (I presume) are teachers, I was wondering if you had any input on dating, especially early in your career, especially as to what the non-teacher. Aug 1, - Sometimes, you're simply a voyeur, quietly observing what others have Here are eight teacher confessions on Reddit that will have you.

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Teachers dating other teachers reddit

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I thought it was funny as hell. And of course, this type of behavior isn't anything new for toddlers. Several parents noted their little ones have given others an up-close and personal view of their backside. As I check to see if the video is over or still playing, his butt comes into view, full spread for a few seconds, then you can hear him shriek a laugh and run off, then it ends a few seconds later.

Never have I been so confused and amused at the same time. She said butthole so I'm writing butthole. One person even came up with the perfect "punishment" for Elizabeth. Here's hoping they hold on to the note and use it to their advantage one day down the line. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us email facebook twitter pinterest instagram youTube rss.

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