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Discussion in ' Celebrity Gossip ' started by robin1 , Mar 3, Tags: kmusicandblackwomen seventeen vernon. Location: SoCal. She has a story time on her twitter saying she is dating an idol. She refers to the guy as "H" and says he speaks English and his group was on tour in America this past summer.

Discussion in ' Celebrity Gossip ' started by robin1Mar 3, Tags: kmusicandblackwomen seventeen vernon. Location: SoCal. She has a story time on her twitter saying she is dating an idol. She refers to the guy as "H" and says he speaks English and his group was on tour in America this past summer.

There were tons of Kpop groups touring America last summer.

Everyone is guessing H is for Hansol Vernon. Do you guys think it's true? She's denied others but not when people say Vernon.

Seventeen Dating Game (College Ver.) - hello99percent

She never tells anyone who it is but she doesn't deny. Her story time she has it pinned if you want to go see it for yourself:. VioletParr Idol. E stan. E stan talent! ShiningDiamond17 Newbie. Shes probably lying or just trying to convince people that Vernon loves black women which theres nothing wrong with.

Hes her bias and shes been obessed with him since the beginning. She has no reciepts at all or proof. Even if she did meet an idol, she just wants people to believe its Vernon. She did this before with an interview with some anon guy. Idk if that was even true before supposedly the persons identity always needs to be kept secret for some reason but people were guessing if it was Vernon and she just went with it then too.

And the time she took a break doesnt match with Vernons schedule. If not, you should reconsider your status as a fan.

I can understand disappointment - sure, we all have dreams of meeting our idols and falling in love and living happily ever after. But that stuff happens in fanfiction and movies, not reality. Treat them as such. Give them the respect they give you by producing great songs, giving awesome performances, acting well in dramas, etc.

Seventeen Dating Game! Author's Avatar. Wonwoo's Sweater Paws 08/15/sunflower: HELLO CARATS:sunflower: ------------------. dating doors for SEVENTEEN! chan. datingdoors. hansol. jeonghan. jihoon. jisoo. junhui. kpopdatingdoors. minghao. mingyu. saythenameseventeen. seokmin. Seventeen as boyfriends. shows you off. Jeonghan: let's you enjoy his magnificent wonderful presence. Joshua: plays guitar for you. Jun: twerks with u.

Spread kindness and positivity and make this world a better place. We have enough going on right now without adding more drama and more fuel to the fire. Prompt list can be found here! The rain pounded on your heavy shoulders as you raced home, careful to avoid puddles as your sneakers smacked against the pavement. It had been raining consistently for the past week, leaving you continually damp and generally grumpy. You enjoyed rainy weather when you were allowed to watch it from the other side of the window.

You yanked open the front door of your house and hustled across the threshold, popping off your muddy shoes along the way. You sped past her, keeping your shoulders high to avoid any sort of conversation.

Seventeen dating

You sighed, dropped your backpack to the floor, and crawled into bed with no hesitation. They began around age thirteen, the strange images that would appear as soon as you closed your eyes. They started out fuzzy at first, foggy around the corners, and in a rudimentary black and white.

They were mildly frightening, almost like flashes of memories that felt familiar, but were obviously not yours. The language was strange and the sounds too harsh.

Eventually, you had to come clean to your mother or else begin explaining why you looked like you never had any sleep. You had enlightened your parents of the strange nightmares plaguing you as soon as you laid your head to rest, only to have your parents knowingly smile at each other.

Mar 1, - Since their debut, SEVENTEEN's members have revealed their ideal Woozi wouldn't mind dating a stubborn girl, because she would also be. Create your own story with SEVENTEEN based on your choices! Aug 15, - A SEVENTEEN member's dating rumor. AM - 15 I think every fandom needs those dating rumors so we can clean out all of the fakes.

They insisted that everything was normal and to not panic. This was difficult as you still had no earthly idea what it all meant. No longer were you stuck looking at a pixelated screen, but bright images of laughing boys and dancing feet.

The language was still unfamiliar, but much more soft, more comforting. It was as if the person you were seemingly living through had become aware of your existence, aware that this was incredibly new. Oh my god can he see me using the bathroom? He has to see me freaking out all the time.

When am I going to see his face? You rolled your eyes and stood from the table.

Korean lessons? With years worth of dreams under your belt and unknowingly learning Korean in your sleep, the whole soulmate experience had become normalized by the time you got to university.

He was a musician, and an extremely talented one at that. He was constantly surrounded by a troop of equally as talented and hardworking boys not to mention incredibly good looking and goofy so you felt optimistic about the idea of your future.

He was normally calm, providing a quiet solace through his every day actions. Or if he even felt the same. Jihoon stifled a large yawn as he leaned over the mixing board in the studio.

He had been at his work for hours, long since giving up the pleasant idea of sleep. He tilted his head as he thought about things, about the small bits of life he had shared through your eyes.

He was grateful that he had such a kind soulmate, someone on the opposite side of the world unknowingly supporting him and pushing him to be better. He had been relentlessly practicing his English in his free time, capable of understanding most of your conversations in your daily life. He loved the sound of your voice more than any song he had composed.

His heart fluttering in his sleep, managing to keep his emotions invested as your experiences became one. He scribbled idly onto his notepad, wondering what you would be seeing from his perspective today. He longed to get a glimpse of you, any little bit he could.

He contemplated on the curve of your lips, the arch of your brow, the color of your eyes. But how? You sprung from your bed, fresh from a nap following your afternoon classes.

This was it, this was the break you needed. You slid from beneath the blankets and padded across the hardwood floor in search of whichever parent you could find first. Luckily they were both lazily reclined on the couch, glued to the television when you turned the corner.

Like dreams and reality became one.

May 18, - Seventeen, also known as a self-producing group, is a South Korean boy group that was established in by Pledis Entertainment. She has a story time on her twitter saying she is dating an idol. People on her Twitter and her blog  Seventeen's Dino rumoured to be dating a staff member. Sep 1, - dino, seventeen, seventeen dino, dino rumor, dino minkyung, dino pledis girl Must Read: An Idol Couple Who Are Caught to be Dating by.

Your mother nodded slowly, a nervous smile on her face. He looked around the dark room, his body still slow with movements of sleep while his mind raced. What if she says something about my height?

Just breathe. You were nervous as you gripped the light stick in your hand, uncertain of what would happen next, or what you should do with it.

You looked it over carefully, the small, pink diamond centerpiece, the easy script reading Seventeen. You looked back up again, beginning to navigate your way through the masses of teenage girls idling around in the crowd.

Is K-Music and Black Women dating Vernon of Seventeen?

After a few small attempts at begging and throwing your shoulders around, you finally found your way to the front row of the pit, your stomach pressed against the barrier. Your heart felt like it was about to explode, seemingly skipping beats as you came to realize the gravity of the situation.

As the lights around the stage began to dim, the noise pulsing from the crowd grew louder. You began to contemplate your movements for once the show was over, after you were inevitably deemed just another face in the crowd, passed over by the man you had travelled so far to see. Could you follow their vehicles? Could you arrange a meeting at their entertainment building?

Thoughts swam around your head as slow music began to pump through the already tense atmosphere and several boys appeared.

You nodded with the beat, recognizing face after face as they became visible. That one was Seungkwan. And that one was Vernon.

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