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Matthew Haag (better known as Matt or [OpTiC] NaDeShOt,) is a friend of Justine and appears in many of her videos. Facts about Matthew Justine's dog, Matt. Jenna Ezarik is dating Nadeshot also known as Matthew Haag for quite some Jenna Ezarik met Matthew Haag through iJustine Jenna Ezarik's sister who is. May 1, - It's ok. @nadeshot and I have nothing but love and respect for each other still. Sometimes things just don't work out. ??.

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Are Fwiz and Justine still together? Do you miss Beau? Will you vlog with Bre? Will you follow me?

Justine Ezarik is an American YouTube personality, host, actress, and model. She is best known as iJustine, with over a billion views across her YouTube. Sep 18, - Matthew and Jenna met through Jenna's sister iJustine. Jenna Ezarik and Nadeshot aka Matthew Haag secretly dating as girlfriend and.

And he further declared that it was because of a girl. And guess who also happens to live in LA? Jenna Ezarik! Matthew's cryptic message was not so cryptic after all. Happy Valentines Day, thanks for putting up with me.

Since his move to LA, he has been continuously seen with Jenna. Fans have even speculated that they are living together as of And still, they have not confirmed their status! Though their online presence is very prominent, Jenna and Matthew seem very keen and very much determined to keep their affair a secret from their fans.

Only they know the reason behind the stunt that they are pulling. But it hardly matters because a majority of the fans don't believe that they are not in a romantic relationship.

Balaam struck her like are nadeshot and jenna dating for the third time in his or her life. Both unhygienic and does not belong to us, or in any online nadeshot. Sep 16, - . @optich3cz @ijustine @jennaezarik what can I say, born to be a @OpTic_NaDeSHoT @ijustine lmaooooooo. Jul 5, - Is Matthew dating Jenna's elder sister iJustine? Jenna Ezarik and Nadeshot aka Matthew Haag secretly dating as girlfriend and boyfriend?

So what do you guys think? Are they dating?

Matthew Haag

Share us your views below in the comments below. Jenna Ezarik and Nadeshot aka Matthew Haag secretly dating as girlfriend and boyfriend? Donald Trump Jr. Zane Rima Aka Amazane. JJ Lane. April Love Geary.

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