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Why do I have to join the French Foreign Legion under an assumed name? . HowStuffWorks

Stephan du Bruyn - Life in the French Foreign Legion

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They must also complete a series of logic, sports and personality tests to determine their strengths and skills.

Those who are selected must sign a five-year contract of service. Basic training lasts 15 weeks and takes place in Castelnaudary, a country town located in southern France.

Training is meant to introduce new Legionnaires to military life, to their comrades and to the French language. After basic training, new soldiers split off into 11 regiments.

regarding the Foreign Legion (which does include many French people, .. joins the Legion, they are assigned a new identity; New name, date of birth, If I had known about the French Foreign Legion when I was a teen. You've seen the movies and heard the rumours, but what is the truth behind the French Foreign Legion? Read on to find out. How to join the French Foreign Legion. The Pay examples (the most basic salary), dating back to , are increased by % now.

These regiments are located throughout France and in other countries, such as AfghanistanChad and the Ivory Coast. Legionnaires may work side by side with regular French military forces, with French police and with soldiers of other nations.

The Cervens dating wing.

For example, they were deployed with U. Legionnaires train with the standard weapons and equipment of the French infantry, including grenades, 9 mm automatic pistols and rocket launchers. The primary weapon is the Famas automatic assault rifle. Legionnaires have carried this weapon into numerous battles over the years, and many have died in combat.

Sincemore than 35, Legionnaires have been killed in battle or during service to the organization [source: Moore ].

Now let's find out what life is like working for a private military company.

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You might need to know that it's spelled 'Marsielles', that it is one of France's worst cities for crime, some 70% of the prison population in France has lived in. A member of the French Foreign Legion should serve as a good example of the former; a security contractor of a private military company, such as Blackwater. Join Date: Jun ; Posts: ; Age: 28; Location: Belarus; Miles Apart . Why does your SO want to join exactly the French Foreign Legion.

Getty Images Are you a Francophile with a dodgy past? Why not join the French Foreign Legion?

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: French Foreign Legion. French Foreign Legion. My bf is thinking and most probably will join FFL,so my question is: does any of you guys know a person,who decided to join it?

I don't know anyone personally, but when living in France, I was on an overnight ferry with a bunch of FFL guys and asked them a bunch of questions. What are you interested in learning? I think him being in the FFL would make your relationship and regular contact really difficult. Original Poster. Originally Posted by mllebamako.

As for treatment of soldiers, I imagine it isn't very nice but isn't that kind of all military bootcamps?

Video: The Foreign Legion, another French exception

My personal concern would be thinking about what type of men he's going to be around. The Legionnaires that I met were a pretty creepy bunch.

French foreign legion dating

I am sure there are some good men who join for legitimate reasons but most of the men I met were They were not even ashamed to tell us the reasons.

Many of them were quite racist as well and I overheard them using racial slurs when talking about some of the friends I was with.

I am sure that there are plenty of them who are not like this, but the ones who I met really gave me the creeps. Why does your SO want to join exactly the French Foreign Legion, and not the regular army forces in his country? Just asking, because I had a friend who wanted to join it, but after some serious research concluded that it is a bad idea, mainly because of the way people change there, so decided not to go.

My boyfriend is in the army and it isn't easy at all, even though we have the weekends to speak. I can't imagine writing only letters, or hearing from eachother once a month or so. I think he should really overthink it before joining, first because of all the "good" fame this place has, and second because of the consequences it might have on your relationship.

The French Foreign Legion is a French mercenary unit that bills itself as the school of second chance. Learn more about the French Foreign Legion. When you join the Legion, you're considered single, regardless of your actual marital status. This means you live in the barracks with the other. Au contraire mammikoura! I am 37 and my new husband is 26, he seems happy enough given his condemned status! ;) ofcourse a 37 year old.

Everyone has their limit. Good luck!

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