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Steve & Tony - Waves **Civil War AU**

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Getting teased by the others if they walk into the kitchen and see you hugging or kissing mainly Sam, Bucky, and Tony. Tickle fights. Joining him for runs. Training with him. Going to Coney Island together. Wanting him to grow a beard. So many compliments.

Dating steve rogers would include tumblr

Playful glares when you swear. Asking Bucky to tell you stories about Steve. Rock Star. I Suppose. Good for You. Bruised and In Love.

Dating Steve Rogers Would Include TAGGING: @princess ? Literally helping him cope with new technology ? “Babe What emoji should. Dating Steve Rogers would include • It doesn't take Steve long to figure out he has a crush on you • Or to realize he isn't subtle at all in. Dating Steve Rogers Would Include • He'd be so shy at first. • Seriously, he'd blush a lot. • At first, he would think his feelings were one sided.

Left Behind. Star and Stripes… And a Birthday. Tainted Memory.

Fighting for Love Series. Just In Time.

dating steve rogers would include

I Trust You. In Your Arms. The Joys of Parenthood. Home for the Holidays. Anything for You. My Other Half. All I Want for Christmas is You. A Million Chances. Stress Management. I Promise.

Dating Steve Rogers Would Include • It would sart out as innocent flirting sessions. • During meals, in the compound while chilling, during. #if i wanted to read a steve rogers or peter parker fic i would have gone to those Agreeing to go on a date with Bucky after Steve told him to ask you out. Dating Steve Rogers Would Include • You'd meet through SHIELD • You were an agent and once cap resurface it was your task to help him.

Be With Me. Under the Mistletoe.

Dating Steve Rogers would include Writer: Jess • Introducing him to movies, TV shows and bands • Calling him “grandpa” just to tease him. Being Peter Quills daughter would include Being Peter Quill's daughter would include [A/n: Ik i promised this like weeks ago, and I'm sorry, but anyways. Dating Steve Rogers Would Include: • Cuddles, a lot of them. You love the feeling of being held in his arms and he loves holding you because it.

Your Wedding Dress. First Date.

Their Favorite Outfit of Yours. Honeymoon Destination. Originally posted by jadepraerie.

Husband or Taxi? And she's in real pain. I'm so glad I don't have to work or study tomorrow just have this bad cramps and wish I could just cuddle with someone.

So Steve taking care of her and being worried? A short hc?

steve rogers would include

Other Marvel Dating Would Includes. Originally posted by sushigirlfriend. He even manages to look angry for a split second before his face contorts back into abject horror.

Bucky snorts, wheezes, and gives up, falling to his knees.

It hurts. Oh my god. But the chicken panics and runs towards them and Steve shrieks and leaps onto the tractor.

Steve scowls. Bucky lets loose a tiny eeeeeep! I mean. OH GOD. But Tony picks up the chicken and makes an outrageously loud Squak! Tony buys Steve a down pillow as a show of solidarity and apology.

Other Marvel Dating Would Include. Originally posted by starbucky.

Steve & Skye - Lovely [au]

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Dating Steve Rogers Would Include • He would be such a gentleman, and give you his full attention when he's with you. • He'd take so long to.

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