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? Are You Romantic or Pragmatic?

My Ex Is Dating Someone Else

Do you take things at face value, or do you prefer to see the romantic possibilities in everything? The results will give you some insight into your relationship style. Then, you can use that insight to have stronger relationships. If you have a partner, have him or her take the test, as well. Let dates know right off the bat that you are romantic or pragmatic.

Holding hands is not practical. It slows people down, throws people off balance, and forces couples to walk in cadence. They are as cuddly as a cactus. On the rare occasions that these partners want to cuddle, their embrace is perfectly warm, loving, and peaceful.

yes, I'm dating someone

Try putting a hand on their knee for physical affection. They are a physical affection camel. That one night of snuggling will have to last you several weeks until your next movie date night.

A hand on your leg means a lot.

You may not get a full cuddling session for several weeks, but you will get small moments of affection, like a surprise hug or a kiss on your forehead. These small signs of affection have big feelings behind them. You will likely have the same 5 minute, straight forward conversation about your practical future together that you had when you got engaged. There will still be passion in your relationship.

For example, if you're the pragmatic, grounded type who overanalyzes situations, Rather, a more realistic portrayal of a free spirit would be someone telltale signs that will help reveal if you're actually dating a free spirit. He's now given up this fantasy in favor of a more pragmatic way of looking at “If someone says they love you, what do they mean?. Instead of pairing up with someone who has the opposite style, you can be with someone who is just like you. That will take some stress out of your dating life.

Public displays of affection are out of the question. Tenderness is only shown privately. Sometimes, you have to sneak in your affection. There are ways to get extra moments of tenderness when you really need it.

If you want to snuggle, make them come to you. I agree with Megan.

Love between a free spirit and someone more pragmatic. . I'm kinda a square, so I guess everyone I date is a "free spirit" relative to me. However, the danger of being pragmatic about love is that it sounds a lot Would you rather risk being alone or be with someone that you do like Think back to when you first met your ex w - this is when you were still dating. There will still be passion in your relationship. Dating someone who is pragmatic doesn't mean that all the passion is going to be leaked out of your relationship.

I always say I want someone exactly like me, but if I were to end up with someone exactly like me I think I would have to throw them under the bus. I think I'd rather be with someone who is comfortable being with me. That way, my idiosyncracies wouldn't be an issue. Being with a free spirit is a lot of fun when you're young because their actions don't have a direct impact on your life but as I get older I tend to be attracted to more scientific types not the artistic types because damn, do they have some serious mood swings i.

Dru "Drucifer" P. This interesting my brother Dennis. I can feel this same sentiment when it comes to young hearts being more open to experience, due to the lack therein. It often seems when one gets older their scope decreases to what they know, which is in part, due to experience. For me, I think i'm still open to new and diffrent opportunities when it comes to being with someone.

Good discussion. Opposites DO attract And seek to move on. I think it really comes down to knowing yourself, your preferences, needs, etc. That's maturity, which is not a result of physical age.

Megan "MWoww" D. I prefer someone who can balance me out who I don't find myself plotting their demise once they've annoyed me. I feel you Chris - i think my disposition is that of someone who lives life as if every day is my last.

I spend frivolously, travel at a moment's notice, and embrace all that mother nature has bestowed upon me. I won't compromise this for someone who wants to live a regimented life, one that is templetized for the sake of "security". Opposites attract.

Dating someone pragmatic

Irreconcilable differences are a reason for divorce. People are complicated. Marie, with all due respect reading about your past boyfriends makes me feel not so bad about some of the choices I've made!!! I guess every girl had a tale to tell I'm kinda a square, so I guess everyone I date is a "free spirit" relative to me. It only annoys me when they're dumb or have zero confidence. Other than that I'm pretty flexible.

I wouldn't say I've dated just one "type. How about a free spirit living in a pragmatic body? That would be me and i am very attracted to myself, what can i say. I'm going to back to dating " free spirits". That's all fine, but I'm trying to travel the world with my punk rock girl. That's what i'm talking about, Todd. Lately, i've been tempted to just quit my job, and backpack through Europe for a few months. My bf of five years is what I might consider a "free spirit", he hardly ever concerns himself with what others think of him and easily brushes off negativity that comes at him.

I, on the other hand, spend a lot of time thinking about what is going on in others' heads hence the psychology degree and might be considered a "high achiever" by some. Despite these apparent differences in our personalities, there are essential similarities between us that have made us love each other.

We laugh at the same things, we enjoy being lazy and staying in bed all day at times, and since we've been together we've always been quite open about our feelings and perceptions of each other.

As for a good example of how different we are in one aspect of life: while in college when enrollment time would come around for each quarter, he would never remember what time he was supposed to go online and enroll and often not know what requirements he needed to fulfill.

I would end up finding out what classes he needed and enroll for him They say the same thing " What about your job? I say " Sales is always hiring". I'm trying to hit Southeast Asia and South America. I love Europe but I know my money will last longer several months elsewhere.

I'm free spirit and pragmatic all rolled into one and I make love to myself so there is no problem here. Anna R. Scholastic achievements and career don't necessarily define your characteristics. Dennis A. I like routines, I have to have things organized, I have to know where I'm going before I get in someone's car and how long it will approximately take to get there given traffic conditions, how much gas we've got, etc.

I don't know, I just find it easier to be with someone of the same disposition. I feel you on this Dennis. But in the end, people need to want the same things. If you don't want the same things, you won't work together for the same things.

Sometimes that means cars and houses.

And sometimes it means babies. And for some couples, it means wild swinger parties and orgies. But in the end, two people need to work for the same things in life or it won't work out. I don't think you'd want an opposite that opposes. You'd want an opposite that compliments.

So for instance, my father is not a very social person but my mother is. My mother brings in the social life. Being with someone who is too similar can have its problems -- namely stagnation and maybe less building of a life together? Just a thought. Different meaning. Archie says: "some couples, it means wild swinger parties and orgies" hmmm, where have I heard this?

I'm not complaining, just wondering. Ryan "Lounge Fly" M. They only lasted for about 5 years. They started in and ended in The re-runs you see are just that I agree with Alexandra N.

My ex's all had parts that complemented me and took me to worlds that I would never have been to or seen. One was an artist and opened my eyes to different things and carried on a social life and social worlds that I would never have encountered on my own.

Another loved going to rock concerts and I went to my first real concert with him in my mids! It was pretty cool. Todd B.

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You tell me! I don't have many straight guy friends. Mine are also mostly women too bi, lesb, straight, whatev'. Anyway, I think similarity in fundamental expectation of relationship influences the relationship more than the actual personality differences. When both parties have the same definition of a good relationship, things just get easier because there are less friction. Then most of the fights you have would be over trivial stuff such as "who put the soy sauce in the fridge?

My family never has done that and neither have I. Am I killing myself? Thank God my white boyfriends never questioned me on that ;-.

Relationships with an expiry date, however, are these sort of relationships someone gets into because there's no one better around. I used to. Dating a pragmatic person - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. It's been almost a year and he's never asked me out on a date. I could understand this in the beginning because it sucks to ask someone out if.

TBone, how long have you been together?

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