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A must-see for couples! 6 Sightseeing Spots in Osaka for Couples

24 Hours in Osaka - 6 Things to do in Japan's Nightlife Capital

Liam Carrigan. Osaka is, as I have remarked many times before, a great place to live. However, as one would expect with any great city, it can, at times become very noisy, crowded and the hustle and bustle can sometimes feel stifling and even a little overwhelming. With this in mind, finding an appropriate space and time to escape from the daily madness of city life becomes a crucial element of life here if you want to endure in this massive city for the long term. Photo: Iskra Photo on Flickr. When I lived in Tokyo, I was amazed at how many big, beautiful parks there were scattered throughout the seemingly endless urban sprawl of office buildings, shops and so on. Now, the shopping centre itself is as busy as they come, especially on the weekends.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Osaka & Dating Guide

Shinsekaior New World, was constructed in as a hip neighborhood of the future but was quickly forgotten after World War II. Locals and tourists alike flock to Shinsekai for a taste of neo-Osaka and to sample some of the best kushikatsu deep-fried skewered vegetables and meat the city has to offer.

Half of all sales at Kuromon are to professional chefs but those in the know come here for the fresh produce and unparalleled seafood and meat. A recent increase in tourists has spurred many shops to expand, and now there are more choices for dining-in than ever before.

Stretching 1. It also features a large and well-labeled rose garden that blooms in mid-May and mid-October. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with hip cafes and restaurants.

Because of this many people visit the shrine during exams or the start and end of the financial year.

Located in the Osaka Bay Area, the Kaiyukan is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Its main feature is a huge, nine-meter-deep tank filled with 5, tons of water in which you can see a variety of Pacific marine life swimming surprisingly peacefully alongside each other.

The famous Dotonbori neighborhood, now an eccentric mix of restaurants and hostess bars, was once the heart of the theater district of old Osaka. The Shochiku-za Theatre, specializing in Kabuki and dating back tois all that remains of the old district. Completed in Marchit was the central feature of a total renovation of the Abeno and Tennoji neighborhoods. Surrounded by gleaming skyscrapers of the Utsubo-Hommachi business district, it offers a lunchtime escape for busy office workers on weekdays.

Weekends see families flock to its grassy lawns and tree-lined pathways for afternoon picnics.

Here's 25 ideas to get you started. . This Shinto shrine in the south of Osaka dates back all the way to the year It is the main shrine of. Discover the unique character of Osaka with fun dating ideas around Namba and Shinsaibashi. Visit some of Osaka's best shopping spots. These spots and activities were recommended by people from Osaka . can enjoy the romantic night scenery, which has made HEP FIVE a popular date spot.

Its famed rose garden and man-made stream add to its charm. This grand Buddhist temple complex in the middle of busy Tennoji is sometimes regarded as the oldest official temple in Japan.

50 Things to do in JAPAN, OSAKA - Osaka Travel Guide

Prince Shotoku, credited as the man who brought Buddhism to Japan, had the temple constructed in the late s by a group of Korean carpenters. The complex, which has been rebuilt over the centuries and is currently undergoing restoration, is quite grand.

It is comprised of a golden pavilion, a lecture hall with a covered corridor, a five-story pagoda, and large south, east, and west gates.

Dating places in osaka

It features an inside observatory on the 39th floor from which to take in the view away from the elements. There are many other good restaurants as well, so I advise you to look up more about the area. If you really want to do things right, I recommend going to check out the area beforehand by yourself too. A delicious dinner and a nice drink followed by a peaceful walk through the park is a wonderful way to spend a romantic date night in Osaka.

Another nice river spot happens to be in Namba.

This might come as a surprise to those of you who know the area; the large, unsanitary ditch that flows through Dotonbori is by no means romantic. It has a fancy interior, but I personally recommend a seat outside on the terrace.

The lighting is dim and very romantic. There are candles on the table.

Large comfortable sofas facing the river offer a comfortable place to relax with your partner next to you. The prices can be a little more on the expensive side, so if you want to save money and still not look to stingyI suggest eating dinner on the first floor before coming up to have a drink at BLEU. Located on the entrance level for Namba Hatch, the terrace overlooks the river from above. It offers a wonderful view of the river and the fancy bridge crossing it a little bit further downstream.

The dating spot here is on the fourth and top floor. Here is the open rooftop restaurant Cubierta, full of green trees and beautiful lights. Potted plants, large trees, and pretty flowers brought up from the shop on the first floor help provide a wonderful and atmosphere for your date. String lights hang from the rafters, shedding a warm and romantic light on the roof.

Cubierta specializes in pizzas.

The menu has close to 20 different types you can choose from, including dessert pizzas and seasonal flavors. My personal favorite dessert pizza is the tiramisu pizza. It tastes much better than it sounds! There are large Ceasar salads and other vegetable side dishes as well. In summer there are barbecue nights, where you can pay a set price for an all you can eat dinner.

This restaurant offers a nice selection of Mino beer, a famous beer in Osaka. In the winter you can also enjoy a hot wine while warming yourself by one of the multiple heaters placed near the tables. Cubierta is a great dating spot for any time of day. But if you want to go in the summer, I recommend you go at night.

Osaka, which is filled with remarkable tourist spots, is also home to a lot of wonderful places that are perfect for dates. Here are six. If you are fortunate enough to be out on a date with your better half So, what if I told you that one of the best chill-out spots in Osaka was in the. The next time you want to impress your date, avoid an izayaka or some overpriced hotel restaurant. Instead try out one of these five dating spots.

There are rafters and parasols, but it can still get rather hot. Enjoy some of the historic temples and shrines, and the stunning bamboo forest path. There are some onsens available if you would like to take a dip, try out the Torokko Romance Train through the mountains, or why not go for a boat ride down the river? Whatever you feel, Arashiyama is sure to provide a great Japanese experience for the day. More Info. Get Free Beer with Ramen!

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Osaka with a dating guide then you have come to the right place. Spots to pick up single. Osaka is a metropolis in Western Japan filled with exciting destinations. Visitors can learn history at Read to learn 25 great things to do, from cultural experiences to nightlife. The current castle dates to The castle is. The Most Romantic Places in Osaka. Dotonbori Check out these scenic, secluded, and sensuous spots for your next date in the city. Sign Up.

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