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China’s ‘marriage market’ where mom sets you up on your first date . PBS NewsHour

Public Parks: How to Find A Husband (or Wife) In China

According to a study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, there will be more than 24 million single Chinese men in Now more than ever, Americans partake in services offered by online dating sites such as Match. However, parents in Shanghai are taking to the streets to find their children a potential spouse. The Shanghai Marriage Market is open and ready for business for about two hours every Saturday and Sunday. Parents, their something children, and matchmakers fill the tents in hopes of finding love.

The parents who instill obedience tend to be the ones who take this more active role. Usually, their children are in their late 20s and 30s.

Other methods to meet a mate in China include online dating websites, such as the Chinese version of Match. Dating game-style shows are popular entertainment in China, though no one expects them to lead to any long-term commitments, said Wang.

Wang said her cousin met her boyfriend while she was walking through one such site with her friends, and she caught the eye of his mother. The alleyways of Tongli town in China serve as a backdrop for a bridal photo shoot.

This report was produced from a trip to China arranged by the National Press Foundation. Larisa Epatko produced multimedia web features and broadcast reports with a focus on foreign affairs for the PBS NewsHour.

The Shanghai Marriage Market is a marriage market held at People's Park in Shanghai, China. gatherings such as the Shanghai Marriage Market are the only way to uphold a traditional dating style for their children in modern China. My awkward experience at People's Park dating corner according to Chinese standards and, thus, I am on the verge of being "left over.".

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At China's so-called “marriage market” in a park in the heart of Shanghai, Other methods to meet a mate in China include online dating. From about , Shanghai Marriage Market in People's Park is formed on weekends by a gathering of parents who are eager to find a. The great wall is very long, and this famous park is the best preserved part of the wall. Taking a local here will give her a chance to show you.

Age, zodiac, sign, weight, height, job, education background, personal income or birthplace is always seen. You may seldom see information about personal hobbies, or appearances.

The Marriage Market is viewed as a way for the older Chinese generation to keep The Shanghai marriage market takes place in People's Park each week on. Finding a mate is a serious business for China's single men and women, all the more so when Chinese New Year is looming. Some use speed dating, others. And there are few topics as important in Shanghai as dating. . Next time you walk through a Chinese park, just try your luck at finding a.

Besides, many parents list several requirements on which kind of mate they would like to choose for their children. For example, a special area is set for parents whose children have overseas study experience, so they have a greater chance to find an equal match for their children.

Because if parents select a suitable and excellent mate for their children on Saturday, they can arrange the matched pair to date on Sunday.

This reflects the contradiction: on one hand, most of the parents are anxious and desperate to find the mate for their children as early as possible, and any delay of an extra day would make it difficult for them to sleep or eat; on the other hand, they are also willing to spend a lot of time picking and choosing, listing all kinds of requirements, and are always looking for a better one.

Answers App. More Things to Do. Those parents advertise their single children for marriage with posters showing personal information on the ground or umbrellas. Who are Participants?

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