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Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. May 21, 1. Messages: It has an Led Red , and a DC in, but the inlet is a smaller size then usual, the size of an aux cable like earbuds side note: My Big Muff 3.

There is a serial number where the battery goes and its Does anybody know what year this number relates to, maybe ? I'm looking forward to dating mine when it arrives.

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Clear editor. I'm guessing that the white sticker near the QA signatures denotes that it's the th one to be made. Maybe Dunlop could help? Those numbers inside should allow them to tie it down quite neatly. My best advice for dating an mxr phase is to just be yourself.

Dating mxr pedals serial number

Dont wear Ed Hardy shirts and spike you hair to impress it. Usually they go for the gentlemen that hold doors and dont kiss on the first date.

Just follow my advice and maybe one day you will experience the joy of waking to the sound of the little pitter patter of phase 25s playing. I guess I'll go with my original plan - cut it in half and count the rings to see how old it is.

Since this item is pre-Dunlop, it's a toss-up whether calling them will be much help. Yours was much funnier, haveyouseenhim.

MXR - A Tasty Combination

Jdansti Poster2 Posts: Total likes: John. I wish you guys would get serious.

Dating my Phase 90

Is the shaft of the knob brass or nylon And is it soldered directly to the PCB? Gut pics would help. Does the bottom plate have MXR stamped in the corner? Either in script or block style. TheoDogMay 22, May 22, 6. Messages: 7, I had an MXR dynacomp that had the led and that type of power plug.

I got it to replace my early block logo one.

So this was right after they stopped making the first block logo ones, early 80s. I liked the led and power adp, but did not like the way it sounded, so sold it.

However, I have other info in the form of two serial numbers on the inside of the "The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal ". Serial number of the unit is Thanks. Dennis EH, MXR, and most US made effects used pots with EIA date codes on them. OK, the pedal is an early block logo with LED but the circuit board is covered with foam and I can't see the pots. There is a serial number where.

I still have the power adapter, though. I don't know how long they kept that design. They did go out of business and were bought by dunlop.

The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal, so this pedal is not There should be a serial number sticker too, usually on the side of the battery. Can anyone tell me indicators of how to determine the date of manufacture. by the time MXR got the pot from CTS and assembled the pedal. Usually it will be a 3 digit number as in last digit of the year followed by the. Hey guys, I've had a block MXR Phase 90 for a while now that I These pedals have the jacks, pot and switch soldered to the circuit But, below the serial number, there's another serial of sort with the last 4 numbers of

I don't know if the early dunlop ones had that power adp or the standard boss type everyone has now. May 22, 7.

I recently got a MXR Blue Box and the guy reckons he's had it for +10 years it's in I can understand loving pedals, but dating them as well? . My Micro Chorus has the number inside the casing, can you tell how. It's most likely a '79 Block going by the latest date code of the two potientiometers. I've used this example before with older mxr pedals too. including all the words and letters and numbers on the individual components. Dating mxr pedals by serial number - w to date a vox wah? - The Gear Page.

Messages: 9, Glad someone posted a Dad joke May 22, 8. Messages: 6, May 22, 9. If it is pre-Dunlop, it would likely have MXR stamped in the corner of the baseplate, right?

May 22, The pcb-mounted version is most definltely Dunlop, though, as it was introduced a few years after Dunlop took over. The jack is on the outside, on the side of the input jack.

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