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Gillette Slim Adjustable razor review

The number one inquiry we receive from customers and vintage shaving enthusiasts relate to dating Gillette Safety Razors. Many e-mails share a similar story, a razor is discovered and is the last remaining keepsake from a family member. Knowing the age of a razor can provide context and much needed connection to a special life lived. Watch the video below to learn our dating secrets! Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from until , and on deluxe models from until except for a period in This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence.

The black paint in the adjuster numbers and dots is usually one of the first things to wear off. So if you find one with the paint still dark, that's a sign of little use. But wear is not a bad faultyou can easily repaint the numbers. Turn the knob at the bottom of the handle to open and close the razor doors.

The knob should turn smoothly, and the doors should close straight and tight. Any stickiness is a bad sign, though sometimes it can be fixed by cleaning. You've completed your inspection, and have a good idea of the razor's condition.

Dating gillette adjustable razors

But should you buy it? That depends on what you want.

Demonstration shave with the Fat Boy. Note how he lathers up three times, each time shaving in a different direction. This technique gives the closest, smoothest shave.

Restoring a Vintage Double Edge Safety Razor - 1960 Gillette Adjustable Fatboy F1

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I have one, black handle bought around Now screw of shaft has a backlash. Need one new. I've used my Gillette double edge slim adjustable razor since it first came out Received it for Christmas, it replaced my father's old brass one from the 's.

Still works wonderfully, only problem is the nickle is wearing down to the brass. I thought they were stainless steel. Best razor ever made for durability, comfort and balance. Need a pristeen plastic box to retire it when I die. Where can I buy the Gillette Classic slim adjustable razor?

Results 1 - 48 of Vintage Gillette Fatboy Fat Boy Adjustable Safety Razor - Code F2 Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor Fatboy F-1 Date Code. The Gillette adjustable double-edge safety razors of the mid-twentieth century including the Fatboy, the Slim Adjustable, and the Black. Classic Gillete safety razors are a collector's item and a shaver's delight. Learn how to judge whether a vintage razor is in good shape.

On mine the doors are a mm wider on one end and I don't know if this can be fixed! Great article! I am waiting for the delivery of my first Fatboy Gillette. I have returned to double edge safety razor shaving. Anyone who has not tried it simply doesn't know how good and pleasurable an experience true wet shaving can be.

It takes time to develop the technique. Its better for the environment and the money I save by not using disposables I can now apply to collecting vintage razors. I have been collecting safety razors since I was a teenager. I have shaved with just about every kind of razor except a straight-razor and prefer the cheap Personna twin-blade above all others.

How to Buy Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors

I do believe shaving for men is, for the most part, just a moneymaking racket. However I retired from the military ten years ago and still shave almost everyday.

I've shaved most of my life with one since about 12and always will, from now on. Sure, I've cheated, a few times, when I've had trouble getting blades locally, but the safety razor always gives the best shave.

Gillette Adjustable Razors. They aspired to create the perfect double edge safety razor for all a journey from experiment to achievement to efficiency.

I've unfortunately lost 5 of them, but I intend to hang on to my current one until it falls apart. Sure, it was grotty, but it made it cheaper than a shiny "looks like new" one, and cleaned up perfectly with a boil in dish soap.

My Dad used these razors his whole life and my 24 yr old son just announced he bought a Gillette Fat Boy and has using it, saves him money and says he gets a closer shave. No thanks!

Dating gillette

I like the double edge disposables with the lube strip. But I could see collecting them.

Small, not too expensive, still out there in enough numbers to find, etc. Thanks for the cool article! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. All the coding systems are listed below.

Gillette Date Codes were used from January until They are found in the top left and right corners on the underside of razor guards, both 3 piece and 1 piece models.

The letter represents the year, found on the chart below, and the number correspond with the quarter of the year. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a new video! Keep in mind there are variances, Deluxe models, miss-stamps, and undiscovered information. How exactly are these razors classified? There is some rationale behind the classification and naming system used here.

Some is historical precedent. Some is common sense.

Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from caps Adjustable. The number one inquiry we receive from customers and vintage shaving enthusiasts relate to dating Gillette Safety Razors. Many e-mails share a similar story. There were no razor serial numbers from until Gillette Date Codes were With gillette adjustable safety razor gillette a gillette history gillette.

Some is simple observation. In this system, the 18 different types are each unique in their own special way. Toggles 5 Types. Bottom Dials 3 Types. Fatboys 3 Types. Slims 2 Types. Super Adjustables 5 Types.

Skip to content. All the Razors. Synopsis The Gillette Adjustables were produced from until

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