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Birth Order and Relationships - How Birth Order Personality Affects Relationships

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There are many factors are involved in shaping our character and personality, and all of these can impact decisions we make regarding relationships, both platonic and romantic. Our gender, temperament, spacing between ourselves and our siblings, and other developmental and environmental factors play a significant role in how we become who we are as adults. Birth order or, if you are adopted, your place in the family also plays a key role in determining our personalities and can help us to understand human nature. Not only can we examine our birth order to learn about ourselves, we can also use it to understand others, especially when dating or maneuvering existing relationships. There is research that suggests that birth order reflects a pattern of traits, and birth order has been studied since the s. There have been a number of studies that looked at the role of birth order on intelligence and social traits. More modern studies found that first-born children started talking earlier and were more achievement-oriented.

What Your Birth Order Can Tell You About Your Love Life

They also cannot tolerate disorder frequently. In families of greater than three children, all of the children in between the first and the last are considered middle children. If the gap between two is greater than three years, the child may have characteristics of both middle and last borns. One of the things to consider is how your birth order can impact relationships, especially romantic ones.

Here are some good, and not so good matches. First and last borns are a good match. The idea of opposites attracting definitely rings true here.

Who You're Most Compatible With, Based On Your Birth Order

First borns like to care for others, be in control and are organized. The last borns are used to being dependent, are less organized and want someone to look after them.

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They also balance one another out as the youngest can bring some light-heartedness to the relationship. Not surprisingly, only children and last borns are also a good match. An only child is sensible and conscientious, so can take charge in the relationship.

Are you a take-charge firstborn—or the attention-hungry baby of the family? Where you fall in your family's birth-order hierarchy helps shape. Those are all good qualities to bring to the table, but there are downsides to loving a first born, too, said Michael Grose, a parenting expert and. The firstborn is more Type A, and teaches the lastborn little things about organisation, whereas the lastborn helps keep the atmosphere light.

The last born brings creativity and adventure into the relationship, so they balance each other out. First borns also do well with middle children. Middle children can allow first borns to take charge and are likely to agree to any adventures that the first born would like to do.

So now that we know some of the matches that would work better than others, we have to also examine the ones that might be mismatched, starting with two first borns.

whether they might make a wonderful dating partner—and perhaps a lifelong partner for you. Your firstborn partner is in good company. If you're dating someone who's a bit younger than you, but is also an only child, you may find that they're pretty smart and ambitious. Because. As the first child, you tend to be reliable, cautious, and high-achieving. Dating you is straightforward. You go through steps to progress the relationship and you.

Two first borns in a relationship may have trouble because both may be competitive to see who can be in control, can be difficult to compromise. Two first borns can work if each individual works to respect the qualities of the other person.

Figure out where each of your strengths lie. Additionally, each of you should engage in something outside the relationship that allows you to feel in control or that you can be a leader in. A match-up of two last borns can also be problematic. Planning is not the forte in this relationship and things could be pretty chaotic.

First borns and only children can have similar difficulties as two first borns. You are putting two opinionated, self-directed people together, who may forget that it is important to work together in a relationship.

Dating first born

Negotiation is key. Keep in mind, that any two people can be compatible. People should not use birth order to choose… or not consider… a person to fall in love with. Understanding the effects of birth order will give you new insight into your own personality and that of your loved one or potential special someone. There are also a lot of variables that shape your personality… not just birth order.

Mitigating variables — Divorce or a single-parent family, whether a later-born child is gifted or athletic, income, ethnicity, religion, a family tragedy or dysfunction, etc, all of these have an impact in the personality development of an individual. You can use birth order as another piece of the overall puzzle. Birth Order and Romance There are many factors are involved in shaping our character and personality, and all of these can impact decisions we make regarding relationships, both platonic and romantic.

No, it's because Marcia and Greg were the shiz. The coolest kids on the block.

Admit it, you secretly yearned to be them. Or hook up with them. Are you dating someone who is the first born?

The leader of the pack? The cool cat?

Or perhaps you at the oldest child and you just like reading about yourself. Then read on and discover why dating the oldest child is the way to go. Well, at least if you're not the oldest. Because that would be a disaster. Having your bills paid is pretty great right? Yep, I thought so. The oldest child is as reliable as man buns are trendy. Which is to say very.

Years of taking care of younger siblings has led to a character sturdier than the mighty oak tree. The oldest child never had to grow up with an older sibling making fun of them for dressing like a goofball or looking like a dying fish while learning how to swim. The oldest also tends to model themselves after their parent s so if they see a parent disciplining a younger child they'll likely follow suit. All the pressure to set a good example also sets into motion the idea that the oldest knows better.

And let's not forget who's in charge while babysitting. No, I didn't just make that up. Studies people, real studies, show that the oldest born tends to be smarter than their younger siblings. Because their parents were so damn hard on them!

Parents tend to be a little more lax when it comes to younger siblings. It kinda sucks while you're growing up, but guess who has the last laugh?!

(For more information, see my book Were You Born for Each Other?) First Born Plus First Born Equals Power Struggle. As we've already seen with George and.

That old little bugger! Well, this one is as obvious as the red butt on a baboon.

There's a certain je ne sais quoi about the oldest child. A certain flair. Which is what makes dating the first-born so very awesome. Like sliding. especially when dating (or maneuvering existing relationships). If you ask your potential mate if he or she is the first, middle, last or only child, More modern studies found that first-born children started talking earlier and. Take Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, for example: He's a first-born and she's But here's hoping this insight may just help you make better dating.

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