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Facebook's Dating Feature Angers Right-Wing Groups In India

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The woman on screen was K. According to the Instagram story, in K. She said she was only able to leave his house the next morning when she threatened to contact the police. Even before posting this latest Instagram story, K. Watching her on Instagram, you felt like cheering for her exploits every night while texting to make sure she got home safe. A few days before she spoke about the alleged rape, K. I never was traumatized by it.

Over the course of the next 24 hours, K. Her followers increased by the thousands. Men and women were sending her messages of solidarity, urging her to stay safe, talking about their own experiences with dating and abuse and consent. On Twitter and Facebook, the outrage against K. The man shared screenshots of these messages with BuzzFeed News. On Twitter, animal rights activists began organizing ways to stage a rescue operation, or at least go check on the dog.

A day after K.

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In it, he denied the allegation of rape — but only after he had countered K. Feel free to ask anyone who has interacted with me and her, or has visited her at home. You are welcome, as long as you behave in a civil manner, to check it out for yourself. In the first screenshot, taken from a WhatsApp conversation, he and K.

He had already received multiple threats of physical violence and been told that people were coming to take his dog away from him. The WhatsApp conversation suggested — at least in tone — that he had parted with K.

But in a separate Instagram story K. These two interpretations of the same conversation are in many ways exactly what the MeToo movement has attempted to reveal online.

Dating As An Indian Woman

In his defense, the man also shared two pictures taken from K. One of the pictures was of K. The other was a screengrab taken from a video where she is dancing while wearing the hoodie almost two years later.

The woman on screen was K., a year-old from South India with “This is my story of a Tinder date gone bad,” K. said with a nervous smile.

But in response, K. The answer to the man's question about K. I was raped by my cousin when I was 8 years old and still see him after every few months. He denied it when I asked him a few years later. After a point, the anxiety and dread whenever I see him faded away, only the tears stay.

He wrote that he had been chased and nearly molested by a woman while he was in college, but he had learned from that experience.

But things were different now. The man said he had mended his ways. Unless the allegations are redacted and an apology is issued, I intend to file a Defamation Suit tomorrow. Similarly, I am willing to stand trial in front of anyone who alleges I have wronged them, and if found guilty I wholly deserve punishment.

Tinder and BuzzFeed India Launch ‘GirlsFeed’

It was no longer on the Highlights reel of her Instagram profile. As far as K.

Days after the man's statement, she returned online and clarified why she had taken her story off Instagram. The next day, the man's own statement had disappeared from Instagram — according to a screenshot he shared, Instagram had deleted it for violating community guidelines.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Instagram for clarity.

For many men watching, K. And when that thing you have to go along with is sex, it feels a lot like rape. One of the biggest reasons women are saying MeToo is to counter the hostility their words are met with whenever they try to describe the experience of being harassed, abused, dismissed, and violated.

On paper, rape seems black and white — women who are raped are traumatized, they cry, they report the crime, and they are able to retain all the proof necessary for conviction.

Otherwise, how can we ever know that they are not lying? As the millions of women who have shared their stories online have demonstrated, the truth is rarely that simple.

But in another world, where courts gather and examine evidence more minutely, with standards of proof that are difficult to meet, the battle was only beginning. Contact Nishita Jha at nishita. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. We are not the stories we keep repeating to ourselves or keep hearing from others.

Our culture need to be appreciated!

16 Struggles Of Dating When You're A Twentysomething Indian Woman 3. And if that didn't ruin dating for you, your parents definitely will. Do you know what the Hindi word for dating is? secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association (AIPWA), told BuzzFeed News. Tinder has collaborated with BuzzFeed India on a new variety show entitled ' GirlsFeed'. It features a group of women discussing life in the.

The liberal group is not opposed to dating. In the wake of those elections, many American technology companies have preferred playing it safe in India, a large and important market, by conforming to socially conservative norms. Facebook is currently in the process of evaluating how it rolls out the dating feature in various markets based on different cultural norms around dating.

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r/ABCDesis: South Asian Americans- A place for members of the South Asian diaspora that includes people who descend from Bangladesh, India . Single & Indian—a short about one young Indian-American woman's struggles navigating dating, work, friendship and her relationship to her. INDIAN TELEVISION - Apr 4 - Tinder and BuzzFeed India present GirlsFeed, a six episode variety show featuring a diverse group of women.

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GirlsFeed S01E05 – Sex and Dating Stereotypes

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