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The Story of Ian and Larissa

Feeling frustrated that all of her friends were finding love whilst she remained single, a fact that she blamed on her condition, Maddox decided to apply for the popular series after watching it with her family one evening. Bekki was in favour of the idea, who completed the application process on behalf of her daughter who was successfully cast in the show after a Skype interview. After the show aired in January , Maddox was overwhelmed by messages from people offering their support. It was a few weeks later that she was set up with a man called Tom, whose support worker had seen her on the show. I was jealous of people who were in love because I wanted to know what love felt like," she explained.

All he had Ever wanted is to be a husband. Even before he had even seen an example of what that meant. At two just beginning to walk he would aline stuffed animals babies on the arm of the couch. Get a blanket cover them up just so.

Then stand there and pat there butts till they fell asleep…. He is happiest if aloud to wear his Sunday best….

He cleans the bac yard in a suit and tie. Since the day I had him and looked at his gorgeous lil face I have just wanted his happiness. And I have heard awful soul crushing stories.

I have had people scoff at his dream to have a family. If he CAN have his dream. So I want YOU to know that you have just given a mom the greatest gift…… hope and reassurance. Thank you. I have been in Special Ed for 4 decades and the step mum of a son who has D.

A young woman suffering from Down's Syndrome who went on Channel 4's The Even though she never heard from her date again. I question the intent, integrity and sense of decency of an individual who desires to seek out a woman with Down's Syndrome specifically. Its clearly not immoral to date someone who has down syndrome just because they have down syndrome. It would be immoral if they were doing so to take.

This story warms my heart and should be shared. People with D. You are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your precious moments.

I have an almost 14yr old daughter with DS and it gives me hope for her future to see your blessings that God have given you. Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii! Maybe you need to read it again and feel the joy we should all share in life. As the grandmother of a little girl with DS, I loved your story. I pray God continues to bless you and your husband!

Congratulations on your wonderful life, Kate! I am very happy for you Kate and thank steve for marrying you and making your life meaningful. I hope God will guide you and steve with love and care from here on to eternity. And best wishes in the making towards a family.

God bless and best wishes. As a mom i would hope that both of my girls wil be so happy in life as you twoo are… And my princes of ten years young with down, i just hope that she will see her live filled with joY and laughter and good friends and relatives…. And love like you and your man have found. Greetings from the Netherlands. Great inspiring story!! Kate got married 3 years ago, and is busy loving life.

I felt her beautiful love story needed to be shared, so I asked Kate to share some things about herself as well.

U R not only a very beautiful bride. God bless U both. Do adults with Down syndrome truly have jobs and get married, or were they just the one in a million stories touted to idealise people with this […]. What a lovely couple you are — I wish you well in your life together. Downs Syndrome does not define you — you are uniquely you — a woman, a daughter and a wife — and a beautiful one at that!! Read the happy story of Kate Owens, a bride with Down syndrome. Thank you for sharing your inspiring message.

For sharing your tale of love …. IM so happy for both of youmay you two live life happily ever after. I am a mummy to a little girl with Down syndrome and this has brought happy tears to my eyes and a smile across my face. Congratulations for having your life sweetheart the way you want it to be. Hugs x. Such a beautiful and happy story. Alterations in a previously regular cycle may be due to the normal process of aging, or may be a sign of emerging hyperthyroidism.

Ongoing irregularity of menstrual cycle, significant pain during menstruation or extreme pre-menstrual symptoms warrant medical examination. At least half of all women with Down syndrome do ovulate and are fertile. Between 35 and 50 percent of children born to mothers with Down syndrome are likely to have trisomy 21 or other developmental disabilities.

Scientific information about the fertility of men with Down syndrome is limited. There have been at least three documented cases where the paternity of a man with Down syndrome was confirmed. It is likely that additional cases will be recognized — especially since more men with Down syndrome have an increased life expectancy, have the opportunity to live in the community, receive treatment for physical and sensory impairments, receive optimum nutrition, and develop intimate relationships.

It is not known if the offspring of men with Down syndrome are more likely to have Down syndrome. It does seem clear that, in general, men with Down syndrome have a significantly lower overall fertility rate than that of other men of comparable ages.

Contraception should always be used, unless a couple has decided upon parenthood. The onset of puberty in boys may be slightly delayed, but this is not a major factor. Genital anatomy is comparable to that of boys who do not have Down syndrome.

Leslie Walker-Hirsch, M. In the past, people thought that individuals with developmental disabilities could not learn to express their sexuality in ways that were both personally satisfying and socially responsible. However, over the past decade or so, there have been great changes in the perception of the public toward people with cognitive disabilities and their social and sexual rights.

Some of this has occurred because people with disabilities are now so much a part of every community and neighborhood. We interact with people with disabilities at home, at school, at the mall and when we go out for a meal. They are people we know as people, not just as their disability, and we are able to see people with Down syndrome as individuals who are a lot like us.

The media, Hollywood, TV and print coverage now provide a more understanding and informed depiction of the social concerns of this population. In addition, because of the inclusion movement, individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities have had the opportunity to develop social skills that are in harmony with those of the culture that they live in.

The public is always more accepting if individuals with or without cognitive disabilities display behavior that conforms to socially accepted norms. The goal of a social and sexual education should be to help individuals with cognitive disabilities develop a healthy and positive social and sexual awareness.

Education should empower the individual to make appropriate decisions that contribute to their overall happiness and quality of life. A comprehensive social development program should address six areas: adult self-care, anatomy and physiology, empowerment and self-esteem, relationships, social skills and social opportunities.

Parents can start teaching their children certain social readiness skills even at a very young age. Children should be helped to understand the meaning of and behaviors related to privacy, as well as the concept of ownership.

Approximately 50% of women with Down syndrome are fertile and may use any . Boyfriends & Girlfriends: A Guide to Dating for People with Disabilities. Historically, sex and dating among people with Down Syndrome hasn't with Down Syndrome are fertile in some cases, as are some women. A mother is appealing for women to volunteer to have sex with her year-old But her year-old son Otto has Down's syndrome and has had When he gets back home I've lined up a few dating agencies for him to join.

They should be educated about the natural consequences of choices and be given age-appropriate opportunities to make decisions. Parents should also establish home routines of modesty and trust. Examples of home routines include such behaviors as closing bathroom and bedroom doors and not barging in on others.

When it comes to the social development of a person with Down syndrome or other cognitive disability, parents, family members and friends often need to be the lead network of support.

In addition to modeling appropriate social behaviors, these people can help the individual develop a network of friends with and without disabilities by arranging social activities, carpooling, providing meeting places, etc.

I would prefer to see him with a girlfriend who doesn't have Down's. She said she would love to be a grandmother. It's another experience everyone else goes through so why not him? She acknowledged that this was certain to cause controversy and said: 'I know if he did get someone pregnant everyone would have an opinion on it.

Dating a woman with down syndrome

Miss Baxter also hopes that her eldest adopted son will eventually lose his virginity but is not taking such drastic action as with Otto because James is a little less outgoing. Carol Boys of the Down's Syndrome Association said: 'People with Down's syndrome have the same feelings and desires as everyone else and there is no reason why they shouldn't have relationships.

For many, down syndrome seems like one of those insurmountable disabilities that can make dating, relationships, and even marriage. r/AskWomen: AskWomen: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all .

Otto's experience highlights that there are different challenges that they have to face because they have a visible disability. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Share this article Share.

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What a married woman with Down syndrome wants you to know

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