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jikook / kookmin : BTS reaction to jikook , kookmin ( Are you two dating? )

You smile as your boyfriend of five years lets you climb on top of him so that you can cuddle him. He smiles down at your head resting on his chest, and runs his fingers through your hair. You giggle as you think back to your first date - the start of five long and happy years with than man you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Originally posted by hobies. He cleared his throat and straightened out his suit as he held a hand out to you. You took it and he guided you out of your apartment complex, striking up a conversation. Jin made you laugh the whole way to the theatre, and even opened the car door for you like a perfect gentleman.

Jimin - blonde. Taehyung - ashy blonde from DNA. Jungkook - hot pink. Failure to comply will result in the disobedient parties being punished accordingly, and the child will need to be taken under the observation of the facility. No child is permitted to surpass their 15th birthday without receiving this gift.

Should this — for any reason — happen, the child should report this to their local authorities quickly so that this may be rectified. You could swear that you know the cute pizza delivery guy. Something about that gummy smile and awkward attitude. It turns out that you do, and it gets much worse when you realise you have the same necklace. You sigh to yourself as you check your phone, wondering where in the hell your pizza is.

Read BTS Reactions: First Date from the story ?BTS Reactions/Imagines by Marili_Cruz (Koala Eomma) with reads. hoseok, rapmonster. BTS reaction to them dating a fan just through texting Anonymous said: Anyeong my love Can I have BTS reaction when they decided to. BTS Reaction to secretly dating you but then a sunbae asks you out Sunbae = Older and Respected Idol! EXO Version by Admin Audrey.

Peeking out the curtains, you see a motorbike pull up across the road, and you jump in excitement, rolling over your bed to find a shirt as quickly as possible. You find some old band t-shirt from your emo days and tug it on quickly, before patting your hair down.

Then the door knocks in a slightly peculiar way - two quick knocks, a pause, and then another. In the back of your mind, you register the need to stop just wearing socks through the house, and either invest in some grippy ones, or just wear shoes. When you swing the door open, your jaw nearly drops. The man in front of you is absolutely stunning, and you nearly drool all over yourself as you look at him.

His motorcycle helmet is matte black, and contrasts amazingly with the mint green fringe poking out of it. The man in a little shorter than you, and quite pale, save for the flustered blush painting his cheeks.

You smile a little lopsidedly, leaning against the door frame. You definitely recognise him from somewhere. It feels like something in your chest is drawing you to him, and your mind is a little foggy.

Then the man replies, and the fog clears pretty quickly. In an instant, his face transforms from a perfectly sculpted angel to a snarling dog, looking at you with little more than utter hatred.

You back away in shock, just knowing that your cheeks are bright red and there are tears in your eyes. You take a few deep breaths and screw your eyes shut tightly. For a minute or so, you just wait there, eyes shut. But the longer you think, the more you convince yourself that you were just seeing things. This is the 21st century. Nobody is that homophobic anymore, right?

As the night continues, you find yourself laughing at what had happened. You absolutely remember him at that party, with Marcus! Maybe he just had a problem with the band t-shirt. You glance down at it and cringe at it yourself. It gets to about 11pm and your brain is itching about his name. With a sigh, you reach for your phone, reducing yourself to actually having to come into contact with people.

You pull up a random person you knew went to all the parties held during college and send a quick text, hating yourself for even caring enough to send a stupid text:. You roll your eyes at the prompt response. Of course you need help! Me [pm] Please. Ring any bells? Just as you hit send, you realise how stupid it sounds. You sigh and let your head hit the back of the couch, not giving your phone a second glance until quite a while after it buzzes:.

Jamie [pm] Yeah I know who you mean! Marcus dated him for a bit. Min Yoongi.

Am I right? What if Jamie was already asleep? You can feel your hands shaking with anticipation, but luckily your phone signals a reply quite promptly:. You groan aloud at the prospect of having a genuine phone conversation with him. Your breath seems to even out a little, and you find yourself laughing at yourself once again.

You ponder that question as you pull on your sweatpants for bed. You think it over as you brush your teeth. You coin the possibilities as you get dressed the following day. The questions stays stuck in your head all week.

Why is your breath uneven? You just like his face. His motorcycle pulls up over the road again, and you wait as calmly as you can in your living room, sat on your hands as you wait for the door to knock.

This time, you stand up slowly, smoothing your clothes down as you focus on making your way to the door calmly this time. Your hands are still shaking, but at least your breathing is mostly even.

You open the door slowly, giving Yoongi your sweetest smile. You thank him graciously and take the pizza from his slightly shaking hands - probably numb from the cold - with ease. Min Yoongi? I was wondering if I could maybe take your number, and see if we could take things at a better pace? But at the mention of his number, Yoongi leaps back like he was shocked. Stop trying to get on me. But the words coming out of his mouth cause you to frown slightly, and you tilt your head as you probe his confession further.

You sigh as you watch him tear away on his motorcycle, much faster than you believe is strictly necessary. Hey, Jamie, you okay? You shiver at the thought of politely sitting through a catch up with him. But sober? Oh no, you barely even managed it in college when you genuinely wanted a social life. His voice is enough to make you regret even asking. Just thought I should call before I forget! You good? You could swear people your age are meant to go clubbing, and not to frat houses.

Bts reaction dating

You swallow and close your eyes, trying to keep the growing irritation out of your voice. Just wondering about this whole thing with Marcus and Yoongi. He says they were together for a while, but then Yoongi got beaten up badly and stopped talking to him.

You can practically feel the cogs whirring away in your head, so you know what you really need is some time alone to think it all over. You end the call as quickly as possible, wishing Jamie the best of times at his frat parties, and not waiting for his reply before turning your phone off. You sit with your pizza as you think. Yoongi was beaten up badly and then just stopped talking to his boyfriend? It seems odd, but the two events are clearly linked, if one led to the other. Why would getting hit lead to dumping your boyfriend?

But then you think - what if the boyfriend lead to the beating, which led to the break up? That makes more sense.

Yoongi got beaten up because he was with Marcus. You sit with that idea for a moment, and everything seems to make a bit more sense.

Being gay got Yoongi hurt, so he has a problem with gay people now - or maybe just with his own desires? It seems entirely possible in your head that Yoongi is trying to act straight just because of that event. The following week, you find yourself sat in your basketball shorts and vest, wondering why you even bothered to order the pizza.

BTS Reactions

However, your heart still jumps a little when the door knocks. Two quick taps, a pause, then another. You try to slow your footsteps as you approach the door, wanting to keep everything as calm and as innocent as possible. You resolve cracks a little when you see his pale skin, once again marred by a flustered blush. He really is stunning. You try not to smile in the way you had last week, but you still want to try and look friendly.

He seems like the intelligent type.

He just hands you your pizza. You thank him with a nod of your head as you reach for your wallet, but stop short when you hear Yoongi splutter and cough.

Heres my book with BTS imagines, reactions, scenarios and more!! Jin says to Yoongi rubbing his back getting a small smile from him. "So, Taehyung I heard from a little bird that you and your girlfriend had a date yesterday, is that true?". BTS: Reacting to You Dating Taehyung Anon Asked: Can I request a bts reaction to you dating Taehyung? Thank you! Here you go love!. BTS Reaction | Dating another member. Anon request: Can you do a bts reaction where they are head over heels over you but you are dating.

You meant for this to just be a normal pizza delivery, but he had to go and choke on air. You know, the Necklace everyone gets on their 15th birthday?

It only darkens further at your response, and you back up a little, slightly scared. But your mind only runs in circles as you try to figure it out, trying to come up with anything appropriate to shoot back.

You come up short in terms of anything even remotely intelligent or snarky, instead having to settle for a simple syllable. He just turns around and sprints down to his motorcycle. You forgot the money! Then the sound of his motorcycle starts up, and your hand falls to your side as you sigh in exasperation. All you can do is watch as he tears off down the street at top speed, more than definitely outside of the speed limit.

Two quick taps. A pause.

Then another. Yeah, fuzzy is probably the best way to describe it. You fumble clumsily to unlock the door and wrench it open just a little too fast for it to be normal, and your breath catches in your throat at the very sight of the flustered blush dusted across the pale cheeks of one Min Yoongi.

Baffled by his tone, you stutter out a response. You had no more choice over it than you do jerking away from boiling water. But then you look at the hurt look in his eyes and the way his shoulders curl in slightly and realise that you could never turn this man away. You remember when that was you. How could you turn a blind eye to it? After a few seconds of standing with an awkward silence hanging around, you remember you offered to make a hot drink. You jump into action and lope into the kitchen, calling over your shoulder to ask Yoongi what his fix is.

Yoongi snorts at the sight of it when you set it down next to the kettle. He did, but just rolls his eyes in lieu of teasing you further. You hand Yoongi his coffee first, and he smiles at you in thanks. The thing is, Yoongi knows that is such a stupid thing to be happy about! But to Yoongi, it means something. He takes a moment to survey you as he sips his too-hot drink, the heat burning his lips but he finds himself unable to care as he thinks things over.

So, you have the same necklace. That much is clear since Yoongi would know that design anywhere. You turn around with you hands wrapped around your hot chocolate, and lean opposite Yoongi.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS

You fail. Why are you here? Yoongi scowls at your words and you barely stifle a groan, wondering if you will ever get the answers you want. You distract yourself petulantly with your hot chocolate while Yoongi deliberates his answer. You have to acknowledge the possibility that Yoongi may have turned up solely on curiosity, anger, confusion or whatever cocktail of emotions that were governing him.

It just happened that you posted a picture of the two of you once, with a funny caption and people instantly fell in love with you. Which was great and easy for both of you, as you were getting only a little hate. Jin was sure it was the right time to finally have his fans know what was going on in his love life. He tweeted a picture of the two of you, saying how lucky he is to have such a wonderful girlfriend. Originally posted by bwiseoks. Once in a while he would also post a picture of you two or people notice how he has a picture of you as his lockscreen.

In a livestream he ends up accidentally mentioning that you two are dating. Originally posted by yoonseok. He does not want to tell his fans at all.

BTS reactions: how he tells his fans you two are dating- Jin: Jin was seeing tweets of you and him everywhere. So many people where shipping.

He is too scared that people might overreact, hate you or even hurt you. Originally posted by jjeonguk. As the maknae ,he needs lots of attention ,so when he would know that you are a fan ,he would like the idea that you like him. Help us save Astro. They are in the berge of disbanding after this comeback because their comapany, Fantiago, is going down. They are talented, hard working and deserve better. Please help us.

Or I may have to make Admin J remind me. I hate taking myself too seriously and honestly, I laugh almost exactly like Jin. Jin is actually my bias. Him and Namjoon. I act like a strange mixture of the two of them: I love Dad jokes, I love philosophy and analysing the world, and I love to care for people more than anything. I also draw, write and sing! I hope things become 10x easier for Admin J because of having three more people to help out.

Then dryly reminding them that they have food to watch when he got bored of dancing and smiling to himself as he leaves the kitchen. When she gets all embarrassed he laughs and tells her how good she was, regardless of if she was awful. He would listen to her with a smile and take in every aspect of her voice, all of a sudden startling her by walking in to sing along and laughing at her reaction as he told her just how cute she was for being embarrassed.

Would walk into the room to ask which song she was singing, pretending to react badly as if her voice was bad in order to tease her- not outright telling her that she was bad, just facial expressions so he could see her reaction.

BTS Reactions - Your first date You smile as your boyfriend of five years lets you climb on top of him so that you can cuddle him. He smiles. BTS reaction to them dating a foriegner Anonymous said: Can I have BTS reaction where their gf isn't Korean and they have to communicate. BTS First Dates Happy Valentine's Day everyone~Seokjin Jin is a more traditional romantic. A first date with him would consist of a nice dinner.

He would laugh when she got annoyed and tell her he was joking, hugging her tightly and telling her just how good she was.

Would come in and smile, not saying anything but using the song as an excuse to jokingly show off his high notes and his voice overall. I, admin J, am staying and am now the lead admin for the page.

So for a few days there will not be as many posts as me and Kayla will be training and helping the new admins. We will still specialise in doing reactions for Bts as well as Got7, Big Bang and other groups.

Now that there will be four of us we have agreed to open up to the idea of doing other groups.

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