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Cast sees lots of comedy in 'Blind Dating' premiere

10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

Sabin and J. As the play opens, we see Allie, a very attractive bartender Megan Wolfgram , watching over Kurt John Roberts , a very drunk customer who has draped himself across a table and is resting up for the next round. Enter Corwin, a rather nerdy, definitely lost young man Zach Sharrock , who claims that he is there to meet a woman with whom he has had a very pleasant email connection. He has arrived early, taking no chances on missing a moment of this much-anticipated, but scary, opportunity. He waits, sipping on a root beer.

Please read the rules before joining the discussion. A Sunday afternoon crowd howled at the relatable humor of the well-defined characters in the play. Director Mark Myers and Kempf explained in a talk back after the show that the performers had no template for the play, unlike the material available for an established show.

Without any prior performances to watch, the cast had to create their characters from scratch.

BLIND DATING AT HAPPY HOUR written by Shaun Kempf directed by Mark Myers Join us as we explore the script during a cold read-through of BLIND DATING. Blind Dating at Happy Hour — by Shaun Kempf — Corwin Landcaster is looking for a meaningful relationship. After conversing with a lovely woman he met. 'BLIND DATING AT HAPPY HOUR' written by Shaun Kempf, directed by Mark Myers JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 12 Fridays at p.m. | Saturdays at p.m. | Sundays.

In that hour — presented in nearly real time on stage — Corwin finds himself in the middle of several battles. Others filter into the bar, including Phil Mark Brewera writer who lets deadlines rule his life — even his love life — and his wife Vicky Candy Parrwho is bitter about his inattention to her.

Sabin and J.

Blind(folded) Dates - Truth or Drink - Cut

Wesley Yoshimo bicker from the moment they arrive, mostly about cheating at bar games. Kurt, in his unfiltered state of drunkenness, comments on his failed marriage and his feelings about the opposite sex. The unfailingly polite Corwin, a dating newbie whose drink of choice is root beer, is a fish out of water.

While he is teased at first, soon patrons in the intimate pub turn to him and his level-headedness to help solve their relationship issues.

Playwright Kempf displays a number of strengths in the show — a gift for realistic dialogue and situations, as well as humor.

"Blind Dating at Happy Hour" at the Kettle Moraine Playhouse, Slinger

He admitted, reluctantly, that the Corwin character was based on himself. And even though the show features some wonderful one-liners and witty dialogue, there are lots of movement and sight gags, with the most hilarious being an impromptu affair in the ladies room.

The performers are really invested in their characters. I especially enjoyed watching the young couple, Sam and Candi, handled so well by Wolf and West.

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Blind dating at happy hour

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Event in Hartland, WI by Lake Country Playhouse on Friday, January 27 Theater event in Hartland, WI by Downtown Hartland on Sunday, January 29 In the play “Blind Dating at Happy Hour,” premiering at Lake Country Playhouse, playwright Shaun Kempf of West Bend brings together a.

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