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Virgo and Libra Relationships

Donna Roberts 2 Comments. How compatible are Libra women and Virgo men mentally, emotionally and sexually? The one thing that brings the Libra woman and Virgo man together is their obsession with details. The female scale considers both sides of an issue before making a decision and the male virgin ensures everything is correct before advancing. Between the two zodiac signs of them everything is under control. The airy Libra woman is a social creature, making the rounds at a party when she notices the quiet Virgo man. He is an earth sign and very much grounded in reality, and she is attracted to how well he seems to be put together.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

They are neat freaks and spend their time constantly analyzing and organizing things until they have reached the peak of efficiency and perfection. As a sign that intensely values cooperation and the joys of having a partner at your side, the Libra woman will gladly assist her Virgo man in his tasks and likely drag him out of his comfort zone to her pursuits in return. Both signs are responsible and loyal to their loved ones so few if any, compatibility problems exist on that front.

Any type of relationship between them can succeed as long as both have a generous supply of tolerance. Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more! The gregarious Libra woman can find friendship anywhere and generally gets along with everyone. Her constant desire to help out those who need a hand makes her treasured among all of her friends.

She stands out with her defense of the manipulated or weak, always assertive and never aggressive. The Virgo man is much more guarded and takes a long time to build trust for strong friendships or any relationship really. His insecurities may draw in the more friendly sensitive signs who desire to help, but if judgment is all they get in return he is left alone. When he does finally get an enduring friendship going, he is loyal and dedicated to the end. He will never abandon you and is prone to overlooking your more minor faults as a unrevealed bonus to being so loved by him.

Intimate relationships reveal a whole new side of the Virgo man. Once he is confident and secure in the love of his partner, his adventurous and playful side can be teased out.

Relationships between a Virgo man & a Libra woman can be hot or cold. The two can find balance with work & determination. Learn more. If you're wondering what the love and relationship compatibility is like between a Libra woman and Virgo man then read my article here to find out. Virgo and Libra become way too rational when they get together. Their best chance lies in patience of both partners and the instant display of emotions.

Virgos are known to be extremely inhibited and downright boring in bed, but this is only half true. While getting the inhibited wall down can take some time, once it happens he will be far more open to experimentation. Libra women are passionate lovers and both she and her Virgo mate will be heavily emotionally invested in sex and romantic moments.

It is near impossible for either party to be detached enough for one-night stands or sex devoid of any personal connection. While Libra requires less time to find and cling to her perceived soul mate, she has enough patience to allow the Virgo man to catch up. Virgos love work very much and it comes naturally to them.

They require no supervision or discipline as they will self-criticize for all of their failures until things are perfect. If a task requires organization and adherence to detail, the Virgo man is ideal for it. In positions of authority, he can be frustrating to deal with his high expectations and perfectionist attitude. Libra women excel in the workplace as well, functioning best in teams which supports their love for cooperation.

They will get things done and mediate any issues before they have a chance to get out of hand. Although not particularly driven to leadership, when in charge there are few complaints under her just rule. Thus, the two form a strong bond after they get physically close to each other.


A Virgo man finds his inner peace with a Libra woman thus making their love life blissful as the days pass. Finally, since the two find ease in expressing their love feelings to each other, both of them work towards making their love life ecstatic. Since the two sun signs know how to care and pay attention to each other, both of them remain madly in love and share the highest level of understanding.

Also, the two believe in keeping a strict work-life balance along with serenity in their love life, the level of understanding is considerably higher in comparison to other sun signs. Since the two would support each other through tough situations, both form a strong base for their comprehension.

Finally, despite them arguing on a daily basis, the two makeup quickly and build a stable and secure relationship.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman - Benefits and Challenges Despite the Virgo man and a Libra woman looking like a match made in heaven, the two need to keep the following benefits and challenges in mind to keep their relationship going.

Talking about the benefits of this pair, first, a relationship between a Virgo man and a Libra woman is beautiful and both of them hold the same practical approach towards love. Both these sun signs, Virgo and Libra know how to care and pay attention to their partner.

This, in turn, would help them remain madly in love with each other. Despite the arguments that the two may have, they would support each other enormously through thick and thin and help each other get through tough times.

Also, both of them believe in maintaining peace and balance in their lives. This would help them when the other is not there with them. Their dates would help them build something special between each other and create a long-lasting bond that may sustain throughout their lifetime.

Finally, since the two share the same level of ease while expressing their feelings to each other, they would have a happy union. However, the two sun signs may face some challenges and problems that they need to keep a note of if they want their zodiac relationship to run for a long duration of time. Since a Libra woman is indecisive, this might invite the wrath of a Virgo man and create disagreements between the two.

A Virgo man is known as someone who gets upset on things becoming imperfect, a Libra woman may get annoyed at him with this behavior of his. Furthermore, a Virgo man may also not like it that a Libra woman is lazy and might result in serious arguments between the two. Finally, since a Virgo man is more of a pessimist and a Libra woman is an optimist, he might start feeling that she is not too bothered about the relationship and this may create some misunderstandings between the two.

However, on a positive note, since the two find ease in communicating their problems quickly, the misunderstandings would instantly get fixed and repaired. Hence, to conclude, it would completely depend on the patience that the two sun signs share towards making the relationship work that would determine the compatibility of this couple.

Share on. I never said any thing about marriage to him but he always says that to me. I am not a perfect person but I am learning how to be a good girlfriend to him and not only that just a good friend.

Virgo men do like to have there space because they are so easy going and friendly and nice. I can't speak for all but my Virgo Libra relationship seems like it is working out ok. I can't really say what the future holds. There seems to be a basic inbalance between Virgos and Libras that I can't seem to figure out.

I'm a Virgo man and for some reason, with Libras women I feel really insecure and vulnerable. It's not anything that the Libra woman does or doesn't do. It's just a chemistry thing. I met a very beautiful Libra woman while living with a Leo woman and we hit it off right away, although we never went past friendly conversation.

The relationship with the Leo woman ended badly and I was drifting around for a while, when out of the blue the Libra woman called me to tell me she was coming to my area to visit and if we could hook up. We did and that began a breif relationship that was good, but I always felt a bit jealous when we were around lots of people.

I couldn't figure it out, because she was there with me and didn't do anything to make me feel that way. It made me feel out of character, because I was misinterpreting so many things that she was saying and misreading her all the time.

We never argued about anything, but I felt we would not be a good match because of the weird feelings I was having. We were out of touch for almost three years when suddenly she called me while I was overseas saying she worked really hard to find out where I was living and finally found me.

She told me I was the one and only guy that she could imagine herself being married to. The only problem was that she was pregnant but another guy, but insured me he wasn't going to be in the picture. After the feelings I was having in our previous go-round, I couldn't imagine how insecure I'd feel around her knowing she had a baby daddy out there.

Virgo-Libra would take a lot of work and as a man, the Virgo would have to face his insecurities and jealousy and work harder to understand the Libra woman.

Libra woman here! Dated the most passionate, loving, caring Virgo man I have ever met. He was very sweet, honest, and charming which probably was a bad point Virgo. We had a wonderful 5 month relationship until things went down the drain.

Sure we had our ups and downs but we usually fixed them and made up. But all went down when my ex virgo ignored me for a week and cheated on me and dumped me for a stupid excuse as in. He gave a back and forth hint we would be back together but instead he just used me and found himself a better girl which I think is a capricorn. It hurts me when he pulled me along and just leaves me in the dust when he found someone better and is happy I suppose.

Nor do I fall in Love easily But I did fall in love with my ex Virgo. Because of the differences we had and the different out looks we had on life. Which pulled me into his world and amazed me greatly. But I guess he didn't think of the same. But honestly Virgos go both ways Or the most caring, sweetest, loving guys you could ever meet. Virgo men are awesome. They are mentally stimulating and really add a lot to the relationship. They are great conversationalists and it seems like they always know the right thing to say.

My Virgo man and I had a very balanced relationship. We rarely fought or disagreed on anything and we had many similar interests. My only issue with a Virgo man is that they are too predictable. They are very stable and know the right way to do things, but the kind of Libra I am I'm looking for more excitement from life; more impulsiveness.

Ultimately, it is a very rewarding relationship. At least from my experience. Idk, I guess im just a freak of nature. Im a non-flirtatious, non-nervous, confident, intelligent, faithful, well-tempered, attractive libra. I've had the "pleasure" of talking to 4 virgos.

But I think they flock to me because im attractive and girly. But I don't get it. They're supposed to be so stable but they act the complete opposite in my opinion. I was really good friends with one but he completely cut me off after bashing me in an argument for talking to one of his friends, that ultimately ended our friendship.

I nvr told him but I only did it to confirm what I already knew. It drove me crazy how he would never confess his feelings for me, but I never pressured him not once. I knew the only way to find out his feelings for me was to do something drastic. I recognized him but didn't say anything.

Virgo man dating libra woman

I knew it was a matter of time b4 he approached me, after all I AM A Libra ; I gave him my number but the shit hit the fan once I let my friend know. He totally bitched me out saying he didn't know I was "one of those type of girls" wtf does that mean when we werent even together and he had made it more than clear had told me out-right on numerous occasions that he was not and would never be interested in me.

I havent spoken to him for a year now. I had to hurt him and for me to even be able to do that he had to care on some deeper level that he wasnt admitting to.

After 2 years, it was either find out and lose him or keep him and lose my damn mind wondering. So I chose the earlier.

Some part of me still misses him tho. I'm a Libra : he's Virgo we were together for 3month at first he was very critical and judging me and I disliked it too much. But other than that he was shy at first but then we had so much Fun times :.

But it's been 1year 2months I saw him and I honestly can say we have have of fun he now gives me so much compliments tells me advice so on. To even top it off sex is amazingg! I know that im very sexual and other things I love sex, be intimate and just the idea But thats him, I don't know if its about he's a virgo I want to believe and I don't want to believe about the Libra and virgos tabel I do know that virgos tend to be a little cold and 'away mode I have met this Virgo man, and had been talking to him of and on for a 12month period, when one day he asked me out to dinner.

THe most beautful man I have ever had the pleasure in having any thing to do with. He tells me that he loves me more than any thing. But then he just runs and hides with out contact. I have chased him down to find out why and he always says he is glad I did cause he never knows what to say. I know that saving means more to him than sex. Virgo guys please help me with this. Is this a game he plays even though I know he is a loner do I continue to play this game or let him go Cant ask him he don't answer me.

What is this Libra women to do.???? I do know that I would love to work out our issuesbeacause Virgo men I hear that you are like bottles of red, better over time which makes the relationship very rewarding.

I do love him and miss him so much. Libra Women Ive recently met this Virgo Guy 3 months ago and its been wonderful. I was married to a Pisces guy for 7 years and he never appreciated me one day of it, I was a good wife. Now that I've seperated and asked for a divorce, there isnt one day that he doesn't say how much he loves me.

Anyways this Virgo guys has really screwed up my life schedule, and I love it! He doesn't show much emotion, but when he does I know he means it.

Sex life if awesome, but not often. He states that I'm too distante but actualy I'm very clingy. Just taking it slow, don't wanna make the same mistake twice.

His already brought up marriege, I don't reply but deep inside it makes me smile. We both want the same in life, more time for carreer and in the future big wonderful wedding, kids, big house, but with time. I will admit that I do have my distance but because of my previous husband, just don't wanna jump on it too quick you know.

All of my side knows about him, his side doesn't know of me, he states cause his very private, and its true, his very private, normaly that would drive me crazy, but Im respecting his decision. He says that his got a lot of respect for me because I'm a hard worker, I'm cute, and I don't depend on others for bills and needs.

I'm very happy we crossed paths, for now I'm enjoying his company and were together every single day. Maybe its not meant to be, maybe it is, but I've been non stop smilling since we've met. Who really knows at this point. Just once again, why don't Virgo's like sex everyday??!!

Okay guys here it is We love each other endlessly and it has taken all of me to get this man where he is today in terms of feelings or emotions. The reality is its been 17 years, we're both 31, and met when we were 14 years old. He was the boy of my dreams at least what I thought at the time. He was cute, really cute, and looked good in his clothes.

We were at the movie theater like normal teens on a Friday night. Right then I fell in love, no joke! We talked that night on the phone alllllll night, for hours on end.

We saw each other quite often, but he was never affectionate. He told me everything I wanted to hear as a little teenage girl, he had me going. He even agreed when I said it was love at first sight.

Well the fairy tale ended and out came the horror of dealing with a young Virgo male. Very elusive they are. He had me so far gone I even gave him my virginity just for him to turn around and destroy me emotionally. Of course, he was cheating on me and lied to me about his age.

No big deal he was only 14 instead of 15, but still, really? Then seeing me, telling me one thing and behind my back at his school seeing another chick. I went up there and confronted the chick and she had no idea about me, I later got him on the phone and he was just like whatever!

I was f'n pissed. Through all that bs we somehow remained cool even later 17 working together and messing around. He messed that up seeing other girls so I took him back down to cool level. After he took someone else to the prom I let him go and went off to college. I eventually got pregnant and called him about it.

After I had my baby, we got back together, but it was not easy getting him back. I chased his ass for at least three months. When we did reunite it was awesome.

Virgo man and Libra woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and experiences. Non-Threatening. For the Virgo man, the Libra woman seems like a perfect match . She is kind, convivial and engaging, and her easy social graces put him at his. Love Compatibility Between Libra Woman Virgo Man The one thing that brings the Libra woman and Virgo man together is their obsession Date of Birth.

This time he was clingy, but still not super affectionate. He also had twins the same age as my daughter,which was a shocker and very coincidental. We had a great deal of trust between us, but it was his other personal issues that would ruin that and really push me away.

Virgos do things with conviction.

Love match compatibility between Virgo man and Libra woman. Read about the Virgo male love relationship with Libra female. I have been dating my virgo man coming around to 3 years already. Around 1 year he started pulling away from.

Long, long, long story short he got his act together after going through some hard times, and we reconnected for the third time. Once Virgos minds are made up, they are very committed. Once you have reached "that level" with Virgo men they wil open and be everything you thought they could be.

Through all the hardships, he proposed to me, we are now married, have a blended family of fiveand love each other immensely. He is my best friend, my lover, my husband, my partner. He makes me smile,he makes laugh, mad, super happy, excited,and he's everything I wanted and needed in a man. Not only are they very intellectual, but very sexy.

Virgo men are great dressers but not over-the-top flashy. Yes they can be jerks and we laugh about that now, but they can be super wonderful too. So it may be a long journey, but for this guy he's worth it ladies. I really feel with time a Libra woman can win with a Virgo male. Hi all,im a 22 year old Libra and dated a Virgo boy for over two years,all I have to say is that they are jealous,arrogant and insecure.

They are not able to handle the Libra women for all she is,matter of fact all my friends have dated a Virgo boy and have said the same thing. That tells you something about them.

I am a Libra woman I don't know about me being clingy but when I find out a person lies to me, I want to mess with their minds. I am clingy only because I am insecure and a tad bit insane but who said Virgos aren't? This Virgo male hated my Sagittarius ex-boyfriend. He didn't want him to be around me, he didn't even like him an inch.

He gets fed up by even seeing a picture of him. His craziness is what attracts me and I know what you're thinking what a loon. He tells me he is obsessed with me and wants me have sex with him plenty of times.

He would be extremely nice to me for no reason. I remember when I didn't know he was a virgo, I said how much I hated Virgo men, he gave me a dirty look and he seems worried and was walking behind me in the staircase.

Before when I rejected him, he use to ask me out.

He gets extremely jeal ous that sometimes he can be hurtful but I know that he wants to be with me. I think it's because he's insecure. I miss my Sagittarius ex but I dunno about this Virgo guy.

I like him. He said if he was to ever marry me, he won't ever divorce me. That I am his. I'm a Libra woman who finds that Virgo males are none talkers and keep secrets.

I'm seeking one right now and the last time I told him I was in love with him he left my apt. Now that he has started back texing me I'm wondering what to do with the feelings that. This is okay. We have lots I common. Long distance and he sees me most every weekend and calls every day. This one time I told him I wanted to see him and he canceled to go help a friend on Sunday what happened to Friday and Sat So I have decided to help with taking it slow. I am not seeing him on Sunday. Not sure how to get him to commit to a one on one, but will be patient.

Too old to play games. Any advice!!! I'm a Libra and I've been married to my Virgo husband for eleven years. A lot of what I have read here is in many ways true.

It may be hard for a Virgo man and Libra woman to get to. A Virgo man and a Libra woman will love and understand each other love, so it's very likely these two will be friends before they start dating. Virgo man and Libra woman compatibility guide for love life, relationship and more would remain friends in the initial stage, before they start dating each other.

Libra and Virgo can be a tough relationship. But what I have realized over time is that Virgo can trully be what the Libra is looking for. We like fine wine, we like the best. Virgo is just that.

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