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You Know You are Dating an ITALIAN Man When...

A question often asked is how do I know if the Turkish Man I am dating is genuine and not a love rat. Dating a Turkish Man can open up a lot of Questions and Worries. When I first started dating my husband I was well aware of the so called Love Rats or as I prefer conmen. I went into the relationship with my eyes wide o. This is the time of year when many women are trying to decide if they should follow their hearts and commit to their Turkish Boyfriend. When I started dating my husband I explained to him that I had little worries and that I never want him to ask me for anything.

Coz if that will do i dont know if i would be able to think normally if im not the only one wife of his life that could kill me. And take note he is so charming, lovely and very caring guy. He never let me feel alone or sad. He is always supporting and a very good guy to me, to my family and to my friends. He never let me pay bills and he is very generous. I can never say something against them, because he let me meet his friends and his family. So girls we cannot judge them generally.

GoodLuck on searching your Dear one. Your lucky Denise that you meet someone like him,,??? I always adored people who found the love of their life. As for me,i have a boyfriend. I mean ex-boyfriend,coz we broke-up.

Is changing my religion can help us? Hello, She. From my experience, Turkish Muslims have a strong hold on their religion and yes, you may have to convert to Islam in order for you to be with him. Also, they value the opinions and advice of their families more than anyone else.

I was once a Christian too like you. My husband is a very caring man and I would say I am lucky to have him in my life. I met someone from turkey through social media! I went to see him and he was charming but never has any money so I was expected to support him while I was there! We argued then he used to disappear of a night time! I stayed at his apartment while on holiday and I was left alone most of the time! I had my suspicions that maybe he had a wife or was even seeing someone else while I was there!

This disappearing trick done my head in so I packed my stuff and stayed at a hotel. I got all of 5 mins to say goodbye to him because yet again he was elsewhere! But I never pestered her about becoming my lover, My intention was more to create foreign friends. But in the end we both fell in love. Mind to give some enlightenment? Thanks a lot and I am very happy that you and your wife is so in love with each other?? Well as for me, I met a guy few months ago through a social site.

Everything went smooth sailing till we eventually met in person. He was so sweet, kind, caring and everything that could possibly make you head over heels for. After him going back to turkey, only did i know that he still talks to his ex. Things started to change after i confronted him about him still in contact with his ex. He didnt want me to interfere with their relation as it was already past.

How can i not interfere when he still in contact with her? Cut the story short, things started to change after that. He wouldnt talk as much as he used to. I started to realize that he could have just seen me as a vacation lover.

Really sorry to hear about bad experiences with Turkish guy. I knew turkish man from online dating. He lives in UK for more than 35 yearsand he has his own restaurant. He is divorcedhas 2 boys who adult already 24 and 22 years old. Only 30 days we had chattingthen he told me for visiting me in Indonesia and asked me to marry him. I said Yes! And then he camehe asked permission to my father for marrying me and the next day we were married in Islam way.

Now we are still preparing the document for legal married in my country. He is very nice guycaringlovingromanticreligious and. Its easy for us to understand and respect each other. He brought me to visit his mom and family in Turkey too. Alhamdulillah … Ladies, not all men are bad same also like womenbut u need to be careful and follow ur heart but dont be blind bcos of non sense love. Sometimes a woman will shut off her mind when her heart tell the truth.

If u feel strange about a man u just knewtry to check on him. If he is nice and flirting with the woman in ur fake accountso just kick him out of ur lifeno need explanation just leave him! Good luck with your Love! OK so here is my story.

Ive only dated on Turkish man before. The relationship This is fantastic advice and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I have to ask. I am looking for advice on dating a Turkish man. We met on a couple weeks ago, and have gone on 2 dates (both times we spent. Submitted by Luci (United States), Mar 15, at If any body could shed some insight into my "relationship" with a Turkish guy I would really appreciate.

I gave up everything straight away stopped going out with friends stop doing everything I did before I met himbut this happend without even thinking about it. I worked and lived for the times I would travel back to Turkey which was once every 3 months. He called me every morning he called me every night and text me all day everyday.

I shared my life for 2 half years with him and I was satisfied and I was satisfied just loving him and working towards our future. He stopped me from using social media and controlled my life completely. I would go over to bodrum I was not allowed out alone.

I was not allowed to go to the shop unless I told him. I was allowed to go to the beach for a few hours in the mornings and then he would send his friends to check on my every move.

But through all this I was happy and I just understood he was jealous. Sometimes I would disobey him and open my old facebookbut the truth was I would just open to look for him something in my heart was telling me to look.

Last week I looked and I found what I was looking for a young Dutch girl had liked his picture on his friends facebookI messaged her and from that point on my world fell apart, she had just come back from a 2 week stay in bodrum this left me heart broken she said they had been talking for 1 year. I asked him and he addmited it but said askim I love you and I have used this women for money. Little update this girl he made pregnant after liying saying he never had sex with her now he says its not his baby so now we have a child who will be brought up without a father and a women who will strugglewhat sort of man did i share my life with my dreamshes a let down to himselfi went back to visit him in antalya he tried to win me back.

Iam stronger and he knows he lost me and nothing will change thatthis is my story and it still stabs my heart when i think about what ive been through i will never be able to trust a manyes hes turkish and yes like he tells me i am a play boy.

Hes from ankara works on the coast in the summer he told me this is how he pays his mums bills he exploits vunrable women its so wrong i just wont you women to be careful when your abroad not just in turkey anywhere maybe you might meet your prince charming maybe you might meet your worse nightmare.

I have a turkey boyfriend and just meet him in social media. He added me. His sweet. He said ihave to trust him first before i see him and he wanted to marry me and go to turkey but how can I marry him if i only see him in pictures and chat. He still my boyfriend and everytime we chatted he is alwys reminding me to apply.

And his always to marry him. What do you thik if this. Is this a scam. He keep on saying that I should trust him and follow him always. Please advise me and im beginning to love him.

Its iur 1 month anniversary today. Love and marriage after one month? No proof of identity? Dont send money not just turks no one. Especially from a lady. I am talking to a Turkish man at the moment, he is sweet and very nice. How do I know if I can trust him?

Or how do I know he is not using me? If he loves you, he will open up to you in camera and will notttt ask you for money. He has to prove he is not a fake and using you for money or for getting a visa to get a better life.

Stand your ground. Is there anyway i can find out if this is true because i really love him and would love to have him in my life, i met him on fb he seems to be very honest, i would like to know how he can work for 9 months and not get paid he said something about a stamp i have no idea what he means. Corinne No one is more controlling than a Turkish man.

They are great in the beginning but after time they change. This is how they treat American or UK wives anyway, If they are dishonest they make many promises and tell many lies. If they are honest they just get irritated very easily and think they have the right to control how you are. You need to think like them and act like them. Corinne, can I tell you what is happening with my new Turkish friend?

I am not sure if I should say good-bye. As a Turkish girl ,17, I can tell what real Turkish men seem and look like. First of all never trust the one you met on facebook or social media. Most of them are trying to get advantage from you. Are they jealous? Goddamn right they are. But in good way. I mean they become very cute when they are jealous. Secondly, they are very respectful and thoughtful. Especially if the case is about family or anyone they love.

I am not sure about persistence, I think it depends on person.

And a good thing about Turks is you can find any type of person you like; auburn, tawny, blonde, green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, tall person average 1,77short person and etc. Especially if you want European looking guys, search in Aegean, Marmara or Mediterranean. But if you are looking for someone who is darker you can look in Anatolia.

Home › Forums › Dating and Sex Advice › Dating a Turkish man This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by. in response to reader comment: Dating a Turkish man - would really appreciate advice from a Turkish man please. Submitted by amerisian. So you know you've found a soul(food)-mate. Whether you're a carnivore or veggie, Turkish food is always varied and always delicious.

I am blonde and I am from Ankara for example and there are many whites there, anyway. I cannot say all these for all Turks.

But yea generally this is how they are. I Nurul from Malaysia. I was in love with turkish man before. I found that he was good enough for me. But unfortunately,something goes wrong and we separate almost 2 yrs now. Anyway,most of turkish men are charming. I am a filipina, and a mother of two.

Turkish men are notorious for their persistence and overly-flirtatious attitudes. If you are dating a Turkish man or woman, there are no other men or .. my advice to you girls who dating a turkish guy is 1 among the

I have met a Turkish on Facebook. He actually sent request and I accept him. So far ,so good. We are chatting for almost 4months. And now were lovers already. He opened his life status ,and same way to mine.

And we do video calling as much as we can. And now,I can say I truly loved him. And he also said that he loves me very much. And hopefully we will meet next year here in Phil. He will go for a 1 week vacation. I just want to have a happy life. I never lose hope seeking for my perfect husband. If he ask money, just unfriend him, if he truly loves you, let him meet you up in Filipina or meet up somewhere…. Becareful with them. Not all are bad but generally are.

The Turk love a good time and trying many different of woman before they get married. They also like hard working woman who can make money so in the end they can relays on you. Just to let you know Turkish men most of are lazy. They like to flirt more than making money. Some are a great lier and user. And they often getting bored very quickly. They loves woman. More woman they can catch the more power they will feel. I also have to warn you …the Turks are suppose to marry Muslim. I have a long time Turkish friend for almost 13 or 14 years now.

It is true that Turkish men are hardworking and very dedicated, honest and loving. But sometimes they are possessive and controlling. Also a very jealous type of man but in a nice way, for them to show that they value and care for u.

20 dating culture in Turkey, everything you need to know about dating, courtship, In Turkey, both the man and woman have a big jealousy towards their lover. Always let him pay. Be classy and dress well. Don't be offended by direct questions regarding your work or family. Be honest about your. Dating a Turkish Man can open up a lot of Questions and Worries. . What's your advice about going into a relationship with a Turkish Man?.

My friend is a good man not like the ones described in this blog. His name is ahmet. There are a lots of topic when it comes to good looking guys especially Turkish men. Im sorry to hear about the unfortunate experiences of some women who had a bad experience with the Turk guy. But for those Turkish men who were offended for being stereo typed by some women.

Please be proud of yourselves. Most women like to be involved and be loved by Turkish men because of there good looks, romantic. One of the good traits about them is that they are hardworking and driven. They are very funny too.

We are a member of the Long distance relationship but we managed to travel every 3 months. I can say i am lucky to have him. U Oktay!!! I am a Filipino and from Philippines.

I love him to death and more than anything in this world. Hello, I am a filipina from the Philippines. I have a relationship at present in a Turk guy. Yes, his possessive but his attitude bring me to love him very much because he showed me he really love me so much.

But he asked me for money and I am having thoughts about that. He says he love me and I find my self falling for him. He lives in America but is Turkish and I live in the Bahamas. He wants me to visit him. Please give me some advice.

I am a turkish man. I have read many blogs about us. Please, I am begging you. I am 21 years old student and as far as I can tell, it is very dangerous to chat someone new on facebook or this kind of social media. Most of the bad experiences I have read on these blogs have share the common thing -an innocent girl starts to chat on Facebook or an innocent girl meets from lower-class lowbrow and of course as a results she gets bullied, beaten etc.

Yes, I have read other bad experiences that occured even if the guy was well-educated but these are so rare. In most of the cases you choose stupid, lower class people. I mean, yes, there are bad guys out there as much as other countries have and this wrong approach toward you is their mistake but it is also your failure. Anyway, my main point is. Of course, since you are foreingers, we do not expect you to detect a troubled person by just by looking but we feel very sorry when we see a foreign girl gets bullied on the news.

And you know what we say at that point. It is obvious that this man is troubled, look at that weirdo. Of course, there are some exceptions. I understand that there is no other choice left to meet a decent guy but to raise the chance about meeting a new proper guy, you should be visiting frequantly, so that you may encounter a decent, inoffensive guy who has a good carreer, good manner, romantic attitude.

Alper Kaan Boz, Thanks so much for your candid word of caution. Well, is there any male animal in this planed that is not jealous of his female partner! Every creature has its own nature. If you respect that nature and find the language to talk to that creature, you may have the best pleasure of your life. It is Just think it like owning a pet!

A dog is gonna be much easy to live, gonna be okay with every thing you do, regardless of if you are complete idiot, criminal, insane lunatic or a decent nice, balanced person etc. Dog will do what ever you want, will think that you are the best person in this planet, if you even abuse the dog!

You do ot have the own the respect of a dog! Dog is gonna respect you no matter what!

You Know You are Dating an ITALIAN Man When...

She then texted from her phone telling me she was his wife and to stop sending messages. I texted back saying I would, if he rang and told me himself at which point she said she would get him to ring when he returned.

He later called, he was obviously not alone as there was noise in the background and said that he was married on Sunday and he was very sorry, I needed to stop messaging and not to come to Icmeler in April like he asked, he said again how sorry he was and then hung up. Alison I am so sorry, better to know one way or another. People come into our lives and then often leave again but we are all better for the experience in many ways.

I hope you find love soon x. This is an odd story: 50 years ago yes, 50 I met a Turkish young man studying for a degree in the United States on a government scholarship. We dated, fell in love and then it was time for him to go back to Turkey. He went back to work and go into the Army to satisfy the government obligation. I followed and lived with his family for about eight months.

During that time, we were never alone and slowly I began to realize that I was not cut out for the life that I would have to live were we to marry. Remember, this was 50 years ago and times were very different. I came back to the US. We corresponded daily by mail before the Internet, people! Then I met my husband. He was my first love and my husband was my second.

About nine months ago, he found me online. I was shocked. He, too, is married. We started corresponding by e-mail about the past and the present. In some ways, he became my best friend because we wrote every day and shared everything. I told my husband as soon as he contacted me. He did not tell his wife telling me that it was just not done. And that she was very jealous of me having learned about me from his family when they met over 40 years ago.

I kept after him to tell her because I was uncomfortable with secrecy and because I believe that eventually secrets come out and can be very damaging. Then the four of us are taking a short trip to Istanbul. I again asked him to tell his wife. I told him to tell her a white lie since after nine months of correspondence, I expected that she would very hurt should he tell her that we had been in touch that length of time.

I told him to tell her that I found him just recently. He said that he did tell her that but also told her that he answered my e-mail. Apparently that was what made her angry and I kind of agree with her! I told my husband before I answered his first message and he should have told her. Anyway, my last message from him was that he could no longer write to me. I have to say that I am very sad over this. He had become a good friend and I miss him!

I expected to see him when we visit Turkey in a few months.

19 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Turkish Person

I asked my husband if he would send him an e-mail with our itinerary, just in case he could meet us. I have penned a short e-mail for my husband to send but I have held back from doing so. On the other hand, I will be so sad should I not have a chance to see him one more time. This would most certainly be the last time.

I feel that I have to do it. I am indebted to her! Sharon, just send it life as you know is short and you only have one chance to make an ending to a lovely story. Let me know what you and if you meet. Sent the e-mail. Response was that his wife has gone crazy since she found out that we are communicating. She monitors his e-mail and watches everything he does. We will not be meeting when I am in Istanbul and we are no longer communicating.

That is the ending to the story. Sharon, I am so sad for you. Perhaps not the ending you wished for, but at least you had one more chance to reconnect. I hope you will still have a lovely trip and can remember all the happy memories. Hey Kerry, how soon do Turkish men introduce their girlfriends to their family if they do? We have dated for more than a year and plan to get married but he has never asked me if I would like to meet his family.

However, my friend has been with 2 Turkish men and they almost instantly would ask or insist she should meet his parents. I suppose it really depends on the man rather than if he is Turkish or not. But I would think if you are planning on marrying then meeting the family is an important step.

Maybe he is scared you will run off if you meet them. How much does he talk about them? There may be some issue with them. My husband took me to see them days after we started dating but we had know each other for over at least a year before this. I would without a good explanation be asking some questions and his reasons for this.

Speak to him. Good luck and let me know how it all goes. Thank you for this article! It has actually given me a lot of reassurance with the situation I am currently in. I met this guy online and have been talking to him since very long time. I applied for the visa and the guy is basically searching people in embassy to get it done faster so that we can spend the new year together.

Today he told me his entire family knows about us and is waiting to meet me. I am a doctor and he is a businessman,we both are independent and self made. I am so nervous whether we will have the same connection we feel now after spending a month together. I have booked my flight and i will see him after 10 days.

God i have never done this before but it feels so right in my heart,i can see a beautiful future together. He is a very caring and wonderful person,we both have passion for music,i sing he plays he has big plans for next whole month,i m so curious how will it go.

I m Indian and he is a Turk. I m looking forward to falling in love with turkey and its culture and with him your blog gave me hope very nervous for the first time in my life. Pia, I hope it all works out for you both, its almost like a blind date!

Looking forward to finding out how it all works out for you both. Good luck x. I had no idea they had such a reputation….! As a Turkish born British woman I know a lot about them.

I personally would not marry a Turkish man unless he was of a certain breed and they are extremely rare. Even my own late father — god bless him, was well educated, well read, travelled and self made struggled with double standards which are indoctrinated in them from an early age. To all those out there I would say be very careful. Not because they are bad people I am excluding the obvious opportunists and con artists hereit is just that their culture is worlds apart from yours.

They see women and relationships differently. I know there are amazing relationships which worked with a Turkish men, but it is a rarity rather than majority. Good luck all. God bless. I married my husband, the man he is. There is a huge mistake we make when we class someone we stop look at who they are. We stop seeing the person.

Many want to marry a Turkish man, so they find one and then it ends in tears. You see when you see the person and treat them just as the stand, not a Turk, or Kurd or Brit or Muslim, or Christian or Black person or White person, you really see who they are and their soul.

And even then you may still pick a bad egg. It is so easy to create filters in which to view life. You are right that Turks have a different culture and different upbringing and have different ideas to us, but if we look at that person we think we are in love with as just a person and try to understand them as they stand in front of us, then we know we have looked at that man for what he is and decided if we should step forward with them.

Thank you for your kind words on the photo. Not worth the hassle and the pain. But it is wrong to generalise, there are many arse holes in the world over as are there in Turkey but not all are shits.

Sorry you got a bad one. Hope you find happiness x. I am turning 20, this year. I have been dating my Turkish boyfriend for 2 months now. We met each other through an online game that supports chat room. We have known each other for a year now. During the one year period, we only exchange text messages, decent photos and voice messages but never try to call or video call one another thinking it is too early.

I get really comfortable talking to him because he is very open whether about his past, his family or his friends. No matter how much we love each other and needed each other company, we are not confident in this long-distance relationship. I have read about Turkish men wanting visa and stuff, I doubt he is one of them. He never talks about coming to visit me in Singapore but he often asked me to visit him one day if I am on a holiday. He also gets mad at me when I spend money on online game because he wants me to spend it on education instead since I am still studying.

His action moves me. I feel like he cares a lot for me. Despite everything, we both always have doubts even though we are trying hard to improve. And also, these few days he has been busy and working too hard compared to last time I spend time talking to him. I hope you could reply me with your advice because this means a lot to me since I took up the courage to voice out about my fresh relationship with him.

Aulia, it is really hard to know without out know his character. Only time will really tell if he is serious or not. Perhaps he is a good person. Just see where it goes, do not get to serious. Hi Kerry. After reading your article, it reminds me when I had such a great time with my ex. Last year I met with a Turkish guy from learn English websites. We used to talk everyday on skype then we decided to had a relationship.

During the time, I have no idea why did I love him so much. I love the way he behave when we talked on skype, he was really sweet. But then, something worst happenend on march this year. He said he wanted to broke up with me.

I was sockhed when I heard that suddenly he wanted to broke up. I asked him why, but he didnt give any clearly reason. There was no explanation. It hurts me a lot. When Turkish guy think about the culture, I have no problem with Turkish cultute. I was wondering, do turkish guy doing this in relation? I know I cant generalize people just because experience that I had before. What do you think? Intan Fatma, there could be a lot of reasons he broke up.

Perhaps his family had arranged a marriage for him, still in Turkey arrange marriages are very important and often they have no say in the matter and the family is very strong in Turkey and it has hard for them to say no to them. Perhaps he met someone in Turkey and it was easier for him. I think for a true answer you would have had to ask him why. Sometimes relationships are best lived in the moment and then moved on from then the man can never disappoint you.

Hi kerry Im also in LDR im from philippines and hes from turkey. One thing i dont get is he dont want me to message him on facebook. He said he loves me. I just dont get why he doesnt like me to send him message in facebook. He said we only talk and chat on skype.

Tips for dating a turkish man

Will i believe him. Hello friends, I would not like to remember this experience so hard. I hope none of you go through something as painful as I. We lived here in the US and we only communicated in English, despite the fact that I wanted to learn Turkish because it was difficult for me, but I do not know much about it either. In all this time from October until now January we were together, living together and sharing wonderful things.

He always told me that he loved me and in a way I felt that he did love me, we went out with his friends, everything very beautiful until a while ago he started to act different with me, sometimes I complained but he always told me it was because he is A little shy and there are things that he does not do for their customs, we talk a lot about our love, he got to know my family and I even greet his family by Skype, just a greeting not really much communication with his family But good I always hoped to be able to marry him.

We always went out … I used to go wherever I asked or almost. We rejoiced a lot, we played a lot, he was very affectionate and tender and me too.

I was in a way very happy but there was something in him that did not convince me much, I think he was only using me for that year. We shared everything … even bathed together. It was beautiful and beautiful, it made me feel like I never felt in my life. Now after sharing and waiting all this year it is time for him to travel to Turkia and talk to his parents, me very numb but always with the doubt.

Above all, do not give them the heart completely, they will be very damaged. We both cried. I think he played with me all this time and only to spend that happy year and now.

I know that I will never forget it, I know that I will always love him. Learn from my sad experience with my tender Baby. My bad experience…. When he came back he was not the same, he was only three weeks in Turkia and it seems that something transformed him on the trip, we talked on Skype and he sent me kisses and everything. Suddenly upon arriving here he told me that we had to talk, the same day without waiting but he told me that we had to talk, I had a feeling that something was wrong.

Until he finally decided and told me that his parents did not accept, I became like crazy, we both cried a lot that night, it hurt in my soul I tear it to pieces.

Then the next day I wrote a message to her mother and she replied that they only talked to him but in the end the decision was his, that is, they gave him the possibility to choose what he wanted. So when I complain to him, you know what he says to me? I had to leave because he did not love me enough to take risks with me, I wanted to die right there, as it is possible after a year of beautiful outings, beautiful Adventures, beautiful experiences, I took care of him and he took care of me, we were like two lovebirds in love, how is it possible?

It was the experience of love that has hurt me most in my life.

How a man can be transformed in three weeks. He broke my soul like a crystal into a thousand pieces. SORYY …the last one is not complete…the real reason is here…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Tax-IDapproved Apr.

For more information, view our IRS letter of determination. Writings by Topic. Go to Mobile Site. Submitted by amerisian United StatesMay 14, at when i read your blog, i was so surprised because it the same thing that happened to me.

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