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5 Reasons Sagittarius Men SUCK in Relationships

The love combination of Taurus and Sagittarius is a bit more out of box. Sagittarius partner enjoys having fun in love, and is capable of infusing the relationship with heaps of excitement. While excitement in love matters is not as important to Taurus. In fact, Taurus feeds more on stability and predictability. The Sagittarius man is a very honest and cheerful person who can blaze in fire of enthusiasm and make everyone around him excited. He knows his goals well and directions to achieve them as well.

If a man hurts her she retreats with dignity and ignores him completely. The Taurus woman often has a dominant and powerful nature.

She knows what her desires are and is not ashamed to ask for them. If she is bothered by something in a relationship, she will open a conversation about it and try to resolve the issue. She is a loyal and devoted partner and wife. These women despise dishonesty and cheating.

The man who considers doing that to this woman needs to be aware that she could never get over it, and would consider such an act a cause for a definite breakup, regardless of how strong the relationship is or the other circumstances which might be bonding you. The Taurus woman is very proud and cannot tolerate being disrespected or treated differently than she treats her man. When this woman is in love, she is willing to devote her life to her man completely.

She enjoys taking care of him, pampering him and nurturing him, and expects the same treatment in return. She is very rigorous when it comes to respecting her boundaries. These women are very organized and manage to perform all their duties, both at work and at home. They are tender and caring mothers, and take good care of their children. They love financial security, and are able to provide it for themselves. Because of that, they expect their man to be a good provider and take care of them and their children.

Although independent and capable, these women have a traditional outlook on relationships and the roles of men and women. She firmly believes that she should play her natural role, of a female, while the man should play his role and be the provider and head of the family. These women are often willing to give up on their careers and devote their lives completely to their family, their husband, the children and taking care of their home, if their man is able to provide a secure and stable life for all of them.

These two have different almost conflicting characters. They can appear to each other as if coming from another planet. They cannot get more opposite than that.

Love match compatibility between Taurus woman and Sagittarius man. Read about the Taurus female love relationship with Sagittarius male. I'm a Taurus woman dating a Sagittarius man. It's been a year and a week. We both met on a. Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Mental Compatibility: The best way to describe the Taurus The Taurus woman is an Earth sign and is staid and conservative Related: 5 Essential Tips for Dating a Sagittarius Man. Sagittarius man and Taurus woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and.

It is likely that the differences in their personalities will be the cause of disagreements and conflicts which will weaken the relationship until it ends. This woman might often be shocked by his unconventional and unpredictable behavior and he might be bored by her predictability and her refusal to accept any kind of change. A relationship between them might be a result of a momentary attraction which will end once the attraction fades, and they both realize their differences and incompatibility.

A marriage between a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman is not a likely union, unless there are some other compatible relations between their natal charts. Their differences are bound to create conflicts between them. Overall its been great but I will definitely take these tips in consideration to keep my sag pointing his arrow at the bull's eye.

I have been dating a sag man for almost a year now. I love him and he is such a sweet guy. I don't get why all the horoscopes say sag men and Taurus women aren't meant to be.

I am a Taurus. Dating a sag man we was friend for a long time and we became lover. I love this man. He is a great guy. And a great lover when we have sex. Is out of the world.

I'm a Taurean woman "involved" with a Sagittarius man for about 4 yrs now. I used the term "involved" because there is no committed relationship being that he is married. We started dating before he got married So I fell in love and still haven't fallen out Throughout our relationship I noticed how much fun he is. I love his spontaneity!!!

It is highly unlikely that a Sagittarius man and Taurus woman. A Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman may not be the most romantic couple in will happen especially in the beginning, when they're dating. Relationships between a Sagittarius man & a Taurus woman can be blissful, provided these two don't let stubbornness interfere. Learn more.

He isn't afraid to be affectionate. Our sex is always exciting. He has ambition. He has a heart of gold. He is very sincere. He is very supportive of what I like to do.

I don't like how he can be a bit immature. Sometimes offensive and rude. He is very open and bold. He can be very flirtatious. Too friendly to the opposite sex. I don't like how he manipulates me. He knows just what to say and do to keep me. I've tried plenty of times to break the connection but he's so persistent in making me stay as he claims "he loves me and doesn't want to see me with anyone else.

I've put up with more shit than necessary but as you know Tired of being strung along. I guess apart of me is hoping we can work being that his marriage is not.

I am a Taurus woman with a sag man, it will be a year in October. I fell in love with him right away. He has never had a long term relationship and was very "new" to any and all parts of being with a woman, let alone, a high tempered, bull headed, self sufficient, has to be in control, type of woman.

I thing the most of our fights are probably my fault, because I want him to "know" what I'm feeling or saying without me having to SPELL it out for him. But it just won't happen. I'm getting used to this. He is an amazing guy. Would die for his family. He has a handful of friends, and considers them his brothers, so he would die for them also.

But has made it clear to me that I am his life. He has them and he has me. He likes his guy time. He needs it. When I want to be in control and control him, I'm realizing it won't happen. It is me who is the aggressive hard one to love. His only faults is he is a procrastinator, he is cheap, lazy, but not too lazy. He is a future seeker, where he lives each day by what he is gonna get out of it tomorrow; whereas I am a past liver, I always live based on what I've been thru.

We are complete opposites, in every single way. From two separate planets, but were in love.

Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility – A Relationship That Can Be Nurtured

He is beautiful to me, and has the biggest heart I've ever known in my life. He drinks to hide his pain, never shows emotion, doesn't really talk a lot.

But when he is mad, you KNOW it. I'm the opposite. But get us in bed together, just holding each other, and all is right with the world. Everything else disappears. He is very loyal.

Very family orientated. Very driven. I would be the not so loyal before himscrew family, and not driven at all Until I met him. He is perfect for me. Makes me be a better person.

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

I fall in love with him over and over again, every day. I love that man. Well im a Taurus woman dating a sagg man whom is married, yet besides the fact that opps. I was a lesbian b4 I started talking 2 him I am a Taurus women who was dating a saggi for 2 years but that abruptly ended over the weekend.

I was madly in love with him and would have done anything for him as would he have, until something randomly changed and he dumped me claiming he no longer loved me like he used too I thought I was going to marry this man I had a recent and brief affair with a 22 year old Sagittarius Man, and can't quite get over it! I am 26 year old Taurus women. He is consideratly more attractive than me - so I quite don't get what happened. We met at a club and his approach was movie material.

We made out. He got my number, but I expected to never hear from him again. And for the next few nights I had bootie calls from him. Two or three weeks passed by. We contacted each other again and went for a date. He was clearly self absorbed - spend most time talking about him. I found it funny - I am inteligent enough to understant it, but it doesn't quite disturb me.

Which is good for me, as like to let people get to know me slowly, daily. Liked him to be kind of an enthusiastic kid. He kept pretty clear that he wasn't looking for a relationship. But I found out that he was the exact figure of the guy I always fantasized about. I rarely fall in love or feel like this. We made out again. Some details showed he was also kind of childish - he was checking himself out while kissing me.

Well, I didn't let him into my house altought he wanted to. One day spent and he didn't say a word. Then I called him and he said if he went out that night he would tell me something. He did. I went out with some friends and by the end of the night we meet alone and he ended up sleeping in my house. We didn't make to the "home run", but was so gentle and so hot at the same time. Always apparently worrying about pleasing me. He talked about his family, his near future prospects And then he didn't call me back.

I don't quite get how he created such a beggining of intimacy with someone just to break it off like that. Two weeks later we met. He got that I was quite angry.

He made some lame excuse about losing his cell phone, asked for my number again and never called back. Well, just for a bootie call like weeks later. I ended up calling him back and have the most stupid reaction one can get: calling him an asshole for what he did, playing the emotional girl. It was totaly stupid of me - it was a question of mode, not of content. I sent him one or two text messages afterwards, about a month later and he answered. Being just polite, I guess.

But he never called back on his own. I would have liked to take this relationship further - even knowing it would be difficult to control my possessivness and his will to be free. This is not teen silly love, but I have never met no one like him and I have a huge desire for him, for getting to know him, build something with him. I spent 9 months dating a Sagg. I fell in love with his free-spirit early in the relationship and vice verse.

I put up with his selfishness and flirtatious ways due to everything else being on cloud 9. My ex was not a direct speaker and I had to pull teeth to get him to say what he wanted. I am a sagg man who is dating a Taurus woman. I question that I open myself to her and show emotion and how much I care I actually get jeauluse of her.

Taurus woman dating a sagittarius man

I am a sag man ill answer some of ure questions we don't like to be pushed because 1 financial issues don't matter to us were more concerned about our loved ones we will never dissrespect r women because they mean the world to us we are natural men we like pleasing women for we are good lovemakers we like what the earth gives us so we don't care finacially because we will survive the reason wh I am a vegetarion I lost the 1 girl I have ever trully loved and I have been on a adventure to find ther right 1 and people wouldt believe I think its the Taurus girl I have just met respect the fact we like to be free and giving we don't like to harm any 1 or anything on this planet this universe unless we have to c.

I met my sag man in June of this year. We started out as FWB but because there was no expectation we were able to learn about each other and found out we have more in common. We have been together for the past 5 months and the relationship is going fantastic. I have to admit it has been a really easy.

Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage a person who hadn't until that moment express their interest in dating us. The Earth element in the Taurus woman makes her down to earth, sensible and a very reliable person. Whereas the Fire element in the Sagittarius male makes. The fiery, free ranging Sagittarius man and the cautious, hard working Taurus woman don't appear to have a great deal in common. Can Sagittarius man Taurus.

The best I have ever had. I feel like I have finally met my sexual match.

I am looking forward to dating him and hopefully many wonderful years to come. I am a Taurus woman, and I've been dating my Sagittarius boyfriend on and off for the past six months. After we met, we rushed into a fully committed relationship for the first three months when I broke it off because I couldn't trust him. He has a lot of friends who are girls, and I, not being used to a guy like that, didn't like it.

And it always seemed like he was trying to hide something from me, and it also seemed like he didn't want anyone to know about our relationship. After the break-up, we continued to talk all the time, even though he had a quick hookup with another girl, but the thing with that girl didn't last long because he knew he'd always have feelings for me. And Eventually, a month after the breakup, we began going on dates every weekend.

And he spoiled me and just treated me like a princess. I loved the attention. Recently, about a month ago, we decided to try the relationship again, and this time, it's going better. I think we know each other a lot better now. Will you get success in the near future? Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius: In this article, find out all about the Rahu Ketu transit predictions and the effects on the 12 Moon Sign Find here the free weekly astrology predictions as per your horoscope and zodiac signs for this week.

These will help you know future and take control Know about the Astrology as per Jainism. What are the exclusive beliefs and practices of Jain Astrology which make it so special for horoscope predict Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Sagittarius Man And Taurus Woman: Nature Of Bonding This an an amalgamation of the Fiery Sagittarius and the Earthy Taurus, who have a great chance of being in a beautiful relationship together, which will have an optimistic impact on the Sagittarius man Taurus woman love compatibilty.

The Earth element in the Taurus woman makes her down to earth, sensible and a very reliable person. Whereas the Fire element in the Sagittarius male makes him a very creative, independent and an enthusiastic person. The Sagittarius man is ruled by the planet of Jupiter, also known as the King of the Gods, and signifies an outgoing personality who is social, open-minded, kind-hearted and intellectual.

While the Taurus female is ruled by the planet of Venus, which represents matters related to love and money. They are also sensual, romantic and emotionally strong in nature apart from being a bit stubborn and staunch.

There is a natural inclination between these two zodiac signs, as they blend well together, making the Sagittarius man Taurus woman compatibility stronger and more reliable, which is a must in a relationship. There is a tremendous possibility for the Sagittarius male and Taurus female to get along well in a relationship like this. The Sagittarius man is usually someone who refrains from getting involved in the marriage aspect of love and romance, as he believes in being in the present.

But if the partner is a Taurus female, then a lot of emphasis may have to be given to marriage, in the relationship. The Taurus personality female adores a lot of qualities which the Sagittarius man exhibits. Being honest, a visionary, an intelligent communicator and smart are some, that she acknowledges. She also likes the fact that he dreams big and has a very pleasing and a positive attitude towards life, which makes him an ideal companion for her. The Sagittarius male is a very loyal and a faithful partner, who may consider this a serious love relation.

He is also very geniuine, straight-forward and forthright in his characteristics, which makes the love affair more stronger. On the other hand, the Taurus female is very compassionate, who will give her best, to work out the relationship in the best way possible, and be a devoted companion.

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