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Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive. But finding a westerner married to a Czech male is nigh on impossible. Only 29 Americans, and 19 Brits were wedded to a real-life Czech male in the last figures for ; making them an extremely rare breed. American journalist Dinah Spritzer has lived and worked in the Czech capital for many years. She is particularly interested in the very unbalanced numbers of Czech men and women married to foreigners, and has published numerous articles on the subject. She suggests that western women may be put off by the somewhat unappealing stereotype that they have of Czech men;. It does sound rather demanding - especially for someone whose culinary showpiece is pasta a la beurre - but does this stereotype have any grounding whatsoever?

An ideal Jan: Czech males failing to woo western women

Maybe it can be said of the older generation, but of course, not all. And as for young Czechs, I would say that this is not the case at all.

I have lots of friends who are married, or who are in long term relationships, and in their households they share out equally the household chores. Both of them go to work everyday, both of them are earning. I would definitely say that males and females in the Czech Republic today enjoy equal status. As for my special aid, well, he is reputed to be very good at the ironing, and makes a mean mushroom sauce, it has been said.

And perhaps young western females are being won over. But the extraordinarily low number of marriages between these females and their Czech partners remain. We continue this tale of woe, by looking at some of the obstacles that our star crossed international lovers face. First, and perhaps most fiendishly is the language barrier between a Czech and a non-Czech, regardless of gender.

Dan and Dana Smith seem to have established a good system. They alternate Czech speaking weeks with English speaking weeks, and can converse in each other's languages fluently.

But even then, Dan tells me that speaking different first languages does remain a problem. But I think that I speak Czech well enough, and she speaks English well enough that we can communicate adequately now. But at the beginning it was difficult. If you really want to discuss something meaningfully with another person, it's a big barrier - and it's a big barrier in general. But then Jane Kirwin doesn't agree.

Sometimes dating a Czech guy can feel a little like you've received a sharp blow to the head and woken up in the year B.F. – Before. Foreign women living in the Czech Republic have heard the negatives. Czech men are unkempt. Coddled to perpetual immaturity by mom. As a non-Czech, what has been your experience dating Czech men as compared to men from Ivana Kubickova, lives in The Czech Republic.

She is a poet, and has found that a knowledge of Czech has influenced her work and her use of language. She insists that one of the great things about her relationship with Ales is trying to get over the language barrier that exists between them.

Both of us have gaps, when he says something and I have a few seconds of all the other possibilities of what it meant. It's quite nice, because it gives an additional dimension to the exchange. So I think it actually helps a relationship. You have to push it, like this morning I had an email which asked me whether I was "giving up coming to these shores", I read it out to Ales and he said "shores?

What does that mean, shores? We had this long conversation, and that was quite interesting because I had to think about what 'shores' is, and I took it for granted before. Language is the most apparent obstacle for mixed-nationality couples, but more abstract notions such as nationality also seem to pose problems. I asked Dan and Dana whether nationality played any role in their marriage, and this time in her native Czech, Dana assured me it did.

We have a joke that we like to tell our friends, which demonstrates the differences that exist between foreigners: There's a pretty girl, who has bright green hair and who's clad in some new purple outfit. Before I could see if it would go anywhere.

We continued to talk daily and continued to meet in nearby cities and dating in the Czech Republic. The more time we spent together, the quicker my self-made walls fell down. I was afraid to be vulnerable, which is ironic because uprooting your entire existence to a foreign country where you do not speak the language or fully understand the culture requires you to be vulnerable. Allowing myself to fall in love, something that I never thought would be on the cards while abroad, was petrifying.

Dating a czech republic man

More petrifying than boarding that plane back in August. Much more.

When you travel, you can plan things, but experienced travelers know that you constantly need to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. I did not plan to find love in the Czech Republic, but it found me.

At least I kept part of my promise to my parents. Have you traveled to the Czech Republic?

Eat, Pray, Swipe: Dating in the Czech Republic

Are you interested in sharing your experience dating in the Czech Republic with the Pink Pangea community? Email us at editor pinkpangea. Originally from Long Island, New York, she has returned to the Czech Republic where she studied abroad in the summer of This opportunity has allowed her to truly immerse herself into Czech culture and life.

An avid traveler, she has visited 22 countries and has no plans to stop exploring anytime soon. View all posts by Kelley Garland Website. Great article and great ending to your love story! Your email address will not be published. Ofcourse, I am in no way suggesting that all white american women have this preference, or even that most of them. And does it depend on the race? Keep the insights rolling, and those who are againist inter-racial dating, where are you - the world cannot be full of flower-children!

Let's get personal: When I was 17, I fell head over heels for a gorgeous and utterly exotic Ethiopian student. Even at that tender age, when hormones rule over logic, I noticed after a couple of dates that we had nothing in common. Shortly after I had a short relationship with a Moroccan fellow who, I found, thought that men were put on Earth to rule over women.

No thanks.


So as to dating: apparently yes, meaningful relationship: no and marriage: absolute folly. To answer your original question I have nothing against dating a person of different race but my personal experience tells me that it's a waste of time. Yes, you have an excellant point about the high probability of not having much in common with someone from a different culture.

If you dont mind me asking, was it a big deal for your family and friends that you were dating a moroccan or an ethiopian? I have a little personal story of my own to share with you.

As far as backgrounds are concerned, I am half-Czech. This is because my dad is Czech and my mum is English. They been married for I think 26 years now.

Online dating in the Czech Republic. Meet people & date in the Czech Republic. Over M users looking for love on Badoo!. I promised my parents I wouldn't be dating in the Czech Republic, and while I didn't fall in love with a Czech man, I didn't really keep my. Results 1 - 12 % free Czech Republic personals. Men from Czech Republic.

I guess mum has no problems with that arrangement so far. We are not talking about beer versus whisky or rohliky versus sliced bread. This is about basic attitudes toward sex and marriage.

My Ethiopian boyfriend's father had three wives, nearly twenty sons and an unspecified number of daughters. I wonder how your mother would fit in that environment. Would love conquer such odds? In fact, non-Western men tend to project liberal image when abroad but at home they conform to whatever code is acceptable in their society.

As that czech girl said 'most of my girlfriends "just" date Czech guys' (or something like that). Perhaps its because girls want what they can't. But finding a westerner married to a Czech male is nigh on impossible. " Czechoslovakia in the first republic had an extremely strong feminist She agrees that Czech males are more reticent to date westerners than their. Many of these women don't need Czech men to stay here: they have their she met Ondrej from HodonAn and the Czech Republic became her fate. . “A Czech man I know in Taiwan invited a Japanese woman on a date.

Just recently, an Indian friend said to me that women were highly-prized in his homeland. I wish that were true but according to statistics there are two million girls missing in India due to selective abortions.

To Speed: I appreciate your private message but I prefer to keep this debate in the open. You will find that Western attitude toward inter-racial dating is much the same whether in the Czech Republic or in France, England, Sweden or the United States.

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