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Daryl and Rosita-We were in love [TWD]

Caryl, can you hear us? Okay, so they may just be two crazy teenagers trying to figure out their place in the apocalypse, but they are totally into each other. At first Ron was in their way, and then of course there was the Wolves takeover and the walker parade inside Alexandria, but guess what? If they have time to trek through the woods outside of Alexandria and spend time reading and eating snacks together, they have time to figure out their relationship status. They were so close to kissing you could practically feel the tension through your television set.

Nobody ever said that he isn't able to love; that's not possible. Daryl just doesn't NEED a relationship. He's battle scarred as fuck, just like the rest of the group. And yes, he can relate to his companions and somehow start a relationship, but you know how relationships end up in TWD. You call me a weirdo, yet you think that Carol is a mother figure to Daryl.

Please think this through before insulting me for no reason. Mitt you don't get to be the voice of reason, your just another Daryl fan girl to blind to listen to reason. Mudkipthewise wrote: Mitt you don't get to be the voice of reason, your just another Daryl fan girl to blind to listen to reason.

Will daryl and rosita hookup

In the comics Rosita gets pregnant by an unknown men, isn't Eugene's baby. In the series it could be Daryl's baby. In the TV series it could be Daryl's baby.

I can see it now "Oh did you see the way he looked at Rosita before his head got chopped off its cause he was hitting that" or " Carol looked very sad he died, because the two were actually together". Mitt is right about everything he said so far!

I only hope that Daryl will get someone Maggie or Rosita. The productors will never make Maggie and Daryl hook up. He and Glenn were like brothers. It would be disrespectfull to Glenn. Maggie will never, EVER get a new boyfriend, she seems to stick loyal to her opinion in the comics, and Scott Gimple likes comic stuff so he won't change it.

Rosita will hook up with Eugene because it's a big part of the comics as well. People who have been through shit don't need a relationship ASAP, like war veterans; they just want time alone, like Daryl and Carol.

No shit, it's just an assumption, but it's very likely. Seriously, i will not be upset if Daryl doesn't start a relationship with another girl, as long he lives to see the tomorrow with his new family, i am good!

Side not how did Daryl suffer so much more than the rest, I mean Carl fucking killed his own mom. You agreed with "everything" the guy who doesn't even understand how threads work, says. After reading your email about your good friends Tessuh and Mitt, I'd like to say I think they'd make a wonderful addition to our site. Their ideas and interpretations of the show and the characters interactions with each other are exactly what we need over here.

It is cruel that they are being bullied on TWD Wikia for such beautiful ideas.

Can you let them know to hope on our site ASAP, we look forward to meeting them both. The Head admin replied to my email guys they really want you over there. We will miss you fangirls a lot over here but you have to do a full switch to their site meaning you can't come back so I guess this is goodbye! Mudkipthewise, you're the most savage man on this wikia lmao, I thought I was 1 savage here, but I'm giving my crown to you.

It's why the wife took the kids when she lefT. No other wiki I'm a part of gives me notifications for other people posting in threads. I guess it could be because this is the "forum" section of the wiki and I usually comment in the "blogs" area, but still, glad I decided to finally read these. Good god that was hilarious. For the record Tesshu and Mitt, you brought this upon yourselves.

No one on this site writes for the Walking Dead TV series, so therefore no one on this site actually knows what's going to happen. We are simply giving opinions based on what we have seen of the show up until now, and what we know of the comics.

We all have our own eyes, and our own brains, and therefore we're not always going to see things the exact same way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, regardless of how correct or incorrect you may personally think it is. It is expected for not everyone to agree. That's why we have forums in the first place, so that we can have constructive discussions on the things we don't necessarily see eye-to-eye on.

You think Daryl is gonna get with Rosita? You think that was Dwight in the boots spying on the Alexandrians? I give my reasons, and then we together elaborate on what we may have seen differently, what I may have missed, what you may have missed.

What you DON'T do, is try to tell someone that their opinion is wrong, irrelevant, or impossible without even bothering to explain what exactly you view differently.

Its arrogant, unnecessary, and honestly, disrespectful. Who the hell are you where your opinion just means so much more than anyone elses? Do YOU have the script?

Are YOU an actor on the show? Then shut the fuck up and move on with your life if you're not willing to actually have a respectful discussion with someone.

I hope Daryl and Rosita hook up. I am re-watching the last seasons n and it seems Denise fore-told that to the. The moment before she was shot. Sorry if. He has some really meaty material coming up, so Daryl fans will get their fill. that great for hookup culture, and that's especially true in the case of Daryl Dixon. Rosita and Carol often top fans' lists, although other fans have. come together on 'The Walking Dead.' Caryl, can you hear us? Yes, we're talking to The Walking Dead's Carol and Daryl, who are at the very top of's “please hook up ASAP” list. that has left viewers with a lot of questions. For example, what about Abraham's longtime love, Rosita?.

Don't sit here and try to act like what you have to say reigns supreme. Hanata i respect your opinion and i don't mind with my opinions, after all they are just opinions i wasn't trying to convince anyone to agree with me also Daryl can stay single, i just want him to survive the zombie outbrake and stays with his new family Rick's group.

I don't see Daryl getting in a relationship anytime soon, he's never been that type of guy. IMO he doesn't need to be in a relationship, he's a good enough character on his own.

Wwefan2 wrote: I don't see Daryl getting in a relationship anytime soon, he's never been that type of guy. But Wwefan2, ZukeTheDuke, Mudkipthewise, and Hanata Sanchou are all complete selfish wierdo's that don't listen to anybody but themselves.

Like TK97 said, grow up, why do you care so much. This is a litteral discussion and there's 0 proof to prove your claims. I can always call you out on what stupid edits you did back in the day and never listened to anyone but the admins, so you can't really call us selfish.

Thats not true. Im allowed to say my opinions on the future. Like ZukeTheDuke over doesnt listen to anyone but himself. My God, you're such a fucking hypocrite all the time. Well im aloud to have an opinion on this.

You never know what could happen in the future on the show, and thats all that im going to say about that. But if someone has a different opinion, then they're suddenly selfish, arrogant assholes? Also, it's pretty funny to see you TV junky fans always using the "the show is different fron the comic" argument.

What argument?

5 Hookups We Want To See In The Walking Dead Season 7

Stop being so fucking vague and edgy. You know what argument im talking about. That "the show is different from the comics or isnt meant to be exactly the same" argument. Mitt, just admit it already, you're a giant hypocrite. You're not bringing anything new to the table; you're always avoiding atleast 1 or 2 points I'm trying to make for some reason.

Lets just say everyone is a hypocrite in life. And even though we dont have the same opinion, lets both just agree and disagree. Well thats your opinion, and you an i both have different opinions on this topic.

So lets everyone in life is a wierdo, and lets all just agree and disagree. Yet again, you can't just suddenly say "lol fuck this shit" and quit it. You're being called out on multiple fronts, and you can't just ignore it. He's ok on his own, but I do like the theory that him and Rosita can adapt to become the TV version of Dwight and Laura.

Given her current comic storyline is showing her recklessness, much like Daryl use to be, he may be the carming influence on her and have the two make a romantic bond that way. Well im just trying to stop this whole argument.

Lets all just respect everyones opinion, and agree and disagree. Jaga wrote: He's ok on his own, but I do like the theory that him and Rosita can adapt to become the TV version of Dwight and Laura.

Seriously, if you're Rick Grimes, not only do you deserve it but you've also 5 Hookups We Want To See In The Walking Dead Season 7 from one chick to another, going from Rosita (who quickly moved to Spencer) to Sasha. . Fear Reveals Major Dwight and Daryl Callback from The Walking Dead. Eugene and Rosita have an undeniable connection on the AMC series Glenn Will Haunt Daryl In Season 8 / Robot Chicken's The Walking. Will Daryl ever have a Love interest at somepoint? If he does I Rosita will hook up with Eugene because it's a big part of the comics as well.

Like you respect opinions that oppose yours, lmao. Right now you're trying desperately to set yourself up in a bright light, even though you're stil in a bad spot right now.

I could see that potentially happening, but I honestly feel like it's gotten out of hand now. Like she's always had a lot of feistiness and edge, but never to the point that she was a straight up BITCH like she's been lately.

She's endangered the group as a whole with her attitude, which was something that the Rosita I came to love would never do. Worse still, had she actually succeeded, the Saviors have them severely outmanned and most importantly outgunned, so she would have gotten literally everyone killed.

I was really loving how they were bringing her character around, showing her softer side to way more people than she used to. She initially kept her bitch mode to Eugene exclusively, but now she's lashing out and showing a catty attitude to just about anyone who talks to her, even Tara of all people. I'm trying to be sypmathetic of what she's going through - from the way Abraham dumped her, to watching both him and Spencer get killed in REALLY fucked up ways right in front of her, to having everything taken from them and being treated like dogs, but I just can't get behind her reckless endangerment of the people that constantly show how much they love and support her with all that's going on.

I thought she finally got it after the convo she had with Gabriel in the church, but she's seems more content to play by her own rules. If she's going to somehow be redeemed of this streak, she needs to get a serious reality check. Daryl himself also hasn't really learned from his past mistakes, which is pretty sad given how much they focused on Glen's death affecting him.

They had a lot of character development potential with that, and just threw it all away with this last episode making him be same ol' reckless Daryl leaving the kingdom against Rick's decision. If a Savior sees him period, the Alexandrians are fucked.

They've both got a long way to go development-wise before I could see their bond working out the way you've described, though I guess a lot is still to happen with the war so there's time.

She will probably get over it and redeem herself at somepoint, just like how Sasha lost Bob and Tyreese. I do agree with you on that. For fuck's sake, I never once said "she will probably get over it and redeem herself". As far as I'm concerned, you no longer exist on this forum. Don't chime in on my conversations, don't comment on anything else that I have to say on this wiki, you will not be engaged.

Then what? Improve your grammar please, it's getting annoying to see. Eugene betrayed Ricks group in the season 7 finale. So i dont see him getting together with Rosita anytime soon. Rosita tried to blow him up. They won't get together.

Plus they're too differtent there's not chemistry at all, and Eugene isn't in love with her in the series. After that touching scene between Daryl and Maggie i am pretty damn sure that their relationship will go to the next level, Its obvious that Rosita will start a relationship with Eugene after he will be forgiven by Rick and his group.

Tesshu wrote: After that touching scene between Daryl and Maggie i am pretty damn sure that their relationship will go to the next level, Its obvious that Rosita will start a relationship with Eugene after he will be forgiven by Rick and his group.

I know, but still i think he only joined the Saviors because he was afraid to die, even more so than the others in Rick's group so he allied himself with the "winners", but i guess in the very ending he will turn sides and and join Rick's group once again, there is an hint of this: Eugene lied to Negan about the suicide pills he gave to Sasha.

Unlike the early days of the apocalypse, the city streets had been cleared of undead threats as the reanimated stumbled out of town in various directions over the years.

Sorry Bethyl and Normily fans, it doesn't appear there's a real Daryl-Beth romance. Us Weekly made fans jaws drop and hearts flutter when it. Will Season 9 of 'The Walking Dead' give Norman Reedus' Daryl Walking Dead Boss' Season 9 Promise: 'Daryl Fans Will Get Their Fill' . Still hoping for my Carol / Daryl hookup. . Anne/Jadis, Carol, Maggie, or Rosita?.

The group took shelter on a rooftop, a location Michonne deemed to be the "safest" stop on their journey to Ohio. While the threats from the undead may not be present at the moment, a threat from within the group presented itself when Siddiq revealed a certain detail which was a deep cut to Eugene. Prior to Rosita's death, she had developed a romantic relationship with Eugene.

Eugene accepted the fact that Rosita was pregnant with another man's child, and he would do his best to act as the child's father.

Rosita, however, never revealed the identity of the baby's father, possibly because she did not know who it was. The character had actively slept around in the community, often using the action as a move to earn the protection of those she had been sleeping with.

And let's not forget when Beth and Carl kind of toyed with the idea, although she was definitely way to old for the little guy back when it was a prospect. Carl needs a little loving to make sure all of those teenage years aren't wasted. Sure, Lydia comes in and does the job in the comics which would be way down the line in terms of parallel story telling on television, but we don't want to wait that long.

Let's see Enid bust out of that closet Carl locked her in to end the sixth season and maybe end up stuck in a tree with him once more. Only, by tree, we mean bed. Rick and Michonne are both going to need to blow off some steam the next time we see them. One or more of their friends is going to die. What better way to get over a loss than some post-apocalyptic loving?

Okay, there are probably some different ways to grieve the loss of a loved one but these loved ones need to continue their being a power couple when The Walking Dead returns for a number of reasons. Most importantly, the couple are a beacon of hope for Alexandria.

Everyone looks up to Rick Grimes and Michonne as individuals, so if they can find happiness and lead the people of their community, it will be the first sign of rebuilding and staying unified against negan. Yeah, Aaron has a boyfriend in Eric right now, but pairing him up with the Hilltop's Jesus would be a hell of a lot more fun.

The Walking Dead Season 9 - Will Daryl And Connie Have A Romance?

Eric is hardly on The Walking Dead to begin with and he certainly doesn't challenge Eric to become a better, more valuable survivor.

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