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How To Date Your Spouse : 10 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Fun!

Men, you need to come up with your own ideas for how to date your wife. You know your wife better than anyone else. Only you know how to best cultivate and guard the woman God has given you. Attend a wedding. Sit in the back row and spend the whole time whispering memories from your own wedding. Make a list of ten things your wife loves to do.

Thank you, Jaime! It is so easy to let our marriages slide to the back burner — not even intentionally. My husband and i just recently started dating again. I was a single mom of 3 kids, now 17, 17, and 10when we met. I realize that i have to make time for him.

I so understand! Can you talk about that? Especially nursing with littles.

Husbands. Go Back To All Husbands Articles Men, you need to come up with your own ideas for how to date your wife. You know your wife better than anyone . 10 at home date ideas when you can't afford to date your husband. In some seasons it's hard to make dating your spouse a priority. Here are. There are so many ideas floating around out there for date nights. Here are 8 creative ideas for Dating Your Husband!.

Maybe you can schedule time to be intimate and make it a point to prepare yourself mentally and rest so you can be present in the moment. Hang in there, mama! I totally hear you! That was us after my baby now 18 months old was born, I had a rough pregnancy, our physical intimacy was ZERO, and we were in serious trouble with our marriage. The biggest thing that helped was breakfast dates. It literally saved our marriage. In fact, if we did, i think i would have resented my husband more.

BUT we did open our communication lines. Whether it be a shower together, massage, watch a movie…whatever. Our marriage was hurting so badly, that we literally needed anything! Maybe this might help? You just gotta find what works for you best. My kids. When the kids went down to sleep, I did, too.

After the nap, I drank a cup of coffee, yes, late afternoon. That way, I could stay up late and enjoy time with my husband. You can only function with exhaustion for so long. We did lots of stay at home dates. Those are great pointers, Janice! A nap and caffeine are sometimes the only things that get me through so I can be present and alert when my husband gets home from work. I work from home or go in later than he does. I wake up every morning early with him, before the kids.

We may do nothing but read the paper and drink our coffee silently but we have grown to need that quiet time together. Great post and I can honestly admit that after 23 years of marriage, hubby and I only date once or twice per year — lol!

I love taking time for your spouse! I love the idea in the comments about a date 52 times a year! How cool is that! Thanks for linking at Pintastic PInteresting Party! Once that came out in a couple of therapy sessions, it changed everything. We just celebrated our 26th anniversary! I really enjoyed this post. Many of these things I do, but I like the cooking class idea. That sounds fun. He works the evening shift and I work during the day all week.

So weekends are the only time we get to hang, or even eat a meal together. So here we sit in Panera. Thanks for stopping by, Jonna! I used to do cute things for my husband when we were dating- stuff like making a list of what I love about him, such a good idea to do now! Great list! My husband and I do many of these things. I am a remarried mother of 4. One of the hardest things I had to go through was splitting custody.

At first I filled the time with school, friends, family, and running. So…most if not all my time with my guy feels like a date! These are great ideas. Day and I practice a lot of these because…. These are great tips.

When our kids were little, my husband and I would sit out on the deck with our coffee on the weekends, before the kids woke up. These are simple, but important tips. Thanks for sharing! This is a great post! My husband works odd hours and there are many nights when I am already in bed when he gets home.

I work full time too, but with a more regular schedule, so bedtime is important for me. On the nights he is home, we try to watch some TV or a movie together on the couch. I am always looking for new ways to do date nights at home so this is great! One date night we really love as a couple is watching TED talks and then discussing our own perspectives on the issue that we heard about.

We absolutely LOVE learning together and it had made us so much stronger as a couple over the years!

My husband and met in college and have similar passions for academics, philosophy, and politics so it works for us. The online cooking class is something I have never heard of — I will check that out. Hi Whitney! Wonderful ideas, cooking with my husband is always fun but I never thought about having a picnic inside too or even taking a cooking class together we would definitely enjoy that.

Thanks for sharing and have a great day! Hi Whitney. Love the name of your blog. What else can inspire change if not a mess?

Your husband is very lucky having you. The simple things are often the most important in the long run. My husband and I enjoy snuggling up to a movie that we stream online once our daughter goes to bed!

I am in the season of young kids and definitely want to make sure our relationship is a top priority! Thank you! Hi, Cindy! I messaged you, but wanted you to know that it might go to spam :. Praying you find the resources useful! I actually am the one that works out of the home and my husband is the stay-at-home Dad. I sometimes struggle with making sure he knows just how much I appreciate everything that he does and that he has given up to stay home with our LO.

He does miss the adult interaction but would never give up his time with his little man. They are like two peas in the proverbial pod. Everything Daddy does so does LO.

Our other son is almost 16 so we get the mix of terrible twos and moody teen…lots of love in the house right now.

This is a great reminder of the little ways that I can make sure that he knows I love him and everything he tries to do for the family. Thank you for the pick me up!!! Blessings to you and your family, mama!! If I may add to your wonderful list, a fun cheap date is geocaching! Thank you so much for reminding me.

I have been wanting to do that for years. This is really good! Plus a lot easier to fit in! So we are both always exhausted. But one thing we have found that we love to do after the kids go to bed is to take a bubble bath together. Nothing racy… Or it can be sometimes: But we put on music have a bath and then usually enjoy dessert together once a week.

It really helps! One day our children will be grown and we will be left with our husband. Thank you for sharing!! We kiss everyday no matter what! I loved seeing my parents kiss growing up because I always heard of so many of my friends parents fighting and it really made me sad.

Ideas for dating your husband

Showing your kids how much you love and respect one another I believe gets them to respect you. I love that, Cheri! I completely agree.

We do need to gross our kids out by kissing and hugging our husbands. While our children may seem grossed out on the outside, they will be secure knowing that their Mommy and Daddy love each other. We need to model that for our children. They will live out what they see. We all went to a local fast food restaurant that had a playground.

We sat next to the window so we could see the playground. There was another older couple grandparents who were doing the same.

That is an awesome idea, Cynthia! Love that idea! Beautiful and practical suggestions I have been married to my beautiful man for almost 20 years. We have 6 children from kindergarten to college. We have always lived very frugally out of necessity. The suggestions you listed were things we have been doing for years.

No matter how many years, trials, or children, dating your husband is a key to keeping I love these creative ideas for dating your husband. + Unique Date Ideas to Jumpstart Your Relationship in are the best date ideas that get you fun quality time with your husband. Don't have much for date night? Not to worry! Here are 25 awesome frugal or free date ideas you can enjoy at night, as well as during the day.

Now we have the luxury of leaving older siblings in charge if we want to go out of the house on a real date. Just a little time and attention goes a long way in keeping your married love in tact! Found your post through the Manic Mondays blog hop! Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing! Something that we love to do together which is very lazy of us but fun is we like to get into shows on netflix together.

Just wanted to chime in and say to all you young mothers, make time for intimacy. Not just holding hands and snuggling. I mean the real deal.

It was designed by God, to create an emotional and spritual bond. Make it special! My husband and I have been setting up the telescope at night when the sky is clear, and spend a couple hours looking at stars. We also play old video games on the Nintendo, and just have a blast together whenever we can.

I love this post! I have a babysitter solution if it is not brought up somewhere I have missed. Seems to work well. My kids are much older now and wish I would have done that. I love the cooking class together idea! This is an amazing list of ideas and very creative.

We sometimes make sandwiches and go walk and picnic on the beach…. We finally have older kids who can babysit, so we can now afford a date every week, but I still love this list.

Thanks for sharing all these ideas!! We are part of a marriage building team and used to host free date nights for families with babysitting so husbands and wives could take time for each other. Love your tips! I love the ideas. My fave is taking an online cooking class together. I can see many fun times with that. Great list. Happy V-Day!! I love these ideas.

My husband and I try very hard to keep connected since having our daughter. It is incredible how one little person can change your relationship so dramatically! Great post this is something more couples need to keep in the fore front of their minds.

I love having movie nights with my finance! During my first marriage, we lost our sense of togetherness. We did not take the time for each other and in the end that is one of the things that tore us apart. I refuse to make the same mistakes twice. And that is why my relationship now is times better.

Dating Your Husband – 8 Creative Ideas

When I got married 20 years ago, my mom had me choose a number between 1 and I picked 2. She told me every month on the 2nd of the month I needed to do something thoughtful for my hubby. A shoulder rub, favorite meal, movie he likes etc…. Because the day of the week varies he has never figured out my plan, and it keeps me thinking of something free but thoughtful to do for him.

After the birth of our son, I was quite surprised by how neglected husbands can feel! I just took it for granted that he understood that the baby needed me for now. But, in truth I found out that I actually had 2 babies on my hand!! Thanks for this post. There are some things here I could use. I had no idea.

I was so focused on our new little bundle and trying to figure out what to do with her, plus recovering from all the childbirth stuff. I thought my husband and I were on the same page and he understood, but alas, no.

Whenever I think of something To write I use a dry erase marker and write why I love and respect him. Great ideas. We have a sticky note pad on the shelf beside the toilet. Odd place you say? Also…another idea. We send each other on treasure hunts to get ready for our date nights. We each make up an envelope with little cutouts of a shirt skirt pants etc. Each one leads to the other leading us to what each wants the other to wear etc.

Kinda scary sometimes but I know that whatever he picks out he must like. Picnic at home is a good idea. She had so much fun decorating the house, putting little notes everywhere, and pulling out table clothes.

Then she was in charge of music too. We danced in the living room as she chose the songs. We had a wonderful time and our daughter was so proud.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Click to Share! Have a terrific week! Hugs, Cathy. Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! Thank you!! Love this post! More moms with young kids need to read it. And we totally have code words. Those are some great ideas! Thanks for linking up to Weekend Reads.

Date Night Ideas

Thanks for stopping by, Whitney!! That is a great idea, ElizaBeth! Thanks for stopping by and sharing! We have recently read the same books and it has given us something to talk about. But doing it with just my husband? Maybe even on a trail outside our neighborhood or at a park? That sounds lovely. The more athletic readers might even want to go for a run with your spouse.

Why not train together? I figured this will force us to do something different for once! Bonus points if you find a restaurant where you can eat outside on a nice spring day! But why not save some of the springtime fun for your spouse?! My daughters and I recently visited a local alpaca farm, where we got to feed and pet the most adorable alpacas. Instead of waiting for a free night to date your husband, try a morning.

You can have fun but also enjoy the space to breathe and be together, to catch up and connect over more than bills and babysitters. I personally find baseball dreadfully boring. But my husband loves it. So I try to get us to a game every now and then, keeping my eye rolls and comments to a minimum, of course. And I realize that you may love baseball, too. In that case this date idea is even better! Years ago, my husband and I stumbled onto a sidewalk chalk festival in our city.

It seems silly — but sometimes acting silly is the exact thing my relationship needs. How about you? And after you complete your masterpiece, it might be fun to stay outside for a picnic and watch the sunset or the stars.

Each spouse could choose a favorite activity which you then combine into one evening, or the wife could propose her favorite activities for one date and the. Continuing to date your spouse after you marry is one way to keep your romance alive, according to many marriage counselors and. Here are romantic date night ideas and Give your spouse the unofficial tour of your old school.

Or perhaps the winner gets to choose where you eat dinner or dessert?! We started talking about ideas for future vacations at dinner and as soon as we got the kids in bed, we picked up the conversation. I had no idea he wanted to visit some of the places he suggested!

As someone who loves traveling…and making lists, this was pretty much a perfect date night.

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