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Solar Neutral Window Film 50% VLT, 30" x 7 ft

Best Solar Neutral Window Film 50% VLT, 30" x 7 ft Reviews

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Need to Buy Solar Neutral Window Film 50% VLT, 30" x 7 ft Window Film

If you're looking to reduce glare and cut out some of the suns heat, the Neutral Colored Solar Window Film 50 is the answer. The lightest solar film that we offer, it rejects nearly 35% of total solar energy, provides basic heat rejection and does so without a mirrored appearance. This R06507 neutral solar film does not change the overall look of your windows, but it will add a lightly tinted appearance. The glare through the windows is reduced, and it blocks 99% of UV rays while helping to slow the fading of furniture and carpeting

How to Solar Neutral Window Film 50% VLT, 30" x 7 ft Guide , Best Window Film

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