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One Way Mirror Film With Nightvision 5%, Charcoal, 36"x3'

Best One Way Mirror Film With Nightvision 5%, Charcoal, 36"x3' Reviews

One Way Mirror Film With Nightvision 5%, Charcoal, 36x3' Customer Reviews :: I absolutely loveReview! This is actually my firstReview, so I can only give you my opinions from this one item. I do love it though! 

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One Way Mirror Film with Nightime Vision 5% One Way Mirror film with Nightime Vision can be installed to create maximum privacy during the day while preventing the fishbowl effect of the window film reversing its reflectivity back into your house at night.Some companies will advertise their Silver 15 as a one-way window film but read carefully, and you'll find this is not really the case. These films still allow vision through the glass in most lighting conditions, and especially at night, the effect is reversed where the reflective ability is now on the inside of your windows. You can't easily see out, but everyone can see in with these conditions.Our R06205 One Way Mirror Film with Nightime Vision addresses this reverse-reflective issue while offering many other benefits such as heat rejection on exterior windows. This film is 15% silver on the outside and 5% black on the inside, allowing you to see out while preventing vision into the room. This creates an effect similar to what you see in police interrogation rooms. (In optimal lighting conditions) The layer of 5% black on the inside also provides basic night-time privacy. To provide 24-hour privacy, we recommend installing a spotlight on the outside of the glass to enhance the effect as all films are still dependent on light density.This film has been used in a Detroit area police interrogation room, a Cleveland area daycare, to allow teachers and parents to observe children, and in many homes around the USA to create privacy with maximum heat rejection.

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