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Bliss Gardens Venus Fly Trap, Dionaea Muscipula, 5" Globe Terrarium Kit

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This terrarium is sure to be a conversation piece in your home or office. This also makes a great present that is sure to make someone smile. It comes with a Venus Fly Trap dionaea muscipula. These plants give off a nectar that attracts bugs to become its meal. They like to be kept moist constantly with distilled water, & bright light. The plant you will receive will be similar to the one in the picture. This kit listing includes the following:Venus Fly Trap dionaea muscipula'(will vary from photo) - 5.5 x 5 glass terrarium (can sit flat or hang) - small bag of dry sphagnum peat moss - small packet of activated charcoal (to keep things fresh) - detailed instruction and care sheet. Easy and fun to assemble! The plant will be shipped bare root and ready for transplant into its new home. The supplies listed will be plenty to fill the terrarium. Your order will be packaged in a way to keep everything intact and safe. It will be shipped in a brown box. Happy Growing-Glass globe 5.5 in diameter-Kit includes everything you need to assemble a successful terrariumThis carnivorous terrarium kit includes the following: 1- Venus Fly Trap dionaea muscipula (will vary from photo) (1)5.5 x 5 glass terrarium (can sit flat or hang) (1) 4 x 6 bag of dry sphagnum peat moss (1) 2 x 3 packet of activated charcoal (to keep things fresh) 1- Detailed instruction and care sheet-Likes moist soil and lots of bright light. Only uses distilled, reverse osmosis or rain water-Carnivorous Bug Eating Terrarium!

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