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19.5" Stained Glass Mission Green and Clear Window Panel

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Crisp and clear! This 19.5 Tiffany style stained glass window panel is perfect for adding color and texture to your window! Composed of 57 pieces of striated and rippled glass, including 5 cabochons, this window panel allows the sun's ray's to light up your home. The clean lines of the mission-style design mixed with the clear and green color palette will fit perfectly with any decor. Includes 21 hang chain for easy placement in any window.Product Dimensions: 9L x 19.5HTo care for your window panel, clean with a damp cloth or with lemon oil polish; dry with a clean, soft cloth. Upon receiving your panel, it may have excess oil; please wipe off gently with a soft cloth. This excess oil is used as the final step in the process, in order to give the glass a scratch-resistant shine and protection for long-distance delivery.

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