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Shimmer Shag 30"x50" Rug, White

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There was the time when people had to search for Shimmer Shag 30x50 Rug, White at local stores and shopping centres but today with the help of internet, you can shop for your favourite Shimmer Shag 30x50 Rug, White sitting at home. Online shopping has made you life easy. If you are looking for Shimmer Shag 30x50 Rug, White and are not able to get it then search for it online and you will surely get your desired product that too at much affordable price. High shipping prices had always been the biggest worry for people who like to shop online but shopping from here will release you from all such troubles.

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Whether you call them shiny, shimmery, plush, lush, or sumptuous, the Shimmer Shag Collection is definitely soooooft! The ideal choice for kids to roll around on, to make a statement in a dorm room, to accent a new baby's room, or step out onto from the tub, the Shimmer Shag Collection of rugs are handmade using natural cotton and polyester fibers. By using this unique combination of fibers, we've created a rug that literary sparkles! This bright white super plush rug has varying pile depth up to 3 inches deep.

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