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Woodland Green Kids Rug, 4'x2.5'

Best Woodland Green Kids Rug, 4'x2.5' Reviews

The status for this Woodland Green Kids Rug, 4'x2.5' is very known, as well as the many users of Woodland Green Kids Rug, 4'x2.5' opinions. It is considered as one of many preferred Woodland Green Kids Rug, 4'x2.5' available on the market. Today, if you are still hesitating, check out the reviews from these Woodland Green Kids Rug, 4'x2.5' users before making your own personal decision.

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-100% polyester plush fabric rug-Anti-skid rubber backing-Trendy designs and beautiful color combinations-Thin rug that lays flat-Lightweight and stores compact-Purely decorative rugs that will need padding to add extra cushioning.-ABOUT HAWKERPEDDLER RUGSIf you've made seven million trips to your favorite home goods website and still don't have a rug in hand, Welcome to your last stop! Here is where you'll see the trendiest, cutest and the most unique designs for your floors- liken it to decorative art under your feet. HawkerPeddler is where high-end design meets Ikea prices. Although, we still are not mass manufactured mayhem. We are made to order specialty creatures.-What you MUST know about HawkerPeddler rugs:-Our rugs are super soft to the touch. You will find your feet gliding over it against your every will. You have been warned.-Our rugs have a thin profile. This feature makes it lightweight, lays the rug flat on the floor, minimizes tripping hazards and makes for compact storage. Don't do the happy dance. Not Yet.-Our rugs have a non-slip rubber backing, much like mats. The underside helps it stay put and not glide along with your feet. And crash into furniture. Ouch.-HawkerPeddler rugs are Made In USA! Now we do the happy dance. We have a small team of wonderful, happy, caring individuals who work hard every day to get you your beautiful rugs.-Our design team gets you the latest and greatest in home decor fashion trends. With a keen eye for what's trending and a sense of playfulness, we infuse a whole lot of color and fun onto seemingly dull floors.-Our rugs are ideal for nurseries, kids rooms, playrooms, laundry rooms. Also apt for apartments and smaller spaces where you don't have too much room or money to spare on a high-end rug.-We make our rugs from a super soft, 100% polyester plush fabric. We add an anti-skid rubber backing on the flip side to keep it put.- THESE ARE PURELY DECORATIVE RUGS that you would add to your decor to build a colorful and stylish space. Consider these like art on your floors!-Made in the US of A!- Dry cleaning is not recommended and neither is machine washing. Regular washing machines are not equipped to handle anything this size. Lightly vacuum and if need be, use some soap and water to spot clean.Another great way is to get water-proofing spray and apply a thin coat over the rug. Once it's completely dried, repeat if you'd like for added protection.-All monitors display color differently. Depending on your screen, you may view shades slightly differently. For this reason, the color produced on the rug is a true match but not an exact one and may have some variation.

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