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Well Woven Star Bright White Area Rug, 3'3''x5'

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Do you bored of finding pro and con of merchandise before purchase but finally it is not as effective as your expectation. This concern often happens with other merchandise normally but not with our products. Well Woven Star Bright White Area Rug, 3'3''x5'X will make you forget other products immediately after first time usage, most of us guarantee our solutions!!

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The Star Bright Collection is all about bright and fun. Vivid colors and bold floral and geometric patterns make these rugs perfect for a kids room, dorm room, or anywhere you want your floors to just pop. A 0.3 inch pile of air twist frieze polypropylene gives an exceptionally textured look and is super easy to care for. This yarn is soft, stain resistant, and doesn't shed or fade over time. Brighten your space with lattice trellis, geometric dots, butterflies, or flowers.

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