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Necklace Holder Stand Jewelry Organizer Rack, Sharisa Rubbed Bronze

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Our Sharisa Jewelry Tree is available in Black, White, Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel Silver. This Angelynn's handmade product is 100% Made in the USA using high grade US materials. We use carbon steel and the very best baked on powdercoat finishes, no mystery metals or lead. We are a small boutique company and do not mass produce but instead offer smaller quantities with higher quality.Dimensions: 16 1/2 inches tall x 11 3/4 inches wide x 5 inches deep. The oval weighted steel base/accessory tray measures 9 inches x 5 inches and has quality felt pads to help protect your furniture.Necklace holder, bracelet stand, jewelry organizer capacity: Displays 28 to 84+ necklaces from 23 inches up to 30 inches in length (1 to 3 per hook and end knob lower and upper tier). The 4 end knobs and 24 heavy duty well designed flat necklace hooks are well spaced making it very easy to get and stay organized.How to use: There is no need to unlatch your necklaces to hang or remove them since each necklace can have it's own hook or limit the quantity per hook to 3, truly trouble free. You can also hang hook type pierced earrings, link bracelets and rings on any hook making this necklace holder a multi-purpose jewelry organizer.Jewelry boxes, armoires, chests, trays and drawers need de-cluttering? Our beautiful jewelry organizers hold a lot of jewelry for the space they occupy. They are a wonderful accessory for your bedroom, closet, dressing room or dorm room but they are also durable enough for commercial or retail use. They are a fabulous gift idea for women, teens and girls ages 4 and up.

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