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Macrame Plant Hanger, 35'' Long

Best Macrame Plant Hanger, 35'' Long Reviews

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These Macrame Plant Hangers are made of natural hemp. Perfect for modern home decoration.-Material of Plant Hanger: Natural Hemp-Color: Beige-Total length including the tassel: 35-Length from the ring to the bottom of pot: 26''-Package: 1Pc-Please Note: Plant and pot not included.-Are they handmade products? Yes.-What is the ideal size of pot with this product? The ideal pot would be 5 to 8. Our pot in the picture is 6.5 diameter.-Can I hang this product outside? This product is designed for the indoor use. But you can hang them in the front porch too.-Does this product include the pot and flower? This product does not include pot and flower or plant.-Why did it smell when I opened the package? Smell is very subjective feeling. Some consumers might feel the product has a smell and this natural smell is actually from the cotton/hemp and it goes away after placing the product in the air for a while.

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