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Large Rectangular Planter, Natural Gray

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Our large rectangular shaped concrete planter pairs perfectly with a succulent display at home or in the office. This large rectangle planter is intended for either indoor or outdoor use and can be displayed on a windowsill, as a table centerpiece, on a desk, or outside in your backyard or patio.Each planter is made of natural, hand-cast, 100% recyclable cement and features two drain holes. This large rectangular planter is available in natural gray, white and black.-Our large rectangular planter looks great on its own or in a set! View all the rectangular planters in our EKAVAT collection.-Dimensions: 24 length x 4 width x 4 height (inches)Please Note:-Due to screen color calibrations, and the organic characteristics of concrete, color may vary slightly from pictures.-Plants and/or succulents not included.-These planters are best used with small plants or succulents.-Products will each differ a little in pattern, patina, and shade - that's the beauty of concrete.-Each planter is treated with a series of coatings on all surfaces for interior or exterior use.-All sizes are nominal and there will be subtle variation throughout that is inherent with handmade products.

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