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4.5" Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock in Brass on Thos. Moser Cherry Base

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Have you ever experimented with this 4.5 Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock in Brass on Thos. Moser Cherry Base before? In case you have never tried this specific before, we suggest that you experience this 4.5 Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock in Brass on Thos. Moser Cherry Base and you may get the new moment when you decided to make use of our 4.5 Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock in Brass on Thos. Moser Cherry Base. You can be sure of computer safety and it has already been already guaranteed with the acknowledged officials.

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This distinctive, handcrafted timepiece signals the passing of time with gentle, rich-sounding chimes - eight bells at 4, 8 and 12 o'clock to mark the end of a mariner's four-hour watch, with one bell the first half-hour after, plus one additional bell with each subsequent half-hour. Behind its classic, hand-silvered dial, 364 precision brass parts - many plated with gold - and 11 jewel movements, all of which are made in Chelsea, Massachusetts, ensure accuracy in time and enduring quality for years to come. Since the first patented Ship's Bell left our factory in 1900, it has been held as the standard by which all other Chelsea clocks are measured. Exclusively for Chelsea Clock, renowned furniture makers Thos. Moser crafted a distinctive base for our venerable Ship's Bell Collection. The base is hand carved from solid cherry and hand rubbed to a pristine finish. Elegant, modern and graceful lines accentuate the natural beauty of the wood, and serve as the perfect minimalist companion for the Ship's Bell Clock. A custom engraved solid brass plaque marks its authenticity. The movement for this clock is mechanical and the dial measures 4.5. The overall dimensions are: 7H x 10.5w x 4.5D and the item weighs 8.2 lbs. This item comes with a five year warranty. Our price includes engraving gift card.

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