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Military Medal Shadow Box with Display Case for Memorial Flag

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The Classic Shadow Box for memorial flags and memorabilia will make a beautiful addition to any home or office. With its good looks and durable construction, this piece is sure to become a treasured keepsake. The curved base adds stability and style. The frame of this dignified case is constructed using lovely mahogany wood with no unsightly veneers or laminates. A lacquered finish enhances the appearance of the wood for a longer-lasting product. A felt background in your choice of blue, black, or red serves to highlight the insignias that you choose to display. This case also features Plexiglas panels to showcase your items, which has been shown to provide 1.7x the protection against UV as glass and, while it is several times stronger, Plexiglas only weighs about half as much as heavier and more easily breakable glass panels. That makes shipping less risky and also makes moving the case within your home a lot less of a hassle. The larger display area is easily accessible through the back of the case, so that placement of your items is simple and convenient.-The Classic is appropriate for the larger memorial (9.5' x 5') flag that is used at burials-At 32(W) x 24.5(H) x 4.5(D), this display case is ideal for a desk, shelf, or mantelpiece-The two felt display areas are each 7.5' (W) x 8.75' (H)-It has ample space for an engraved plate at the base of the display case-All of the panels are made of lighter and more durable Plexiglas for a piece that can be moved easily and that will last for years to come-Place it on a desk or shelf.

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