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Star of India Limited Tall Model Ship 50"

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SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLEDReady for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit Museum-quality features and finely-crafted details capture the spirit and pride of the Star of India in this Limited Edition scale replica tall ships model. With devoted attention to historical accuracy, every detail on the Star of India authentically matches the famous clipper ship. Serving as the centerpiece of a meeting room, office or den, or perhaps setting a proud nautical tone for a corporate boardroom or family living room, these Limited Edition model tall ships are certain to inspire an indomitable winning spirit. 50 Long x 12 Wide x 28 High (1:65 scale)Built from scratch over hundreds of hours by master artisansHigh quality woods include cherry, birch, maple and rosewoodIndividual wooden planks used in plank-on-frame hull construction-Museum Quality features not available in other model tall ships under $3,000 or any kit-Higher quality woods used in construction-Greatest attention paid to every detail500% more rigging than 20 model tall ships featuring over 200 blocks and deadeyes-Largest size replica allows maximum detailing of features, including:-Additional deck items-Highly complex rigging-Increased scale accuracy-Many other quality enhancementsOther Amazing Details, including:-Planked deck with nail holes-Authentic scale lifeboats-Brass rails and other deck accessories-Finely crafted and highly detailed deckhouses-Larger deck allows for more items and finer details-Masterfully stitched, heavy canvas sails hold shape and do not wrinkle-Taut rigging with varied thread gauge and colorMeticulous painting accurately matches the actual Star of India-Wooden display base features four arched dolphins-Pictured with marble base (available for purchase)Extensive research of original plans, historical drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy

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