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Authentic Models Bronze Ship's Bell - 8 Inch

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Authentic Models Bronze Ship's Bell - 8 Inch is designed and manufactured by next technology through experts. Which is the method to boost the safety and also improve product performance to be better than in the past. That can serve the purchaser needs more suitable. Authentic Models Bronze Ship's Bell - 8 Inch is extremely good product until you are not able to stop to recommend that to others.

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The largest bell in our collection. The helmsman rings the ship's bell for every half hour of the four-hour ship's watch. A ship is a round-the-clock operation, and ship's crews work four hours on and four hours off. To change the routine two two-hour dogwatches usually run between 4 and 8 pm. One bell - one ring (say 12:30) two bells - two rings (say 1 pm). etc. until. Eight bells - Eight rings (4pm). AM-Living bells are made of heavy solid brass, handmade and sand-cast. The chunky hand knotted lanyard offers years of use. We offer four sizes of bells, petite to large, for beach house or boat. A true nautical heirloom offering clear & solid sounds.All bells are made in solid brass with bronze finish.

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