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Ready To Run Remote Control Ferrari Hydroplane Limited 32

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Are you looking for this Ready To Run Remote Control Ferrari Hydroplane Limited 32? If so, why do certainly not you buy one? If have not ever tried it, how could you know that it is good? Try this Ready To Run Remote Control Ferrari Hydroplane Limited 32 and you will surely understand how good it is. With this tempting price,purchaser retention islikely!

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Ready To Run Remote Control Ferrari Hydroplane Limited 32 inchSOLD FULLY ASSEMBLEDReady for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kitThis is a high-quality, masterfully crafted Limited Edition racing boat model replica of the fast and powerful Ferrari hydroplanes racing boats.32 Long x 8 Wide x 11 High (1:14 Scale)Handcrafted wooden hydroplane model racing boatWaterproof Floating Remote Control racing boat features:20-25 mph top speedIncludes long-distance remote controlRechargeable battery in speedboat with chargerRutter and propeller control2 Channels, 4 working frequenciesIndividual wooden planks used in hull constructionBrass & stainless steel fittings no plastic partsAmazing Details accurate to actual Ferrarri hydroplane racing boatsHighly-polished, multi-layered paint and varnish finishPlush leather seatsMetal propellers, steering wheel, horns and moreRealistic gauges and switches on dash are not a sticker or decalMeticulouslty painted to match real Ferrari hydroplanesSturdy wooden base attachedRare, high quality wood the same heartwood honduras mohogany used for real racing boatsExtensive research of original plans, historical drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy

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