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Bronzed Athena Goddess of Wisdom and War Statue

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In Greek religion and mythology Athena is the goddess of wisdom courage inspiration civilization law and justice just warfare mathematics strength strategy the arts crafts and skill. She is the virgin patroness of Athens and the Athenians founded the Parthenon on the Acropolis of her namesake city Athens in her honor. This bronzed statue depicts the goddess in a stance in full armor spear and shield in hand. Made of cold cast resin it measures 10 inches tall 7 1/4 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. This piece is amazingly detailed from the adornments on her armor to the texture of her fur cloak blowing in the wind. It is a wonderful accent in your home or office and makes a great gift. NOTE: The spear is packaged separately from the statue on the outside of the Styrofoam.

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