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16" Gold Leaf Birds & Flowers Fishbowl

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Using low quality items brings you the negative results of inefficiency. It is same as buttoning up the completely wrong one that makes the near to be wrong also. Why do you have to stand with low quality product anymore? It's time to modify. We recommend you to attempt 16 Gold Leaf Birds & Flowers Fishbowl because its top quality product from skilled compared with others.

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This elegant, eye catching Oriental fishbowl is handmade from porcelain, gilded with a truly exquisite 24 carat gold leaf, and finished with a fine quality high luster hard clear lacquer. The inside is finished in a matte black lacquer with green and pink floral design. Each vase is singular work of art, having been hand painted with a delicately rendered birds and flower art motif.-Stunning, hand-gilded Oriental fishbowl-Authentic 24 carat gold leaf applique with high luster lacquer-Exquisite hand painted Ming birds and flowers art-Inside diameter is 12.75 at the rim and 16 at the widest point-Inside height is 12 base to rim

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