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Black Pearl Pirate Ship Medium, Model

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A great item for the Pirate of the Caribbean movie fans! This is an outstanding FULLY ASSEMBLED wood model of the Black Pearl; originally Wicked Wench is Captain Jack Sparrow's pirate ship. In the three movies (Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Mans Chest, and At Worlds End) she either overtakes or flees all other ships, including the Interceptor (regarded as the fastest ship in the Caribbean) and the Flying Dutchman (which is actually faster against the wind). Her speed is derived from the large amount of sails she carries. She is noted in At Worlds End as being The only ship as what (which) can outrun the Flying Dutchman. Master craftsmen using historical photographs, drawings or original plans meticulously handcraft these highly detailed wood models from scratch. They are built to scale with high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany. They are 100% hand built individually using plank-on-frame construction method and are similar to the building of actual ships. Each model requires hundreds of hours to finish and must go through a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop. This infamous Black Pearl model is fully coated in dark black paint. It features plank on frame, three decks, and one row of ferocious metal cannons on each side of the ship. The front bowsprit and three large masts are connected securely using advanced rigging and lines painstakingly knotted and fastened by hand. Each yard has an attached hand-stitched unfurled sails made of fine linen. High above the foremast is a distinctive pirate flag with symbols of a skull and two blades crossing each other. Metal anchors and a wooden rudder are visible on the front and rear of the ship. On the deck, there are metal stationed cannons, wooden cabin, wooden stairways, wooden barrels, and many other spectacular ornaments. There is also an exquisite detailed admiral's quarter on the stern with beautiful handcrafted metal lanterns, uniquely designed portholes, and other unique embellishments. This is anExclusive Editionwhere the model has a unique serial number etched into the hull, which allows us to identify production date, material used and all other production information of a model. This model comes standard with a solid wood base and brass nameplate. It'll make a perfect gift for home or office decorator, boat enthusiast or passionate collector.

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