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Is Black And White Your Favorite Combination When It Comes To HomeDecors? Well, Then You Just Cannot Miss Bringing Home His Abstract Sculpture. Well Built, It Will Last In Food Condition For Years. This Sculpture Features A Black Base On Which Are Stacked Abstract Structures Painted In White. The Base Is Firm And Helps You Keep TheDecor On Any Surface Of Your Choice. Keep It On The Floor Or Tabletops And It Will Make Its Presence Felt. If You Have Enough Space Above The Book Shelf Or On The Corner Of The Study Table, You Can Display This There As Well.Also Close Ones Paying You A Visit Will Go Wow At The Sight Of This And Will Wish To Own A Similar One For Their House. Also, As This Figurine Doubles Up As One That Can Be Used ToDecorate You?Re Dwelling During Festivals Too, You Just Cannot Overlook It. So, Order It'soon!SKU:BEN-96786

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