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Large White Rosette Succulent Sculpture In Ceramic Container With Sparkling Sand

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Don’t you obtain bored using anything old over again well as over again? If you are the one who get bored on these products. We encourage you to use this Large White Rosette Succulent Sculpture In Ceramic Container With Sparkling Sand. It could be the ideal product to suit your needs. We ensure that this could be the Large White Rosette Succulent Sculpture In Ceramic Container With Sparkling Sand that never ever gets bored.

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-Large White Rosette Succulent Sculpture in White Washed Wood Container with Sparkling White Sand-Unique, handmade succulent sculpture, desktop decor, home decor, interiors, modern, art object. Patent Pending.WHAT:-These ZERO-CARE, ZERO-MESS, NONPERISHABLE, replica statuettes are ideally suited for use as beautiful and unique home or office décor. Place them on your mantel, coffee table, and desktop, or gift them to friends as symbols of endurance and vitality.-This item measures approx. 4.5 Long x 4.5 Wide x 5 TallWHY:Succulent plants are known to inhabit some of harshest environments in the world; their ‘succulence’ defined by an incredible ability to store water internally, conserving it for times of drought. This unique adaptation gives their stems and leaves the endearing ‘fleshy’ appearance that millions of people adore.This understanding of their robust nature led us to hope that they may thrive with equal ease in our homes and offices. But without a proper understanding of the unique needs of each species in this diverse taxonomy, our once plump and compact house plants may thin out, or wither.As a designer, my love and appreciation for the sculptural, symmetrical, even geometric silhouettes of these beautiful plants enticed me to create a method of capturing them in their peak condition.HOW:This *PATENT PENDING technique replicates each plants naturally compact, plump form, down to such minute detail that observers often initially mistake them for the live plant.The choice of a pristine white base material for these statuettes suggests their categorization as miniature art objects, while the introduction of luminous metallic and special-edition color paints endows them with a sense of luxury and playfulness.All items in this shop are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Item purchased includes succulent sculpture and container. Most orders will ship USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days).

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